Lakhdar HAMRA


En résumé

Consultant HSE, auditeur en sécurité industrielle
Estimation des risques dans les installations industrielles
Formateur dans le domaine de protection sécurité individuelle
Conseiller en sécurité des équipements et produits chimiques
Ingénieur Process : études techniques et de faisabilité
Ingénieur en construction industrielle suivant P& I D

Connaissances techniques

Inspection sécuritaire technique (audit)
Recommander le système de prévention
Donner des formations en sécurité
Rapport de risques
Planifier des inspections journalières
Réaliser des expertises durant les accidents
Plans de prévention des produits chimiques
Détermination des causes et circonstances des incidents industriels
Evaluations des dommages durant les sinistres
Diagnostics / reforme du matériel industriel
Rédaction des rapports pour les incidents : Anomalies & Recommandations
Etude des documents, plans dans le foncier, industriel
Etude des factures de réparation du matériel industriel

Mes compétences :
Consultant HSE,Safety auditing Industrial Plants
Risk Assessment for Oil &Gas Plants, Facilitate an


  • Gasco Abu dhabi Gas Industries Ltd (GASCO) :NGL + LPG - Process technologist

    maintenant Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Ltd (GASCO) - United Arab Emirates
    Process Technologist (Chemical Engineer)
    NGL – LPG (Fuel, Propane, Butane, Pentane plus) – Waters – Energies

    -Providing a technological service to the company Includes identifying problems and submitting reports with recommendations for a reliable and safe solution
    -Review text and analysis results from laboratory, Identifies and analyses deviations and usual trends, Interprets reasons in terms of operations
    -Prepares modifications to process designs, review proposed modifications and recommends approval or Alteration
    -Engaged in design issues and decisions throughout construction, commissioning and start-up of different units like utilities, storage area all sections of the plant such as treatment units ,removing of impurities from gases before separation as per the design
    -Ensure that the design, specifications, drawings and other data generated by the engineering contractor meet the quality requirements and are in compliance with applicable codes, laws and regulations
    -Monitor the EPC contractor’s design activities to ensure that what is being
    Constructed in accordance with the contract work scope
    -Identification and understanding hazards in the workplace
    -Understanding the hazards and the risks, for achieving excellence
    environment, health, and safety performance
    -Task hazard analysis and the risk assessment: identification hazards that
    exist in the workplace, generally focusing on a particular activity,
    project or a given person’s activities

    Studies &attributions within GASCO ABU DHABI
    -Chlorine replacement by other biocides in the cooling basin (S.W.)
    - Desalination unit: following the treatment of boilers / boilers feed water, control of the housekeeping, and storage of the chemicals to be used in the unit
    - ADIP Test run, Material Balances

    Chairman of the safety committee in the plant
    -The assigned duties is the auditing the areas in the plant: All sections: mechanical, electrical ,workshops, plant
    -Determination of hydrocarbons gas leaks and anomalies to be corrected in order to avoid Incidents/accidents

    Realisation of Handling chemicals safety manual(for NGL & LPG Plants

    -Safety advices and directives for the operation & maintenance departments, contractors concerning the :
    Hazards/Symptoms - Prevention steps - Selection of fire extinguishing
    agent/first aid
  • Serintel eni - HSE Instructor

    2017 - 2017
    HSE Instructor @ Serintel oil &Gas professional training service ------ ENI Congo
    Date Employed June 2017 – Present Employment Duration for 2 months
    Location Pointe Noire , Republic of the Congo

    HSE Instructor Serintel oil &Gas professional training service @ ENI Pointe Noire Republic of the Congo
    Subject: Subject: Handling Chemicals Safely hazard, storage, etc…
    -Training For Risk awareness for the following cases at ENI Congo
    0. Power Point preparation for the subject of handling of hazardous substances
    1. System GHS and CLP, Pictograms, codes and meaning, rule 1272\2008, applicable from first June 2017
    2. Management and handling of chemicals, labelling, MSDS
    3. Fire and explosion
    4. Chemicals storage and incompatibility mixing
    5. Management of Hazardous Chemicals
    6. Good operating practices in the petroleum industry
  • HACH commissioning @ KONIAMBO NICKEL SAS N.Caledonia - Senior Safety Advisor for commissioning phase @ KONIAMBO NICKEL SAS

    2012 - maintenant NATURE AND SCOPE OF POSITION
    I have considerable knowledge and experience so that I can integrate into existing teams to carry out tasks and provide practical support throughout the Commissioning and Ramp-up phase of all Koniambo Nickel facilities,following all types of commissioning activites such as inspection and testing &repairng and modification of equipemnts for better recovery and performannce with safety maners(SDM-MOC)

    Clear and effective internal relationships with all levels of the project,construction &commissioning and operations personnel, contractors, and Health and Safety team members

    2011 - 2012 Menzel Ledjmet East (MLE) Gas Development Project in Algeria
    28 July 2011 up to 01 MAY 2012

    CONSULTANCY – HSE INSTRUCTOR For ISS International involved in the Menzel Ledjmet East (MLE)

    Project: Menzel Ledjmet East (MLE) gas field is a commercial project being jointly developed by Sonatrach (SH) and First Calgary Petroleum Ltd. (FCP) now in the ENI asset. The development concept consists of a field gathering system, Central Processing Facility (CPF), infrastructure, and export pipelines for sales gas, LPG, condensate and oil. CPF MLE equipment shall be sized to cater for both MLE and the Central Area Field Complex (CAFC Gas SWP).

