En résumé

Mes compétences :
Systems integration
IFE system Engineering Support
Computers maintenance
Airbus A330 IFE
Airbus A320 IFE
IT software Conception
Airbus A320 Aircraft
Airbus A330 Aircraft
Airbus A340 Aircraft



    BLAGNAC maintenant

    strasbourg 2015 - maintenant Etude de la faisabilité des projets.
    -Rédaction des Service Bulletins, Job Cards, Plans élec., Part lists, Wire Lists.
    -Création d'outils automatisant des tâches sur CIRCE-C (Outil Gestion Airbus).
    -Optimisation des postes de travail AutoCAD. Gain de temps : x15
    -Utilisation des ATA23, 24, 25, 34 et 46 et des Tech. Pub.
  • Rockwell Collins - Support

    BLAGNAC 2011 - maintenant * (Information Management Onboard) system on A350.
    * Airbus MAP assistance for all issues met on flight test aircrafts and in DLWs. ;
    * Specialist in FlySmart system (EFB Class 2 for Single aisles and EFB Class 3 for Long
    Rockwell-Collins France Ranges)
    Sr Customer Support Engineer On site support :
    for Airbus * Mission at Oman (upgrade the entire float of A330)
    * Support I.F.E. systems integration in Single Aisle (dPaves and dPaves 2nd Generation)

    Cabin System and EFB Specialist * Support Airbus Toulouse, Airbus Hamburg and Airbus China.
    * Support Airbus Toulouse in resolution of problem for all Cabin Systems issues. ;
    * Airshow systems, Video (ie. Overhead for Thales systems)
  • Rockwell Collins - Installation

    BLAGNAC 2008 - 2011 * Installation and Integration of FCMS system in Dassault aircrafts.
    (F7X, F900, F2000)
    On site support :
    Rockwell-Collins France * UK, France, Belgium and Switzerland.
    Customer Support Engineer
    for Dassault

    FCMS system Engineering Support
  • Rockwell Collins - Installation

    BLAGNAC 1998 - 2008 * Installation and Integration of I.F.E. systems (P@ves, TES, dTES, eTES, Tailwind)
    (A320, A330, A340) and Boeing (B737, B747, B777) aircrafts.
    On site support :
    Rockwell-Collins France * KFR program - A320 - Abu Dhabi (2 weeks).
    IFE Field Support Engineer * TW560 Installation/Integration.
    * BAW program - B747 - London (3 weeks).
    IFE system Engineering Support * dTES Technical support.
    * Kuwait Airways program - A340 - Kuwait City (2 weeks). ;
    * TES Technical support. ;
    * Qantas program - A330 - Sydney/Melbourne (1 month). ;
    * eTES support - Flight crew training.
    * Air France program - B777 - Paris (1 month).
    * TES/eTES support and training.
  • Rockwell Collins - Network administrator

    BLAGNAC 1996 - 1998 * Computer repair.

    Rockwell-Collins France * RC computer pool follow up
    * Software design for special applications.
    IT Technician * AS-400 system maintenance.

    Computers maintenance
  • I.F.E. - Team leader

    1989 - 1996 * Coordination between Customer and Repair Center.

    Rockwell-Collins France * Customer trainer on hyper frequency equipments.
    * In charge of technicians training (specific training related to SMC working procedure).
    Electronic Technician * Rockwell electronic equipment repair and testing (Transponder, DME, RADAR)

    Rockwell avionic equipments
  • RADAR, HF - Technicien Hyper Fréquences

    1986 - 1989 * Maintenance of on-board electronic equipments (Transponder, DME,