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  • Airbus Operations Spain on behalf of Equert International - Quality & Supply Chain Engineer

    2010 - maintenant Supply Chain Quality engineer - Procurement Aerostructure Quality department, Fairings & Boxes commodity - MADRID, Spain.
    - Supply Chain leader of a sub-contracted work package in development phase - Rear Fuselage A350XWB.
    - Verification and validation of the application of the Airbus Supply Chain requirements at the sub-contractor.
    - Support to the multi-functional team as Industrial Coordination Leader (coordination of the Quality, Supply Chain and Industrial activities),
    - Assessments of suppliers:
    IPCA lead assessor - Industrial Process Control Assessments,
    CCP lead assessor - Capacity and Contingency Planning).
    - GRAMS Trainer: to teach the Airbus and supplier's employees on Airbus requirements (GRAMS - General Requirements for Aerostructure and Materials Suppliers).
  • Eurogiciel - Quality and Supply Chain engineer

    Labege 2009 - maintenant
  • Airbus Operations France on behalf of Equert International - Quality & Supply Chain Engineer

    2009 - 2010 Support to the Airbus' suppliers of Equipments & Systems / Aerostructure & Materials, for the preparation to on-site assessments; according to GRAMS/GRESS requirements.

    GRAMS Trainer specialised on Modules 3, 4 and 5: Quality Assurance, Supply Chain & Industrialisation activities.
    --> GRAMS = General Requirements for Aerostructure & Material Suppliers,
    --> GRESS = General Requirements for Equipment and Systems Suppliers,
    --> Trainings performed in all Europe at Airbus and suppliers sites.
  • Continental Automotive on behalf of Altran SO - Supplier Quality Engineer - Make Market

    2008 - 2009 In charge of Mechanical parts (focal point on the Connectors family):
    - To ensure the cascade and application of the Continental Supplier Quality requirements.
    - To monitor the Supplier's Quality and Supply Chain performances (Rejection rate, On Time Deliveries).
    - To lead regular product/process audits based on the VDA 6.3 requirements.
    - To realize on-site capacity studies (Run at Rate; OEE).
    - To manage the products & Process non-conformities (in line with the 8D approach).
    - To validate the deviations/concessions requested by the suppliers.
    - To manage the Change Notifications (Product/Process change, Transfer of Work, deployment of a new ERP system...).
  • Bosch Rexroth DSI - Supplier Quality Engineer

    Vénissieux Cedex 2007 - 2008 Work Placement - Supply Chain Quality engineer in charge of new products introduction (specialized on turned parts):
    - To initiate, deploy and monitor the APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) advancemement on Product Quality activities .
    - To qualify and validate the Manufacturing flows and processes,
    - To validate the initial samples in line with the PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) and PSW (Part Submit Warranty).
    - To lead the final qualification assessment on-site to authorise the SOP (Start of Production).
  • Electricfil Automotive - Manufacturing Quality

    2005 - 2007 Work Placement - Quality Technician in the Cam & Crank sensors Quality department:
    To create and/or update the documentation:
    - Manufacturing Instructions,
    - Control/Inspection Instructions,
    - Reaction plans.
    To manage multi functional teams in order to create or update:
    - The Process/Product FMEAs (Risk analysis),
    - The Control Plans.
    To implement the Statistical Process Control on special characteristics (dimensional characteristics) on the over-molding process.
    To validate the control means within Reproducibility and Repeatability studies.
    To realize internal process audits.
    To manage non-conformities within the mitigation actions implementation, root causes analysis, corrective actions selection/implementation/monitoring of efficiency.
  • L'ELECTRICFIL AUTOMOTIVE - équipementier automobile de rang 1 et rang 2 - Technicien Qualité Production

    2005 - 2007


  • Ecole Supérieure De Commerce

    Grenoble 2006 - 2008 MBA spécialité Management par la Qualité

    Ecole Supérieur de Commerce et d'Organisation DGC - MBA's degree with a special emphasis in Quality Management
  • Université Lyon 1 Claude Bernard

    Villeurbanne 2005 - 2006 Licence

    Gestion de la Production - Bachelor's degree in Industrial Production management with a special emphazis in Quality management
  • Université Lyon 1 Claude Bernard

    Villeurbanne 2002 - 2005 Electrotechnique et Electronique de Puissance

    2 years undergraduate degree in Electrical and Electronic engineering