Lacan Florent DEDOU


En résumé

Implied and rigorous in the realization of my missions, I like meeting ambitious and stimulating challenges.

Specialized in management of consumer goods. Attentive to the economic and social current events of the sector, I like discovering new actors, original and innovative initiatives.

My multidisciplinary training supplied me a robust general knowledge and the tools of understanding to adapt me to various contexts, stakes, business sectors, and types of actors.

My work experiences allowed me to develop skills in the Business Development the years Sales Area, the Maritime and industrial Expertise, the Management (Projected, Planning, Quality, Commands, Distribution, Conditioning and Packaging of Stocks), the Administration of Sales, the Study of Clientele,
The Operational Marketing and Marketing of Services, the Appeal to the insurances and Evaluation and Management of Disasters, Crew Change, Transit, Customs, Management of Freight (Ground, maritime, air)

Objective: Project Manager -Logostics Manager - Senior Dirty Manager - Corporate Sales Manager

Specialities:logistics solutions - logistics operatings-Procurement Managing - Solutions Sales - commercial Management-Trade Marketing - operational Marketing

Mes compétences :
Sales Management
Packaging Supply Chain Development
Microsoft Windows XP
Microsoft Windows Vista
Microsoft Office 2007
Microsoft Office
Microsoft Access
Business Development
Account Management


  • LYGHANS SERVICE & Co - Manager Logistique & Organisation

    2016 - maintenant
  • CMP la congolaise de Mousses et Plastiques - Plastics Production Chief

    2015 - 2016 - Étudie le dossier de fabrication et participer à la définition des méthodes de fabrication.
    - Traduit le cahier des charges en objectifs de production.
    - Détermine les besoins en matières premières, pièces matériels de rechange.
    - Planifie les objectifs de production (produits ou gammes), les investissements et les moyens (humains, machines).
    - Fixe les objectifs de production des unités de fabrication.
    - Contrôle le processus de fabrication et les résultats
    - Gère les coûts et contrôler la qualité de la production.
    - Gère l'approvisionnement et la disponibilité du matériel et des stocks (matières premières, produits semi-finis...).
    - Garantit le respect des normes de sécurité et de qualité du processus de fabrication.
    - Analyse des indicateurs de suivi de la production (données de reporting, tableaux de bords, taux de déchets, taux de pannes...).
    - Anime et supervise les équipes de travail afin d’améliorer l’appareil de production
  • Sicim Congo - Procurement Manager Projet "Revamping ENI Bulding"

    2013 - 2015 Managing procurement / purchasing processes
    Assist in organizing/ managing logistics including warehousing and stock keeping with the operational and technical teams;
    Work closely together with operational and technical teams in order to understand their needs and provide them timely with the requested items and services;
    Maintain strong relationships with key suppliers and contractors,
    Set up a clear procurement policies and systems.
  • COMISAV CONGO - Quality Supervisor

    2012 - 2013 Administer the exchange transactions between the company and the retailing partners
    Keep up to date the reporting of the accounting of the operations of traffic
    Administer the stores of storage, management of the schedule of distribution of Products
    Establishment and followed by the index cards of follow-up (BL, BC, BS, BCM)
    Describe and follow performance indicators to establish annual reports
    Follow the subcontractors and the suppliers service
    To follow the rises of report evaluates of Quality of products
    Traffic management since factories to the suppliers
    Count and list the damage due to the Operations connected to transport or to distribution
    Coordinate and Manage the Operations of reconditioning of products
  • Société Commune de Logistique (SCLOG) - Corporate Junior Manager

    2012 - 2012 Organize and coordinate the circuit of the information and the instructions of functioning of the structures of distribution and storage.
    Be the 1st contact between the customers and the company
    Execution of the commands customers
    Program and oversee the visits at the customers from a weekly schedule
    Reporting of the travels grounds
    Make the various suppliers participate in the process of protected from smooth running
    Develop road maps for the suppliers, the management of the schedule of supply
    Make sure of the delivery of the orders customers and suppliers
    Assure and determine if need for the corrective measures of the circuit of routing of products in case of dysfunction
    Manage the plans of distribution and define routes
  • Orange Cameroun - Junior Sales Manager & Organisation Trade Marketing

    Paris 2010 - 2011 Junior human resources management Trade Marketing: salary, social situation and administrative management of the staff
    in charge Campaign of sale of Sims Orange in the area of the territory
    Contribute to the creation of events aiming at the promotion of the brand
    in charge relay Corporate Service(Department) and Indirect Trade
    Assure the management and the animation of the PDVA AND PDV
    Assure the daily and weekly reporting of rises information of commercial grounds
    Establishment of action plans for the quarterly activities in association with loaded marketing Operational
    Participation in the meetings of facilitation approaches Customers to a more competitive marketing dynamics
    Selection and recruitment of the entire sales forces ;


  • Institut CREC ISCOM (Pointe-Noire)

    Pointe-Noire 2012 - 2014 BTS
  • Université Hassan (Cassablanca)

    Cassablanca 2008 - 2010 Master en Logistique et Transports
  • Ecole Des Mines,Des Industries Et De La Geologie(EMIG) (Niamey)

    Niamey 2005 - 2008 Diplôme de Technicien Supérieur en Informatique Industrielle

    Option : Création et Gestion d'Applications Comptables et de Gestion
    Ecole des Mines de l'Industrie et de la Géologie (EMIG) Niamey - Niger


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