Jean-Claude MBOLI


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  • Freescale Semiconductor - Senior Design Engineer

    Toulouse 2000 - maintenant 1) Definition and improvement of complex analog/mixed-signal functions' architectures (DC-DC converters, ADCs, Coulomb counters) to be used in Power Management ICs. Many innovations done to meet customer expectations.
    Inventor of a patented novel architecture of ADCs functioning without any clocking system and very suitable for low-power, audio and sensor systems.
    2) Setup of methodologies aimed at verifying complex mixed-signal ICs using current tools (Cadence AMS-Designer, spectre-ams, etc.), but designed to be fully portable. The use of these methodologies has dramatically improved the development of our ICs approaching the one-pass successfull level.
    3) Full chip transistor-level simulations of million+ elements circuits for current consumption, startup verification and floating nodes detection, etc. Invented a novel and very simple method of detecting floating nodes at any levels.
    4) Developement of various models for system design & verification purposes (verilogams models of codec, dc-dc converters, ldo's, pll, etc.; spice models) or from customer request (IBIS models). Creation and improvement of many generic analog/mixed-signal models to be used during the design phase of complex blocks.
    5) Setup for the first time in the department of Top-down / bottom-up design methodologies and training of design engineers.
    6) Design of DC-DC converters (bucks and boost)
    7) Design of ultra-low quiescent current ldos (linear regulators)
  • EBEN Technologies - Senior Mixed-signal design engineer

    1999 - 2000 1) Physical design of mixed-signal/power blocks
    2) Design and verification of dc-dc converters
  • SOREP-ERULEC (Group Dassault Electronique - Senior mixed-signal IC & embedded system design engineer

    1997 - 1999 1) Design of ASIC's (circuit &physical designs)
    2) Improvement of the design of a communication system to be used in GEC-ALSTHOM trains
    3) System analysis of a power management IC for use in satellite at Sextant Avionique
  • MBOLI Consultant - Manager and Consultant

    1994 - 1997 1) Design and/or characterization of analog blocks
    2) Training on analog/mixed-signal simulation tools
    3) Creation and characterization of models (spice-based behavioral, digital, etc.)
    4) Training on design methodologies based on spice-like tools (PSPICE, eldo, spectre, etc.)