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Every body may know your name, but not your story
Every body may know what you have done, but not what you have been through!


  • Ministère de l'Education nationale - Enseignante

    Paris 2008 - 2014 I have a jobI love so much;I have enjoyed learning English from the time I was so young. Daddy had English friends &I used to struggle speaking to them or sending letters when I was nearly 1O. My delight with success in my studies ebbed down so quickly with the wretched conditions of work! being an exiled teacher is terrible! how can we speak of ameliorating the educational system while the teacher is tormented! so bizarre as an act from the ministry. I can't see with what logic they think.
    Away from my family, from my husband& deprived of my psychological rest & my peace of mind, struggle to stay strong & fulfill my duty towards the poor destitute kids I teach. From a rural area in gafsa to a rural area in sfax (sbih!!) never asked 4. same silly scenario of suffering& who cares? Symtoms of dictatorship r still there, ministries of torture!! May God alleviate this pain!


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