En résumé

Passionné de technique, je passe mon temps libre a expérimenter mes nouvelles créations électroniques, mécaniques et informatique pour garder l'avantage sur la concurrence AVEC des applications concrètes pour mes clients.
Base en Chine depuis 2004, je recherche une opportunité de poursuivre cette quette de savoir en sans doute retourner en Europe si l’occasion se présente.

Mes compétences :
Motion graphics
Computer science


  • Visionrouge

  • Sa maribe loisirs

  • Vision Rouge Shanghai - Directeur general, fondateur

    2005 - maintenant

    Created in 2005, by Libby Zhou and Jean Gerard, Vision Rouge is a Sino-French company providing integrated video and photography services in Mainland China.

    At Vision Rouge, we pride ourselves on providing clients the best creative, innovative and logistical solutions in a professional and cost-efficient way to deliver unique products.

    As we own the gear and the team, we also have been working under the radar for most of the talented video agencies you may already have found online. We are the one you will see on the shooting day, or at least few of our gear.

    For example, we have been working or renting for companies like Bright Shadows, Id Creation, BlackandCamera, CedricM, Flatmind, Kinocorp, MakeMe, Central Studio…

    VisionRouge is the unique Crewscontrol approved team in the large Shanghai and Nanjing area and work also for CrewsConnection, Assignement Desk, ON24 on assignment. We managed with success assignment request from DSLR to Phantom shooting. Contact us if you need any specific local crew, we will be please to get another challenge to work on!

    Creative agencies frequently contact us to meet request from their high demanding client. TBWA, BBDO, Publicis, DVP and many others are part of this list. We often provide custom solution for their events.

    Finally, we also work directly with corporate local business based on long time relationship to make sure they save a lot of time on picking up the right crew. Most of these client are returning customers and large group as ABB robotics, Suez, Louis Vuitton,… are our best references.

    We are available if it’s complicated and that our skills can be useful. If price only is your concern, we may never work together but if you have a project and don’t know how to make it happened, call us!

    Apple, Louis Vuitton, IBM, Coca-Cola,.. Few names can give you a range of our skills, most of these are based outside China and they put their trust in us to deliver great footage for their international image.
  • Jia Xuan - Monteur

    2004 - 2005 From 30 seconds video clip to one hour DVD, Shooting, Editing and post production, Photographs
    Compositing, Animation, 3D titling, Technical ads,...
  • Ariels Digital Arts, NYC - Graphiste 3D

    2004 - 2004 3D charactere modelisation and blend Shape, cartoon style with Maya, Digital Portfolio and web design,...
  • SA Maribe Loisirs - Director

    1999 - 2003 investment choices,
    Crew management, commercial deal, graphic design, (for bill, web, advertising)...
  • SA Maribe Loisirs - Technical director

    1997 - 1999 Design and direction lighting for happening (concert, show, scenery),
    light operator on Grand Ma and Compulite desk, Pyramide (laser Show desk)
    with more than 60 automatized light fixtures. Maintenance.
  • Vitamine-Complice - In Charge Of Design

    1995 - 1998 Electronic and computer design for big mall market, C++ programming,
    on site installation, audio advertising editing, public address system and lighting,...



    Bry Sur Marne 2003 - 2003 3D Computer modeling, Video Editing

    From scenario writing to the final 3D animation movie:
    3D modeling animating, digital shooting, NLE editing, Compositing and Post-production
    (Maya, After Effect, Avid Xpress,..)
    Got the highest rank at the test
  • UFR Bourgogne Franche Comte (Besancon)

    Besancon 1992 - 1994 Computer Science, Master
  • Lycée Jules Haag BTS

    Besancon 1990 - 1992 BTS
  • Lycée Jules Haag Ecole Nationale d'orlogerie

    Besancon 1988 - 1990 Micromechanic