    HSE Curses at Menzel Ledjmet east Project

    - HSE Orientation presentation - Field Safety drive presentation
    - Confined space activities presentation - Electrical Risk presentation
    - Welding activities presentation - Lifting equipment activities presentation
    - Rigging & slinging activities presentation - First Aid Activities presentation
    - Fire fighting activities presentation - PTW system presentation
    - Radiography activities presentation - Lifting work presentation
    - Working at height presentation

    -Preparation(65 slides)for the HSE Induction for pre-commissioning and commissioning activities for the MLE Project, Hazards during the pre and commissioning and safety procedures to be implemented

    -Electrical Lock-Out/Tag-Out(LOTO),Necessary HSE Control /Precautions, Entering Substations and Log Book Control &Sticker System

    -Hydrotesting / Pneumatic Tests, Hazards of Pressure Testing & HSE procedures, Test Assembly Inspection Check List, Preparation of Lines and Execution of Tests ,Pressure Testing Application & Potential Hazard
  • ORASCOM Construction Industries - PETROFAC -SONATRACH – ANADARKO EL MERK - ALGERIA. - HSE manager

    2011 - 2011 PROJECT: Installation of Central Processing Facility (CPF) For the Treatment and Production of Oil, LPG and Condensate and associated Telecommunication Systems (Lot 1& 7).
    Staff working on site:1500 Nos

    - Lease with OCIA Site management and HSE team , Client, subcontractors
    -Implement OCI policy and procedures. Carry out daily inspections,induction,training and toolbox talks
    - Investigate and report directly to project site Manager all accidents /incidents and near miss incidents
    - Carry out Risk assessment and management procedures, assist with information for corporate on the monthly report
    - Crisis management train and keep the Emergency Response Team ERT for fire and casualty evacuation for camp base &site-Organise fire simulation
    - Environmental, health and safety inspections and advised to management team. Control of all evacuation and muster points (Including all site activities, camp areas).
    - Attend HSE meeting lease with client and subcontractors
    - Write procedures and HSE issues
    -Chemicals safety Protocols with suppliers
    - Work permits with risk assessment methods
    -Safety statistics weekly &monthly report
    -Monthly budget report
    -Inspection in the camp such a smoke detectors, housekeeping and fire control
    -Inspection of kitchen and food storage &fridges on weekly basis
    -Continuously monitor HSE performance and provide recommendations on improvement
    -Undertake audits and inspections; making recommendations for improvement.

    MUNDOLSHEIM 2011 - 2011
  • Degremont suez -Sewage Waste Water Treatment -Doha West -QATAR - HSE consultant

    2009 - 2010 I/ FROM FIRST OCTOBER - TILL THE END OF DEC. 2009 AS
    HSE CONSULTANT: SAFETY ADVISER for Waste Water Treatment Plant @DOHA West - QATAR.


    – Safety Adviser for the waste water treatment plant
    - Risk assessment for the all plant ,wastewater treatment plant at DOHA
    - Technical Safety Audit ,to make slides report with comments and recommendations, to be corrected
    -To Realise risk assessment with the suggested appropriate monitoring of encountered gases, within the inspected treatment areas
    -Write the emergency procedures & evacuation plan, HSE instructions.
    -To recommend a chemical safety advices for workers during handling for all chemicals used in the plant
    - Assist all departments in implementations of H & S compliance, give Advices
    - Implement health &safety plan and emergency plan according the H & S
    Policy and objectives
    - Train employees on the HSE issues
    - Manage and coordinate any emergencies events
    - Conducting daily inspections to identify potential hazards
    - Incidents reports of workers injury & fire, damaged equipments
  • Insurance Compagnies(oil&gas,electrical ,Water Treatment units ,etc...) - Chemical Hazard Expert, Quality/Quantity Certification Expert

    1993 - maintenant JUNE 1993 - JANV.2011
    Insurance CO.(U.A.R. Algiers) / Ministry of Justice
    Agreed Sworn Expert.

    Quality/ Quantity Certification of chemicals products / Determination of causes and circumstances during incidents/breakdowns

    -Identification of the chemicals toxicity involved during accidents in
    Petrochemical plants
    -Determination of causes and circumstances during incidents/breakdowns.
    -Identifying problems, submitting reports with recommendations
    Evaluations of damages, advices
    -Ensuring that contracts are initiated, established accurately in order to
    avoid conflicts
    -Risk visit before establishment of insurance contract
    -Coordinate and supervise all engineering works required by non
    conformities or design changes in the field
    -To ensure that the work is carried out as per the specification and approved

    Most important expertises realised during the period:
    From 07/2005 To 07/2007
    - L.N.G. plant explosion at SONATRACH – SKIKDA:Jan. 2004
    04/07/2205 -04/03/2006: designed by the justice
    -Fire at crude oil storage tanks- SONATRACH – SKIKDA:Oct.2004
    22/08/2006 – 15 mars. 2007: designed by the justice
    -Fire at the water cooling tower SONATRACH – SKIKDA:mars2005
    12/02/2007 – 11 may 2007: designed by the justice

    The main attributions for each case
    - Determination of causes & circumstances
    - Determination of deficiencies and negligence
    - Analyse of safety procedures applied
    - Verification of the working system of gas detectors
    - Verification the quality of the fire fighting and sprinkler
    - Control and verification the safety system according the design drawings
    - Verification of availability of the auditing safety system and the fire
    safety simulation frequency

    1988 - 1993 National Education Ministry, Technical secondary School,Youras Abbes –


    Chemistry Teacher

    Technical Secondary School –Chemistry Section

    -General Chemistry
    -Organic Chemistry
    -Water Testing methods
    -Cinetic Chemistry


  • Institut Français Du Pétrole

    Rueil Malmaison 1985 - 1986 process & design engineer

    process - Inhouse training at TOTAL CPF -PARIS - FRANCE
  • Institut Algérien Du Pétrole (Oran)

    Oran 1974 - 1976 Diplome de technicien superieur



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