Kobenan Gilbert KOUAME


En résumé

Specialties :

- Exploration :
Basin, play, Prospect assessment and ranking. Regional prospectivity studies/ Petroleum systems/ Risk analysis and Strutural Geology/Clastic and Carbonate sedimentology/ Sequence stratigraphy (seismic data and/or well log data)/ Geochemical analysis (TOC, Source rocks evaluation, petroleum system analysis, etc.).
- Well log Interpretation :
Quick look, Vsh, Gross/Net, and other petrophysical parameters analysis & interpretation.
- Seismic data Analysis :
Processing (use of Seismic Unix and Geovation[basic])
2D/3D seismic interpretation : 2D land, 2D/3D Marine data, synthetic generation, Time-depth conversion, QC structural interpretation, Attributes analysis, Geosteering, etc.

- Industry softwares : Sismage, Seismic Unix, Petrel 2009, Kingdom 8 (Vupak & Logpak), Landmark (Seiswork and Geoprobe), Linux (Red hat, Fedora & Ubuntu), MS Project.

Mes compétences :


  • Total - Junior Geophysicist

    COURBEVOIE 2013 - maintenant
  • Poros SAS - Reservoir Geologist (Msc. Thesis)

    2012 - 2012 Exploration in the Paris basin: Mature a Reservoir assessment to a drillable status (use of Earthpak and Logpak).

    - Source rocks evaluation from well logs;
    - Organic matter map generation with Surfer 9;
    - Reservoir characterization : petrophysical calculations (PHIT, BVW, Sw, Vsh, etc.), log composites construction and analysis, FW. reports, etc.
    - Well data quality control;
    - 1/2 day training on Geolog7 for Petrophysical interpretations;
    - Production profiles interpretation : Paris basin analogue fields - Oil & Water cut, Production risk analysis;
    - Sequence stratigraphy at Reservoir scales in carbonates (Dogger) and clastic rocks (Triassic), Lithostratigraphic correlations.
  • LaSalle Beauvais Geophysical Society - President

    2011 - 2012
  • TOTAL France/LaSalle Beauvais - Project Management - Team leader

    2011 - 2011 Design of a Geoscience Training Program which integrates E&P techniques and processes, Abandonment and Rehabilitation of depleted oil field (case of Lacq) - done alternatively at TOTAL (GSR/FIT) and LaSalle (since October, 2011)
  • GeoAzur/CNRS/INSU - Student - Geophysical Project

    2011 - 2011 - Fieldwork in the Var Basin (1 week)
    - Marine seismic acquisition, processing and interpretation on board of the Tethys II (CNRS/INSU),
    - Study of field analogue (Bouma sequence at Peira Cava),
    - Associated study on the risk, feasibility for the installation of a Production rig (Collective project with a team of 9 people, Report in english, Presentation in front of a Jury in english).
  • TOTAL France - Project Management - Geophysical studies (Trainee)

    COURBEVOIE 2010 - 2011 Design of a Geoscience Training Program which integrates E&P techniques and processes, Abandonment and Rehabilitation of depleted oil field (case of Lacq) - done alternatively at TOTAL (GSR/FIT) and LaSalle Beauvais(8 months)
    - Geoscience Studies Overview;
    - Daily Core Analysis, Geomechanics Lab, PVT, Geochemical analyses, etc.;
    - 2D/3D Seismic interpretation;
    - Design of 2 1/2 Days Geoscience training for academia and Total employees;
    - Fieldwork in¨Pyrenees, etc.
  • PETROCI Holding - Seismic Interpreter (Msc. Thesis)

    Abidjan 2009 - 2010 Seismic stratigraphy of ivorian sedimentary basin : case of the block CI-502 (6 months)
    - 3D structural interpretation;
    - Wireline logs and lithological interpretation;
    - 3D visualization and interpretation of river channels;
    - Analysis of reflections configuration and seismic faciès;
    - Time-depth conversion;


  • SEG/Chevron Student Leadership Symposium 2012 (Nevada)

    Nevada 2012 - 2012 SEG Certificate

    Leadership & Manadement - I was among 50 Leaders selected (among 260 student chapters) to participate in this excellent program in USA. This focused program of Leadership Skills Development included an address by the SEG President, Best Practice Presentations from student chapters, Professional Leadership Coaching, an organized Team Building activity, and a Strategic Problem Solving Session with t
  • SEG/ExxonMobil Student Education Program 2011 (Kraków)

    Kraków 2011 - 2011 SEG Certificate

    Hydrocarbon Exploration - Multi-Disciplinary Subsurface Integration in Exploration and Production - From “Plates to Pores”
    ExxonMobil provided course materials, team exercises, and some of its great and experienced professionals to teach 40 graduate students pursuing a master's degree or PhD in the Geosciences in Europe.
  • Ecole Supérieure Des Mines Et Géologie De L'INPHB (Yamoussoukro)

    Yamoussoukro 2003 - 2009 Master

    Geophysical Interpretation Major