En résumé

I'm a researcher from the National Center For Scientific and Technological Research (CENAREST) of Gabon. I hold a PhD in environmental and geographic information sciences.

My competencies focus on the monitoring of the environment, forest and health territories for predicting changes and risks by using acquired multidisciplinary skills and tools (biology, ecology, remote sensing, spatial analysis and GIS).

Since more 2013, I'm the National Coordinator for the Global Forest Watch initiative ( in Gabon.

Previously, I have been working as an associate researcher with the International Center For Medical Research of Franceville (CIRMF) in Gabon where I was in charge of developing the use of remote sensing and GIS for studying environmental and ecological causes of diseases. At the same time, I was the manager of the CIRMF’s field station based in Lopé National Park where I was in charge of developing the monitoring of forest and ecological dynamics of the area.

I also have been working at the Institut pour la Recherche et le Development (IRD) in France where I was involved with activities concerning forest monitoring by remote sensing.

Mes compétences :
Biologie et écologie animale
Montage, conduite, gestion de projet
Carographie et suivi des forêts
Coordination et animation d’équipe
Spatialisation des connaissances
Télédétection, SIG
Animation et valorisation scientifique
Diagnostic et cartographie du risque


  • World Resources Institute (WRI) - Coordonnater National Gabon

    2014 - maintenant Initiative Forestière Afrique Centrale
    Projet Global Forest Watch
    Coordonnateur National Gabon
  • CENAREST-CIRMF - Responsable Scientifique et Administratif

    2010 - 2013 Station d'Etude des Gorille et Chimpanzés, Lopé
  • CENAREST-IRET - Chercheur

    2009 - maintenant Étude et suivi des interactions Ecologie-Santé
  • CIRMF-IRD - Expert

    2008 - 2014 Forêt-Environnement-Santé
  • CIRMF - Thésard

    Toulouse 2002 - 2007 Etude des condtitons environemmentales liées à l'apparition des épidémies de fièvre Ebola au Gabon et au Congo par utilisation de la télédétection et des SIG


Pas de formation renseignée