En résumé

I am a Chemical Engineer with a total of 3.5 years of experience in France, the USA and South Korea.
In addition of my background, I developed skills in chemical unit designs, commissioning, lean manufacturing (Six Sigma) and management of change.
I demonstrated a strong adaptation capability to different industrial and human environments.
I have always worked in a very international environment. Indeed, I worked in 9 different countries (France, USA, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, India, South Korea, Japan, Australia, and Belgium).

I am looking for new opportunities in Australia in Production and Manufacturing fields, where I can bring my skills and keep developing myself.

Jérôme Depuydt

Compétences en résumé:

- Lean Manufacturing : Support à la transformation, Lean 6 Sigma (statistiques associées, méthode DMAIC), CEDAC, Ishikawa, Finance for non-Finance, ABC Ranking, Pareto, Value stream mapping, 5S, résolution de problème, Just Needed Inventory, Right First Time, dialogue de performance…

- Analytiques : RMN (1D, 2D), CPG, HPLC, GC-MS, ICP, LC-MS et autres techniques chromatographiques, colorimétrie. Chimie des Polymères, Chimie Organique, Biochimie et Procédés.

- Bureautiques : Outils Office, Minitab, SAP, Sci-finder, ChemSketch, Belsteinn, Wave, Visio, Smartsheet.

- Langues : Anglais (Bilingue), Espagnol (Niveau intermédiaire).

- Divers : Techniques de laboratoire, gestion de projet, validation de méthodes.

Mes compétences :
Relation client
Six Sigma


  • Solvay - Manufacturing Excellence VIE (Lean Manufacturing)

    Paris 2016 - 2017 Responsibilities:
    - Supported the sites of Onsan, South Korea. Mainly focused on Performance Management and Mindset and Behavior.
    - Conducted studies to assess and eliminate wastes at the shop floor level.

    - Designed KPIs for Supply Chain and Production department for daily reviews (including Customer complaints, daily production rate, and level of inventory for instance). The KPIs are fully used and accepted at the site.
    - Successfully introduced morale section to daily performance meeting in order to assess and address behavior and mindset issues.
    - Led quality and cost reduction diagnostic workshops at Anan site, Japan. These workshops brought up ideas in order to reduce the fixed and variable cost of about 2% per year over 3 years.
    - Coach the teams on Problem Solving, Performance Management and Process Confirmation.
  • Solvay - Manufacturing Excellence VIE (Lean Manufacturing)

    Paris 2015 - 2016 Responsibilities:
    - Supported the deployment of the Manufacturing Excellence methodology and tools throughout the North American Zone (regular support at 2 sites, Chicago and Cincinnati, one-time support at more than 10 sites).
    - Being involved in the 3 pillars: « Technical System », « Performance Management» and « Mindset and Behavior ».
    - Used of the Continuous Improvement tools: Six Sigma, 5S, Problem Solving, Value Stream Mapping, Cost Reduction Activities, Visual Management, Just Needed Inventory, Waste Management, KPI design, etc.
    - Worked with a cross-department synergy (Production, Maintenance, Logistic, Quality, Customer Services, HR…).
    - Procedures creation and standardized work.

    - Lean Six Sigma Project: « IBCs consumption reduction ». Saving level targeted 110 000 euros. The project is now at the implementation phase and has already achieved half of the savings.
    - Attended and led around 6 diagnostics (Cincinnati, Chicago, Mt Pleasant, Winona, Spartanburg, Alorton) focusing on quality, production and supply chain with expected savings from few hundred thousand euros to few millions depending on the size of the site.
    - Coached the teams on Problem solving, communication, idea generation tools, value stream mapping and value creation approach.
    - Conducted 5S activities at Cincinnati (packaging station).
    - Developed a communication plan which is now used in the USA.
    - Wrote procedures at the site of Cincinnati in order to create documentation for new product introduction. These documentation have been audited by customers and well received. This procedure is now used as a template at the site.
  • GPN - Borealis - Ingénieur ventes de licences

    2012 - 2013 Responsibilities
    - Realized Process books for projects in India, USA, Australia (Nitric Acid and Ammonium nitrate units). This document includes the Material and Heat Balance, conception of the equipment; the material specification for piping and equipment, instrumentation specifications.
    - Proposal of new technical solutions.
    - Supported the pre-commissioning and the commissioning of two Ammonium Nitrate plants.
    - Training provided to the customers.
    - Department responsible regarding European regulations (REACH, MSDS). I had to ensure that the process is as per regulation requirements (raw materials registrations, product qualifications).

    - Realized dozen of preliminary studies for part or complete units.
    - Realized 5 full process books, 3 Nitric Acid units and 2 Ammonium Nitrate units.
    - Commissioning activities for one Nitric Acid unit in Bulgaria and one Ammonium nitrate unit in India.
    - Carried out HAZOP and CHAZOP studies in Czech Republic (CFI) and Australia (Orica).
    - Project management: “Update and creation of internal design procedures”, team management (2 Engineers, 3 technicians, 1 intern). The project was conducted with success meeting the deadline.

  • Oklahoma university - Research assistant

    2010 - 2011 - Title of the research: « Selectivity in the O- alkylation of methyl gallate ».
    - Optimized the reaction in order to enhance the yield and the selectivity.
    - Analytical analysis (NMR, IR, TLC, chromatographic column).

    This experience led to the validation of my degree in France and in the USA (Engineer degree and Master of Sciences).

  • CEP Industrie-Bureau Véritas - Stagiaire attaché au service qualité-environnement

    2009 - 2009 - Managed the validation of analytical methods (norm and statistic approach).
    - Scheduled the tests.
    - Completed and processed analysis on ICP and GC-MS.
    - Carried out analysis by olfactory ways.
  • GlaxoSmithKline - Agent administratif

    Marly-le-Roi 2007 - 2007


  • Oklahoma University (Norman)

    Norman 2010 - 2011 Chimie organique

    Chimie et Biochimie - GPA : 4.00
  • Ecole Nationale Supérieure De Chimie De Clermont-Ferrand (ENSCCF) (Clermont Ferrand)

    Clermont Ferrand 2008 - 2011 Ingénieur chimiste

    La troisième année a été réalisée dans le cadre d'un échange bilatéral diplômant à l'Université d'Oklahoma (USA)