Idiatou DIALLO


En résumé

Equipped with a Master's degree in Information and Communications obtained between France and Canada (Exchange program) in 2004, I also have more than 8 years of working experience in the communications field and a strong interest in Human Rights and social justice issues.

I gained experience as an Information management officer for the United Nations in Niger.
French is my first language and, for having lived in various distinct cultural, social and religious environments, I'm equipped with a working knowledge of English, as well as basic knowledge of Spanish and Portuguese.

- Huge experience in developing information and communications strategies for the private sector as well as various NGOs based in Canada, USA, France and Senegal.

- Strong understanding of technical methods and tools which support data collection, transformation, storage and delivery,

- Ability to develop information, training materials and products or standardized marketing campaigns to increase understanding of programmes, In-depth Knowledge of internal graphic design,logo creation and photo modification / retouching

- Great expertise in drafting, translating and proofreading presentations, brochures, publications, reports and other documents


  • United Nations OCHA Niger - Information Management Officer - Head of Information Management Unit ai

    2014 - maintenant (Graphic Design Specialist)
    - Manage information to support humanitarian actors, prevent/manage humanitarian disasters and emergencies

    - Support strategic and operational decision making by researching and analyzing data and information gathered from diverse sources, and presenting it in the format most useful for analysis (e.g. reports, humanitarian snapshots, funding graphics, infographics)

    - Compile, aggregrate and analyze data and information elements required to produce standardized information products and implement data/information collection plans for context-specific data.

    - Use data analysis and graphic design to visualize data in a more accessible, attractive, and interactive manner to convey key messages to donors, media, government and humanitarian partners

    - Develop databases and other applications to support the collection and processing of context specific data (e.g.: affected population, displaced populations, vulnerability data, results of common rapid needs assessment etc.)

    - Support the advocacy and reporting functions of the office through the collection, processing, and storage of documents of emergencies and vulnerability, as well as relief operations.

    - Perform technical assignments in information management in disaster preparedness, disaster response and early recovery and the management of the Niger Humanitarian Response web portal.
  • CMI International - Coordinatrice de programmes

    NICE 2010 - 2014
  • Vinci Consultants - Chargée de Marketing, adjointe à la direction

    2008 - 2010 - Communication corporative, marketing et site internet
    - Rédaction, révision et production d'offres de services,
    rapports de chantier, fiches de projets
    - Coordination des projets de communication évènementielle de la SQP (Société Québécoise de Phytotechnologie)
  • Voyages ICT - Coordinatrice de voyages et marketing

    2006 - 2008 . Conception du matériel promotionnel (brochures touristiques, affiches, site web)
    Relations avec la presse touristique et nationale
    . Négociation de contrats de partenariat avec les réseaux et les agences indépendantes en Europe et Asie
    . Suivi et gestion des litiges
    . Organisation d'évènements (déjeuners, salons du Tourisme)
    . Suivi commercial des dossiers groupes
  • Centre Canadien d'Études et de Coopération Internationale (CECI) - Assistante en communication (Stage)

    2004 - 2004 - Mise à jour des bases de données des membres par continent
    - Élaboration de réponses-types pour les demandes d’adhésion, information et participation
    - Conception d’outils indicateurs mensuels sur le niveau d’information des ONG (fiches d’enquête, fiches de suivi, fiches de mission de réseautage)
    - Veille évènementielle et aide à la conception du site web du RIPESS (réseau partenaire)
    - Participation à l’organisation de la Rencontre Internationale Dakar 2005


  • Université De Montréal (Montréal)

    Montréal 2011 - 2011 Attestation

  • Université De Montréal (Montréal)

    Montréal 2003 - 2004 Master

    Communication des organisations
  • Université Paris 13 Paris Nord Villetaneuse

    Villetaneuse 2000 - 2003 Licence