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M. Sc., experienced Quality, health, Safety, Security, Social and environment Manager (QH3SE) backed up with more than15 years of experience around the Oil & Gas Companies and QH3SE management.
Highly skilled in communication with clear objectives such as:
• To provide a senior 3SHE-Q management service on the Project that is effective and suitable to support company and Project objectives.
• To ensure that the 3SHE-Q management service remains effective and suitable by effective management of competent personnel.
• To provide regular, reliable reports and data for monitoring Project 3SHE-Q performance and informing management decisions.
• To identify and promote opportunities for 3SHE-Q performance improvement on the Project;
• To ensure that divisional 3SHE-Q requirements are widely and consistently understood and implemented on the Project.
Level of expertise:
ISO 9001:2015, 22000:2018, 14001:2015, 17025, ISO 45001:2018 Lead Auditor
H3SE Aspects on Air Diving activities
ERP (Emergency Response Plan) Expertise
HIRA (Hazards Identification & Risks Assessment)
ISO 45001
Lubricants (Conception, Quality control)
Crude Oil Quality Control
Petroleum Laboratories implementation

Mes compétences :
Audit qualité
Audit interne


  • SOTRAFINCO.INC - Directeur des Opérations & QHSE

    2019 - maintenant Company QHSE Management & Strategies
    Development of a strategic plan to ensure the growth of the company
    Budget development & management
    Ensure compliance with the specifications previously established
    Team animation.
    Develop the company's turnover and profitability.
    Ensure the interface between the different Services (Commercial, Technical, Finance).
    Participate in the definition of the Company's commercial strategy
    Establish operational reporting to the Management of the Company.
    Recruit future talents in order to deliver impeccable and personalized service to customers.
    Recognize the strengths of your employees in order to develop them.
    Adopt a participative management style.
    Ensure a significant operational presence on a daily basis.
    Be an ambassador to represent the Company with local and international partners.
  • SEATECH Subsea Services - SHE-Q Manager & Back-up of General Manager

    2015 - 2018 Carrying out pre-operational risks on new sites and consider measures for risk mitigation.
    Develop all required documents, operational controls and reports related to QHSE Integrated Management System in compliance with OHSAS 18001: 2007; ISO 9001:2008; ISO14001:2004 and IMCA including corrective and preventive actions.
    Manage and coordinate internal audits.
    Provide suggestions for improvements to the QHSE IMS as follow: Non-compliance, proposed corrective actions, resources for corrective action and implementation plan.
    Study the "root cause" HSE put forward by staff, by Customers, Subcontractors and report the results to Managing Director.
    Ensure that equipment’s are maintained by Specialists and certified by third party Agency selected according IMCA.
    Assist in the implementation of the Analysis of Occupational Safety and inspect the site activities during particularly difficult or dangerous work situations.
    Company SHE-Q presentation and overview.
    Coordinate and participate in the investigation of Accidents.
    Reviewing and analyzing accidents and incidents, near misses and implement corrective actions
    Coordinate Emergency situations and their improvement.
    Supervise the regular inspection of equipment against firefighting, safety and emergency
    Contribute to the development and implementation of emergency procedures on construction sites and evacuation plans.
    Supervise the Doctors on site and preparing Emergency medical interventions.
    Ensure that Employees, Contractors and Visitors to the site receive appropriate HSE inductions.
    SHE-Q performance.
    Coordinate Management Review.
    Compliance with standards; national and international laws.
  • TSMC Group (Cameroon & Congo) - QHSE Manager

    2012 - 2015 Take necessary actions to have our business conducted, employees and neighborhood kept in perfect safety, our environment free of any pollution related to our business and security insured for both business and employees.
    Also Implement ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management process.
    Implementation of OHSAS 18001:2007.

    In order to achieve all these objectives, I had to:
    - participate in puting in place of TSMC group IMS (Safety, Health and Environment Integrated Management System),
    - conduct SHE-Q meetings,
    - conduct various safety trainings for employees and contractors,
    - conduct investigations when ever there is an incident, take necessary actions to prevent recurrence and share lessons learned with whom it may concern,
    - conduct assessment and have performed SHE-Q checklists on various company activities such as Offshore & Maintenance Air diving services, Civil Marine Engineering, Underwater Concreting, salvage, etc..,
    - follow up achievement of action plans issues from assessment and checklists performance,
    - insure liaison with security contractor and public service security (Police and Gendarmerie)
    - write and/or maintain all safety related procedures, and risk management,
    - put in place incentives to have employees and contractors report as many near misses as possible to help us preventing incidents and accidents,
    - make various SHE-Q KPI reporting and incident notifications to General Manager,
    - in association with company's medical doctor, provide to the employees better health and working conditions,
    - conduct all necessaries safety and Emergencies drills,
    - help preventing environment pollution during our activities,
    - represents the company in all government and profession SHE related programs and meetings,
    - Ensure company's compliance to the local regulation and laws related to Diving environment,
    - Ensure Compliance to all IMCA Standards (D014, 018, 023, 040, etc...)


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