En résumé

Over 15 years of Supply chain & Logistics experience. Having worked for large corporations such as LEAR, LEONI (Valeo) , UNILEVER and DECATHLON.
I have succeed to be team player, results-oriented and get strong skills in problem solving.

Mes compétences :
Customer Service
Demand planning


  • Lear Corporation - Supply Chain & Logistics Manager

    Southfield 2010 - maintenant • Responsible for the overall control of the movement of materials and products within and outside the plant. Assures transport and customs operations
    • Plays a key role in setting the plant policy in order to ensure cost-effective flow of materials inside and outside the company, including information and control flow.
    • Plans production among with production responsible in order to assure supply and demand equilibrium both in materials and finished products
    • Responsible for controlling warehouse activities including general operations, security, inventories control.
    • Ensures the efficient and economic utilization of facilities and prompt delivery from raw material to finished products by evaluating volumes and managing possible deviations.
    • Liaises with plant, warehouse and sales departments to provide an efficient customer delivery service.
    • Ensures adequate supply levels and timely distribution to meet client demand and maximize sales potential.
    • Promotes continuous improvement in product supply and plant stock policy, minimizing obsolesce.
    • Responsible for the accomplishment of company norms and policies.
  • LEONI - Supply chain & Logistics Manager

    2008 - 2010 Continuous Improvement Manager:
    • Manage the Continuous Improvement team and lead continuous improvement in all Supply Chain activities
    • Create and update the Supply Chain standard (Quality System)
    • Update material flows based on new project introduction (train loops, warehouses flows and storage, layout definition,…)
    • Define and set up the physical organization of warehouses of the site in conformity with the VPS rules
    • Design and manage the upstream transport; manage the downstream transport
    • Supervise the data correctness entered into ERP system by auditing process
    Material and Production Control Managers:
    • Manage the Customer service
    • Pull the logistics flow of information from Customer Demand to Supplier scheduling and schedule internal and external capacity for his-her division to get 0 DPM and minimum premium freight and to optimize plant resources
    • Manage MPS : Create Customer demand plan (13 weeks) for MPS; ensure reliability of forecast
    • Manage Supplier schedulers
    • Create monthly forecast (check lead time, capacity,…) for supplier, Order components, Define, optimize and dispatch transportation…
    • Prepare Capacity Plan
    • Check preparation of detailed invoices and final invoices
    • Follow-up customs operations and control invoices
    Physical Flow Manager:
    • Manage all physical flow activities and warehouses
    • Accountable for all receiving tasks
    • Manage the Receiving Operators; improve expertise of Receiving Operators
    • Ensure that the security rules are respected and lead the 5S method
    • Accountable for all line feeding and picking tasks
    • Manage Line Feeders and Line Pickers; improve expertise of Line Feeders and Pickers
    • Accountable for all shipping tasks

    Logistics Quality Manager:
    • Establishing and auditing logistics methods
    • Ensure that the security rules are respected and lead the 5S method
    • Logistics protocol implementation
    • Develop Logistics FMEA
  • UNILEVER - Customer service & Logistics Manager Morocco

    Rueil-Malmaison 2004 - 2008 • Creating Customer Service Policy
    • Establishing Customer Service Organisation and Infrastructure
    • Defining Logistics Trade Terms
    • Understanding the Customer and Managing the Strategic Relationship
    • Determining Strategy and Actions Plans with the Customer
    • Developing and Managing Customer Service Innovation
    • Order Processing and Stock Management in the Order to Cash Cycle
    • Invoicing and Cash Collection in the Order to Cash Cycle
    • Managing the Operational Relationship with the Customer
    • Managing Customer Service Performance
    • Co-ordinates and optimises the process across the business
    • Manages the process to drive business results
    • Managing Warehouses
    • Managing Transportation
    • Ensuring optimal Transportation Planning
    • Managing Third Party Logistics (3PL)
    • Managing Quality in Warehousing and Distribution
    • Weekly and monthly meeting with other department to be aware of all the company activities : Marketing activities, sales trends in order to optimise the supply chain in increasing the Customer service and reducing Supply
    • Distributors’ replenishment: put in place a system and the organisation to manage sales and stocks level by distributor. Define stock target by distributor at brand and article level and insure a good stock level without losing sales.
  • MAROC BUREAU - Planning & Production Manager

    Casablanca 2003 - 2004 • Receive orders from sales and logistics team
    • Establish the planning by product and adapt the capacity
    • Manage planning team and shop foreman
    • Communicate lead time to sales team
    • Progress the quality and participate in certification ISO 9001
    • Put in place a production daily meeting
    • Put in place action plan : extra-hours, 3rd party …
    • Deal with buying and method service
  • DECATHLON - Production Leader

    Villeneuve d'Ascq 2000 - 2003 • Up date the system with correct data: cost, lead time, BOM…
    • Obtain and analysis forecast from Sales department
    • Establish the PDP and take in consideration all constraints : capacity, availability
    • Adapt the production and storage capacity with supplier based on PDP.
    • Establish the supply based on MRP and communicate it to suppliers
    • Put in place a plan by product and subcontractor
    • Follow orders till payment suppliers and subcontractors
    • Optimize and manage the supply of component
    • Buying negotiation : 300 K€ saving
    • Put in place a buying policy
    • Make sure of product availability at the right moment.
    • Identify obsolete stocks and put in place an action plan for sale
    • Proceed to take stock : have the right inventory (quantity and quality)
    • Production negotiation
    • Make contract with suppliers and subcontractors
    • Calculate the best price
    • Optimise the cost: logistic…
    • Analyze KPI and put in place action plan : OTIF 80% to 95%
    • Industrialize the product
    • Source and manage the panel
    • Progress the quality at suppliers and subcontractors level
    • Make audits and actions with suppliers and subcontractors
    • Meet customers (Sales team) …


  • ENPC School Of International Management - EHTP (Casablanca)

    Casablanca 2011 - 2013 MBA
  • Ecole Mohammedia D'Ingénieurs (EMI) (Rabat)

    Rabat 1997 - 2000 Industriel