Ghislain NTOUBA


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Mes compétences :
Investigation de fraudes
Understanding and describing fraud mechanisms;
Risk Management
Collecting evidence of fraud;
Planning and Performing audits of compliance (Comp
Management of teams
Drafting of administrative accounting and financia
Preparation of summary reports and reports on the


  • Bekolo & Partners - Yaounde Office Manager / Manager Audit

    2014 - maintenant * Conduct Audits, Accounting Review and Coaching of teams (mission planning,
    direction of work, supervision, customer relations, Management of teams, report writing)
    * Implementation of missions of various kinds: Investigation of fraud, Review and
    Auditing of Accounts, financial audit, limited review of accounts, Compliance.

    * Participation in the firm's support functions to clients (quality review, billing
    management of missions and monitoring of cost recoveries from clients in the firm's

    * Development Activities (identification of new missions with customers in the
    portfolio, preparation of tenders, ...)

    * Performing audits and advisory missions in three African countries (Cameroon,
    Chad, Congo - Brazzaville)

    * Varied experience in several sectors (sub-regional organization, construction,
    banking, trade, development projects, brewing industries, Land Transport, Mining,
  • Bekolo & Partners - Supervisor Audit

    2013 - 2014 Mains tasks performed :

    * Investigations of financial and accounting fraud:
    Mission to investigate fraud in the implementation of the GAVI Programme - Strengthening Health System (RSS) in Cameroon, from 2008 to 2010 and First Quarter 2011, April-September 2011.
    Program implemented in the health districts of the ten (10) regions of Cameroon under the coordination of the Ministry of Public Health and the Permanent Secretariat of RSS / GAVI.
    The results of our work has highlighted fraud mechanisms proven cases relating to services and fictitious purchases and financial management program with the complicity of established suppliers or fictitious with a significant financial loss ●

    * Audits of Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) with focus on investigations of fraud: Canadian Agency for International Development in Cameroon (CIDA), March 2008, November – December 2008 ● Care Cameroon, December 2008, June 2010 ●

    * Consultancy and development of administrative, financial and accounting procedures manuals:
    Drafting of the administrative, accounting and financial Handbook procedures of the PRICE STABILIZATION of HYDROCARBONS FUND (HSPC) Cameroon ● Diagnosis of organization and Development of the administrative, accounting and financial procedures manual, GYNECO-OBSTETRICS and PEDIATRIC HOSPITAL YAOUNDÉ (HGOPY) ● update of the SNV - CAMEROON procedures Manual ● Organizational Diagnosis and drafting of the administrative, accounting and financial procedures Handbook for REACH OUT (NGOs) ● Review of operational procedures Manuals of the Foundation for Environment and Development in Cameroon (FEDEC) ●

    * Certified accountant/audit:
    Power Pool of Central Africa (PEAC) - Congo ● Arab Contractors - Cameroon ● Agricultural and Commercial Bank (BAC) - Chad ● Cameroon Alumina Ltd - Cameroon ● Transnational Industries Cameroon (TIC - "The Bus") ● Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT) ●
  • Bekolo & Partners - Junior and Senior Auditor

    2007 - 2012
  • Individual Consultant - Accounting Consultant

    2005 - 2006
  • Comptabilité - Gestion - Méthodes - Assistant Auditor

    2002 - 2005


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