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Degree School Diploma: metallurgical engineer, 20 years’ experience, proficient in mechanical equipments, construction welding ,structural steel erection with (inspections / NDE ,welding supervision) , experience of 18 years oil and gas project in QA / QC planning, and planning, construction ,coordination of construction, pre commissioning and commissioning ,control functions and tasks in the field of construction to star up .
Inspection and supervise of fabrication,Erection,Welding,piping,coating,Fireproofing,Insulation fields Materials Preservation, Inspection of Piping ,welding, insulation ,Static/Rotating Equipment, structural Steel fabrication, erection, NDT in OIL & GAS including refineries, power plants, structural buildings, experienced in process plants onshore oil, tanks also familiar with codes and standards ASME,BS,API,ASTM etc. and familiar with ISO Quality management system and Documentation. Worked with, AIB Vincotte as welding Engineer managing the supervisor’s and inspector’s team.
I have experienced in the Fabrication Yard gas and development project.

Mes compétences :
Pressure Vessel
Responsible for assembly
Nondestructive Testing
Graduate training
welding supervision
plant maintenance
after preparation
Rotating Equipment
Replica Testing
Quality Control
Quality Assurance
Pipe Inspection
Onshore Oil & Gas
NDT works supervision
Microsoft Windows
Microsoft Office
Load management and coordination
ISO Quality management
Gas Processing
Fire Protection
Ensured design


  • Vision Engineering - Construction Manager

    2017 - maintenant
  • QC Off Plot - Deputy QA/QC Manager

    2014 - 2016 Project: COO-Management Services for the Repair of Train 3 In Amenas-Algeria
  • QC Off Plot - Engineer

    2013 - 2014 Project: 1- Exchanger Incident Repairs For New LNG 2K Train Skikda /KBR SONATRACH -Algeria
  • QC Off Plot - Engineer

    2013 - 2013 Project: Alrar - Inlet Separation & Boosting Facilities.PETROFAC International (UAE) LLC
  • QC Off Plot - Coordinator & Deputy Qa/Qc Manager

    2012 - 2013 Position: welding & NDE (Tiguentourine) COMPRESSION PROJECT (IACP),JV /GAZ -Algeria
    * Receiving Works.
    * Meeting day / report.
    * Implementation of corrective action.
    * Verification of welding equipment.
    * Supervision subcontractor teams.
    * Inspection and test plans (ITPs). ;
    * Contractor qualification tests (WPQT, WPS, and NDE etc.).
    * Work with the site manager, technical services, and quality officers correspondence welding, welders and head construction.
  • QC Off Plot - Technical Manager

    2012 - 2012 * Coordinates and manages projects with the responsible area. ;
    * Organizes briefing meetings. ;
    * Ensure the implementation and monitoring of business dashboards, planning activities,
    * Coordinate and review the procedures and instructions Manage a team in project mode.
    * Load management and coordination of projects. ;
    * Improve the organization of working methods. ;
    * Coordinate technical bids in tenders.
    * Facilitate coordination meetings.
  • QC Off Plot - Expert Engineer

    2011 - 2011 Project: Technical inspection and expertise on various projects.-Algeria
    * Followed sites and relationship with customers. ;
    * Work with the site manager and technical services. ;
    * Support (assistant) the qualification of welders on behalf of SONATRACH/KBR, William HARE ENGLAND (Structural Engineers) / New LNG Train Skikda Project.
    * Assistance to change and site work instruction. ;
    * Assistant level 3 and expert welding and ultrasonic automatic control (TOFD) spherical tanks Vinçotte HOLLAND /Entropose Contracting France. ;
    * Inspector by endoscop video of cryogenic storage tanks, company VINCI /France.
    * Management of inspection / QA / QC, plus periodical inspection of site equipment's and lifting devises
    * Assistant of qualifications and skills of welders, welding procedure, COREENNE Companies: RED SEA (engineering and construction CO. LTD)
    * Expertise against 24 Extractor, Electric Central Project open cycle (400X2 MW), of Terga and Koudiat Draouch Project Sonatrach / SKD /EBEDROLA (Spain).
    * RED SEA (engineering and construction CO. LTD),DONG-IL (INDUSTRY CO..LTD), ITS (International Technologies Service) SEJONG CORPORATION), KUMYANG , JURONG ENGINEERING LIMITED (JEL
    * SAMSUNG ENGENERIG & Construction, Project Rehabilitation & Adaptation of CPF Installations Refinery Algeria SKIKDA
    * periodic inspection and visit at site materials and lifting equipment's and pressure equipment's SARENS MV, SARENS AZIA, SARENS ALGERIE, DODSAL Indian company ,New LNG Train Skikda Project
  • Vinçotte international - Metallurgical and Welding Engineer

