Francois REMOND


En résumé

Over the years, I developed a strong interest in bringing together teams of different cultures & companies to create cooperation and enable the development of new design and methodologies, and motivation to jump on new challenges

Mes compétences :
physical design IP and ASIC methodology
development & support of design and methodologies
Responsible for CAD budget


  • Atrenta France - Solutions Architect

    2013 - 2015 Working in close cooperation with Atrenta R&D and Marketing organizations to strengthen product offer and positioning in the following domains:
    + RTL restructuring for SoC realization & cost reduction
    + Physical aware Power Estimation at RTL level
    + Usability & ergonomics of user interface

    Qualification of RTL Power estimation platform on various designs, in cooperation with LETI laboratory (Part of CEA organization)

    Articulating a Pre-RTL SoC assembly flow down to qualified RTL for implementation
  • STMicroelectronics - CAD and Design Methodology Director

    2005 - 2013 Managing a team of 30 engineers located in EU, US and India, supporting the UPD R&D HW design community (600+ designers worldwide).

    + Responsible for CAD budget (20M$) for Unified Platform Division of ST

    + Managing design flow definition and deployment, main achievements being:
    . 2002 Introduction of automated IP development Flow, along with embedded quality checkers
    . 2005 SoC Gate level prototyping and restructuring, physical timing budgeting,
    . 2007 IPXACT based SoC RTL assembly flow
    . 2008 Pseudo-flat chip assembly and timing convergence
    . 2011 RTL level prototyping and partitioning, RTL restructuring

    + Project Manager for cost reductions programs:
    With a design team located in India, redesign of high-runners circuits (from RTL to GDS) to improve the margin and compensate ASP erosion (technology migration, synthesis optimization, denser P&R etc ...).

    + Forward looking cooperation with main CAD vendors R&D (Synopsys, Cadence, Mentor,Atrenta, Apache), setting cooperation programs to tune CAD solutions to the ST needs. Specification of features for the next generation of tools to sustain the vision of flow evolution.

    + Selecting point tools from startups, helping them to grow within ST (Azuro, CWS, SatinIP, Proxymus, Bluespec, OrbitIO, and Sierra)
  • STMicroelectronics - Design Operations Manager

    2003 - 2005 Coordination of design execution of set-top-box SoCs using submicron Cmos processes (130nm * 45nm)
  • Thomson Consumer Electronic Components - CAD & Libraries Manager

    1993 - 2002 Head of a 9 engineer team, supporting 50 designers in EU and 10 designers in US

    + Definition, development & support of the Digital design flow for ASIC and full custom designs
    . ASIC flow : Compass, Synopsys Synthesis, Zycad emulation, Cadence P&R
    . Full custom flow: Cadence Synopsys, Epic
    + Setting up of a comprehensive design support solution:
    . Expertise in CMOS design (0.7um, 0.5um, 0.35um)
    . Project dedicated libraries to optimize density and/or speed
    . Dedicated custom blocks design (embedded DRAMS, Viterbi Decoder, CPU core,
    Systolic arrays...)
    . Built up of IC debug expertise (EBeam, IC repair technologies)
    Main achievement was to reach ``ASIC-like'' design cycle time (9months for 1.2Mxtors), but keeping full custom performances in terms of density (9 KGates/sqmm2, 0.5 um process).
  • Thomson Consumer Electronic Components - Digital Libraries Group Leader

    1991 - 1993 Head of a 4 people team

    Responsible of design methodology for digital library development:
    - setting up in 4 months of a whole set of 0.7um library used successfully in more than 10 designs, including Standard cell library, memory compilers, data path elements and I/O library using COMPASS DA tool suite.
    - Developing the expertise of project dedicated STD cell libraries to optimize circuit
    performances and density. As a result TCEC MPEG audio decoder circuit outperformed the competition
  • SGS Thomson - Project Leader

    Arcueil 1989 - 1991 Design of IC for telecom application, Introduction of the first library based design methodology for the group. Use of BICMOS process to design a monochip circuit for telephone set application, including the development of a dedicated microprocessor along with its FPGA emulator.
  • SGS Thomson - Design & CAD support

    Arcueil 1987 - 1989 In charge of CAD and design support for SGS Thomson analog array family, bipolar technology,
    Development and deployment of CAD system for array personalization by customer.
  • SGS Thomson - Project leader

    Arcueil 1984 - 1987 Design of programmable integrated circuits (PALs) using bipolar fuse technology, Specification and interface with programming equipment supplier (Data I/O)
  • SGS Thomson - IC Designer

    1982 - 1984 Development of second source of AMD2900 microprocessor family. Transfer of 2901C, 2910, 2909, and 2902 to create a complete design kit
  • CII Honeywell Bull - Design Engineer

    1981 - 1982 Developing test programs for central processor units of DPS7 mainframes



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