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Mes compétences :
Assembly Plants
new clients Technical management
manage production
develop teams
develop individual potential
develop a team
Responsible for all contractual agreements
Microsoft Office
Develop an organization structure
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Lean IT


  • yamei group - Co-Founder & Director, Production @ Yamei Group

    2013 - 2016 Yamei Group is an intelligent retail solutions provider.
    We set up our own 15,000 sqft factory in China dedicated solely to Retail.
    Our engineers are the best in the industry and we work with a collective of specialist factories (wood, metal, fabrics, electric, electronics and plastic) to insure the best quality at competitive price.

    There is no minimum order quantity and we are ready to tackle the most challenging projects.
  • H-K - Co-Founder & General Manager

    2013 - 2016 Yamei Group, manufacturer of POS displays
    * Ensure customer policies, procedures and contractual agreement are consistently met ;
    * Complete set-up of the factory ;
    * Responsible for all contractual agreements from an operational perspective and ensure realistic and practical
    commitments are made to clients
    * Identify and resolve problem situations as a final point of escalation ;
    * Full P&L responsibility focused on achieving operations metrics:
    * Drive cost control measures across operations ;
    * Provide strategic guidance to ensure service ;
    * Support Sales to expand opportunities with clients and increase revenue ;
    * Develop an organization structure that is in line with the business objectives and needs ;
    * Manage multiple services across the organisation and provide strategic direction. ;
    * Ensure effective tools and mechanisms are provided to the team to track and develop individual potential to
    meet business objectives
    * Create a high performance, fair and exciting work environment that provides motivation and development
    opportunities for the teams
    * Ensure sharing of knowledge and best practices within the company and counsel managers to enhance
    performance and arrest attrition.
  • Asia Solutions POS - Directeur Developpement , Production

    2011 - 2013

    Depuis 2011 Co-fondateur Asia Solutions POS- Hong Kong- Chine- France

    Secteur : Plasturgie - Plastique - Composite

    From 2006 to 2011 : MEDIA 6 PRODUCTION ASIA (Ex-Artium Ltd) (China)

    • Point-Of-Sales Display Factory Director in China
    • Complete set-up of the factory
    • Overseeing the quality, production schedule
    • Overseeing the engineering & production technology
    • Management of 600 supervisors and workers
    • Establish and follow up consumption and maintenance budgets
    • Follow up stocks of raw materials and end products
    • Development and production set-up of different clients (Dior, Guerlain, Vuitton, Givenchy, L’Oreal etc…)

    From 1999 to 2006 : PARIES-PLV (France)

    • Advertising medium production factory director
    • Management of a forty employee team
    • In charge of corporate customers marketing follow-up
    • Implementation of quality-trust charter
    • Development and production set-up of different clients (Dior, Chanel, Guerlain, Bulgari etc ...)

    From 1995 to 1999 : FORUM DISTRIBUTION S.A (France)

    • This company specializes in selling and transforming plastics for advertising media
    • Corporate customers estimator in direct contact with their marketing services
    • In charge of increasing sales to new clients Technical management of developing and selling new advertising media
    • Implementation of a transformation workshop, including automatic machines personnel recruitment and training

    From 1992 to 1995 : GRAVO-GLASS PLV (Orleans, France)

    • Workshop manager, estimator and typographic designer

    From 1985 to 1991 : GRAVO-GLASS PLV (Gennevilliers, France)

    • Typographic designer and productions set-ups
  • Bleu Capital / Media6 - Factory Director

    2006 - 2013 Setup up 2 factory
    * Design the factory and the workshops to rationalize supply of workstations
    * organized production flows and automating the production tool
    * Implementation of control tools in the workshops ;
    * Setting up an ERP system ;
    * Hiring local people for jobs has responsibility

    Drive lead time reduction
    Achieve Industrial Excellence through reduction of lead time and reduction of inventory while ensuring sustainable
    deployment of the Thermal Manufacturing System. Strive and support supply chain optimization and standardization
    of products.
    * Fully deploy the Thermal Manufacturing System and embedded Lean Culture.
    * Share understanding and continuously look for incentives to reduce lead time as the way to be faster, cheaper
    and more flexible on the competitive market.
    * Set up targets for the organization which will include lead time reduction; define local KPIs to measure
    performance in lean and Lead time reduction.
    * Support teamwork in improving sub-processes leading to shortest possible lead time; train and empower all
    employees in the factory to fully integrate the Lead Time Reduction targets and improve processes in ALL

    * Cooperate with the network to streamline the efforts to achieve short, competitive lead time. ;
    * Support and encourage R&D and Design for Manufacture initiatives as a way to achieve Industrial Excellence.

    Lead people and drive change
    * Lead the organization, providing the vision and direction. ;
    * Build winning teams: resource, develop teams with the best manufacturing talents; empower, coach and
    develop a team of manufacturing professionals that guarantees the highest level of industrial performance;
    ensure that all key positions have a successor.
    * Drive change, engaging and empowering all factory levels; create a culture of effective cross-functional

    Manage and optimise resources
    * Drive OQOTOC culture in the factory. ;
    * Manage resources (Financial, Human, assets) in order to deliver the required performance, optimized return
    and be able to produce at expected cost, keeping sustainability and knowledge management in mind.
    * Within the global network, uses benchmarking and best practice sharing and contribute to the successful
    implementation of the Product Manufacturing Line strategy.

    Deliver quality
    * Partner with the Quality Manager to ensure Quality, positions are staffed and competency requirements are
    * Partner with the Quality Manager to develop and execute a Quality training roadmap w/individual
    development plans.
    * Partner with the Quality Manager to set up the right tools, methods and KPIs to support continuous
    * Partner with technology and development engineers to communicate Manufacturing requirements thereby
    strengthening Quality Assurance.

    Fulfill customer requirements and acquire competitive advantage by delivering right first time, in time and at cost,
    through the promotion of Quality Assurance and by driving a continuous improvement culture.
    Demonstrate the commitment to Quality even outside immediate area of responsibility (Quality mindset).

    Embody corporate social responsibility
    * Promote Media 6 image by representing the company towards employees, external customers and
    stakeholders, the local community, etc.
    * Promote and develop a safe working environment through application of Media 6 EHS standards.
    * Establishment of SA8000
  • POS Displays - Factory Manager

    1999 - 2006 * Develop and manage production for a wide range of POP/POS displays.
    * Work with the client's marketing teams to gather job requirements, and perform both procurement and
    project management of each assigned campaign or project.
    * Manage the client's jobs on-budget, on-time, and with the highest level of service and quality.
    * Quote and/or estimate all assigned POP/POS projects including printing, fulfillment, and logistics.
    * Analyze job revenue, cost, and profitability. ;
    * Proactively present production solutions and offer suggestions for more efficient production methods.
    * Keep detailed records of each project's timeline, progress, challenges, and completion.
    * Build relationships with client's internal stakeholders and other employees in order to successfully execute
    each project.
  • Forum Distribution SA - Workshop Manager

    1995 - 1999 * This company specializes in selling and transforming plastics for advertising media
    * Corporate customers estimator in direct contact with their marketing services
    * In charge of increasing sales to new clients Technical management of developing and selling new advertising media ;
    * Implementation of a transformation workshop, including automatic machines personnel recruitment and training


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