    2007 - 2011 Project: GL1K Skikda integrity project

    * Successful trainings in different technique CND and other disciplines, and construction control industrial (piping, lifting, PMI, Certification ASNT level II Vinçotte Belgique.
    * Piping evolution (Expertise) at GL1K Skikda integrity project (+ de 10000 line of all thickness and all Ø, Produces and (hydrocarbons, Steam piping etc.. ;
    * Review and approval of technical documents.
    * Updating PI & D and as-built drawings.
    * Implementation of corrective action.
    * Receiving repairs and renovation works. ;
    * At site (place) with NDT teams (NDT inspectors), definition of the extent of control, request of action, followed by effective checks and repairs to the effective establishment of the system assurance.
    * Preparation of technical documents for execution in line with specifications and regulations and planning.
    * Industrial Design and FFS (fitness for service ), isometric and missing drawings .
    * Definition of risk categories and module equipment devaluation following the Algerian and international code API510, API598.
    * Control of welded joints of different piping, equipment and industrial installations, piping, tanks and equipment sub pressure.
    * Thickness measurement piping, tanks and equipment pressures.
    * Test PMI (positive material identification). ;
    * Metallography and Replica Testing.

    2006 - 2007 * Reviewed related documentation (P&ID, ISO, Drawings, specifications...).
    * Prepared take off list as per isometric drawing for workshop and field piping fabrication.
    * Coordinated and interfaced between Prefabrication and fabrication/installation.
    * Responsible for assembly and welding operations and all the pipes and alloy steel, alloyed steel: P 11, P22, P91. ;
    * Control, monitored and supervision of construction metal (controls visual, dimensional compliance audit plans, control of sanding and painting).
    * Support (assistant) the qualification of welders and welding procedures.
    * Followed regulatory test of piping, assistance to hydrostatic testing and review of technical documents of test packages records.
    * Supervision teams sub-contracter.
  • CPECC - Welding Engineer

    2006 - 2007 Company: CPECC /China Petroleum Engineering & Construction Corp
    Project: Project company china, Topping of Condensate ,Sonatrach RA2/K Skikda -Algeria
    * Contractor qualification tests (WPQT, WPS; NDT etc.) hardness, corrosion. ;
    * Up -dating PI&D and as-built drawings. ;
    * Support (assistant) the qualification of welders and welding procedures. ;
    * Supervision subcontractor teams. ;
    * Responsible for assembly and welding operations of storage tanks, (fixed roof, floating roof).
    * Responsible for assembly and welding operations spherical tanks of gas.
    * Operations Officer pipes and heat treatment processing spherical tanks of gas.
    * Followed construction tank, spherical tank
  • ENGTP - Account Manager

    2005 - 2006 * Making punch list against incomplete work Monitor all construction activities in own discipline regarding quality.
    * Followed work in effective implementation, on the site and in the workshop.
    * Quality control and verification of compliance with established standards.
    * Analysis of execution plans, as well as the means to provide for the implementation and follow monitoring assembly instructions.
    * Participat prevention plan.
    * Development and followed procedures.
    * Followed qualified welders.
  • GTP-KBR - Account Manager

    2004 - 2005 Projects: - Project Sonatrach in Salah Gas Project
  • Company: GTP- SONATRACH - Welding /Inspector

    2003 - 2004 Projects: - ROD INTEGRATED Project (Construction oil processing plant)
  • Vision Engineering - Construction Manager

    2001 - maintenant /11/2017 to date
    Project: COO-Management Services repair Refinery
  • WORCK SHOP - Coordinator

    2001 - 2003 Projects: - Development Ourhoud field + (Factory Pipes)
    * Workshop préfabrication (WORCK SHOP). ;
    * Approval of operating modes of permanent assembly different isometric plane.
    * Welding and control various aspects and welding parameters for different steel grades and different mode of operations, GTAW ,SMAW, GMAW, FCAW, SAW-.
  • Company: SONATRACH - Foreman

    2001 - 2001 /ENGTP (industrial Maintenance Workshop)
    (Welding Fabrication workshop).
    Projects: - preparing and stop, plant maintenance
    * Support (assistant) the qualifications and skills of welders welding procedure.
    * Test mechanical welded specimens: tensile test, bending, flexion, resilience, hardness and micrograph.
    * Supervise heat treatment after welding (PWHT). ;
    * Assistant trainer and welders, Training workshop. ;
    * Assistant and Trainer Training workshops operator's thermal treatments.
    Position: Welding QC ,
  • GTP - Foreman

    1999 - 2000 Projects: - compression station (9 /10/11/12)
    * Approval of technical documents for assembly with supervising piping (isometric plane). ;
    * Approved modes of operation permanent assembly. ;
    * Preparing activities reports and productions on site. ;
    * Organization official ordeal attended by the notified body.
    Company: SONATRACH / / ENGTP SONATRACH / SNC lavalin
    Position: Welding QC ,
  • Oil Treatment Center - Operator

    1997 - 1998 Projects: - Gas Processing Facility project(Oil Treatment Center RHOURDE NOUSS)
    * Followed prefabrication workshop manufacturing subcontractors in pipes. ;
    * Visual and dimensional inspection. ;
    * Validation of technical records welded parts. ;
    * Approval of plans qualities and welding procedures.


  • Professional University (Annaba)

    Annaba 1990 - 1995 METALURGICAL ENGINEER

    /SONATRACH APPROVED (Accreditation): Welding / Boiler / Pressure
    Vessels /Lifting and lifting devise).


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