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  • OTV - Commissioning Supervisor

    Saint Maurice 2012 - 2014 Hong Kong 2000T/d Waste Treatment Facility (VLJH)

    Based next to Tuen Mun (New Territories). I am in charge of the Commissioning of 4 main systems:
    - A Process Water Treatment Plant: Composed of a Desalination plant using Reverse Osmosis technology, Dual Media Filtration, combined with a Demineralisation Plant, a Potabilisation system and a Sludge Treatment Area.
    - A Waste Water Treatment Plant: Using MBBR tanks, Dual Media Filters, Activated Carbon Filters, UV Desinfection and Filter Press.
    - A Compressed Air System: Supplying Compressed Air and Instrument Air across site for Process as well as Instrumentation and Valve operation. It is composed of 4*315KW compressors with their Refrigerant and Dessicant Air Dryer.
    - All the chemical systems across site. They are mainly in 2 forms, liquid (H2SO4, FeCl3, Polymer, SBS, Antiscalant, NaOCl, NaOH...) and powder (Sodium Bicarbonate, Activated Carbon, Lime...).
  • OTV - Commissioning/Project Engineer

    Saint Maurice 2010 - 2012 Abu Dhabi 300ML Waste Water Treatment Plant (OSJV)

    Based in Al Wathba (Abu Dhabi, UAE). I was in charge of the Construction follow-up and Commissioning of the Pre-Treatment and the Sludge Treatment Area.
    The Pre-Treatment was composed of Fine screens, screw conveyors and compactors, as well as 4 Grit and Grease Removal tanks.
    The Sludge area was using Anaerobic Digesters, Rotative drums thickeners, Centrifuges, Polymer preparation units, Gas Holder, Flare and Boilers.
  • OTV - Commissioning/Project Engineer

    Saint Maurice 2009 - 2010 Sydney 250ML Desalination Plant (BWJV)

    Based in Sydney (Kurnell, Australia). I was in charge of the Commissioning of most of the chemical systems of the plant. Mainly responsible of the Pre-Treatment chemicals (FeCl3, H2SO4, PolyDADMAC) and of the Remineralisation system (Lime plant, Carbon Dioxide, Sodium Hypochlorite, Sodium Silicate, Polymer).
  • OTV - Quality/Project/Commissioning Engineer

    Saint Maurice 2008 - 2009 Gold Coast 125ML Desalination Plant (GCDA)

    Based in Tugun (QLD, Australia). I started as a member of the Quality Assurance team, I was in charge of the creation of procedures and implementation of key processes (Punch list, Handover...).
    Furthermore, I was responsible of the Quality Control of the Installation and testing of Fiber glass (GRP) cartridge filter vessel prototypes and of two 15ML potable water tanks.
    I then moved to the commissioning team as a support for the several Commissioning supervisors. My tasks were various, from pre-commissioning of instruments and valves to optimisation of processes of the plant. I mainly worked on the following areas: Sea Water Intake, Pre-Treatment (Dual media filtration) and Reverse Osmosis.