Leclerc ARNAUD


En résumé

Having experienced during 17 years on Mechanical Engineering in various domains, including aeronautical, spatial, automotive and optical, I enjoy living and working in different culture. I enjoy team activities and new challenges. I am able to adapt quickly and effectively in many situations and I like to be in a challenging and dynamic role. My different international experiences have enabled me to gain ability to manage projects in different environments and to discover different way of working, autonomy and adaptability in many situations.
With abilities of communicant, influence and negotiating skills, I am also independent and results-oriented and I also demonstrated ability to manage an international team and project monitoring.

In parallel of my professional life, I am attracted by all green solutions to make us less dependant on fossil energies. That is why I have designed a wind turbine with automatic regulation of rotation speed and without electronic assistance.

Expert in use of CAD systems and experience with PLM systems
Management & interpretation of planning
Expert in plastic and steel parts
Good knowledge in automotive and aeronautics
Good communication in English
Communicating, influencing and negotiating skills
Autonomous and results-focused, Proven ability to manage an international team and follow projects.

Mes compétences :
Project Leader
Planning and scheduling production
Management Development
Product design
Electrical engineering
Catia V4


  • Dassault Aviation - Customer Support Engineer

    Saint-Cloud 2016 - maintenant Structural engineer for Falcon family in customer support service.

    Troubleshooting analysis & requirements for structural damages.
    Analyse of aircraft specifications.
    Management of customer requirements.
    Contact with customer for repair solutions and paperwork issue.
    Contact with Engineering and Calculation offices for repair solutions.
  • Dassault Aviation - Senior Design Engineer

    Saint-Cloud 2012 - 2016 Design Management of electrical harness installation.
    Design Management of hydraulic circuit installation.
    Design Management of fuel circuit installation.
    Design Management of flight test systems installation.

    Product analysis & requirements.
    Analyse of program specifications & Dassault Aviation’s specifications.
    Elaboration of technical solutions for flight test systems installation.
    Design responsible of equipments implementation with harness installation and supports design.
    Design responsible for hydraulic and fuel circuits installation.
  • Jet Aviation - Project Planner

    Zurich 2011 - 2012 Objectives:
    Management of planning for interior fitting on VIP aircrafts.
    Optimization of the production phase.

    Management of the planning for different single aisle aircrafts.
    Management of the different tools to organize the different phases of the Cabin Installation.
    Weekly review with the installation phase responsibles to define priorities to optimize the process.
    Design management tools and training different shops.
  • Airbus Corporate Jet Centre - Support Engineer

    Blagnac 2009 - 2010 Objectives:
    Management of interior fitting on VIP aircrafts.
    After-sale service and support to customers.

    Interiors fitting of VIP cabin aircrafts.
    Management of contest and resolution of furniture/aircrafts interface troubles.
    Suppliers' relations for modification phases.
    Customer relations for upgrading or reparation, following deliveries.
    Cabin inspection and troubleshooting.
  • Inalfa Roof Systems - Product Design Engineer

    2007 - 2008 09/2007 - 12/2008

    On behalf of Inalfa Roof Systems - Venray, The Netherlands
    On behalf of Inalfa Korea - Mado-Myeon, South Korea
    On behalf of Inalfa Asia - Shanghai, P.R. China

    Design of plastic parts for luxury programs (Rolls-Royce, BMW, Audi).
    Complete design of roof systems for South-Korean and Chinese manufacturers (Hyundai, Ssangyong & GMShanghai).

    Product analysis, requirements and cost. Elaboration of work planning.
    Design of plastic parts for common programs of BMW group (BMW X1, X3 et Rolls-Royce RR04).
    Preliminary design of parts for Audi A8 program.
    Studies management and technical support to CAD designers & engineers at Inalfa China and South-Korea.
    DFMEA, Tolerance stacks, DMU engineering, Training responsible for Catia V5 & Smarteam.
    Design responsible of plastic parts for Chinese and South-Korean programs.
    Design and management of Layouts.
  • MCA Ingénierie - Design Engineer

    Levallois-Perret 2005 - 2007 01/2007 - 08/2007

    On behalf of AIRBUS France - Toulouse, France
    A380 Electrical Installation Team - Section leader.

    Design of the Electrical installation on Section 19 of the Airbus A380 (between the APU & watertight compartment).

    Electrical harness analysis & requirements.
    Section leader & elaboration of work planning.
    Electrical installation responsible for MSN21.
    Studies management & technical support to CAD designers (international team) .
    Coordination of German suppliers.

    07/2005 - 12/2006

    On behalf of AIRBUS France - Toulouse, France.
    A350 Electrical Installation Team.

    Preliminary design of the electrical installation on the equipment compartment, on nose section.

    Electrical harness analysis & requirements.
    Elaboration of technical solutions.
    Preliminary design of the electrical routes.
    Preliminary design of the electrical cabinets implementation.
  • MCA Ingénierie - Design Engineer

    Levallois-Perret 2003 - 2005 06/2003 - 06/2005

    On behalf of SAGEM & AIA - Eragny & Clermont-Ferrand, France

    Upgrading of fighter Mirage III single place.
    Upgrading of two-seated Mirage III into reconnaissance aircraft.
    Design of a long endurance UAV (Sperwer B).

    Elaboration of technical solution in upgrade of military aircraft (Mirage III/V/50).
    Design responsible of equipments implementation (IFF, Radio, FLIR camera, GPS, self protection system...).
    Design responsible of dashboard & benches upgrading.
    Modification of the canon compartment into equipments compartment, for two-seated fighters.
    Design of the removable wings, in composite materials.
    Implementation of relay system and control camera.
    Coordination with the suppliers.
  • MCA Ingénierie - CAD Engineer / Team Leader

    Levallois-Perret 2002 - 2003 03/2002 - 05/2003

    On behalf of SESO - Aix-en-Provence, France

    Design of an optical tool equipment.
    Design of a cellestis scene.
    Design of mirrors.

    Design responsible of an optical tool used to check burnings on microprocessors.
    Design responsible of a cellestis scene to check the correct function of stars visors.
    Design of mirrors and their packing.
    Coordination of suppliers.
  • MCA Ingénierie - CAD designer / Engine Integrator

    Levallois-Perret 2001 - 2002 07/2001 - 02/2002

    On behalf of NISSAN Motors – Yokohama, Japan.

    Design hydraulic circuits in an engine compartment.

    Design of cooling, conditioning, fuel, air conditioning & steaming circuits.
    Coordination of suppliers.
  • MCA Ingénierie - CAD Designer

    Levallois-Perret 1999 - 2001 08/1999 - 06/2001

    On behalf of SODERN - Limeil-Brévannes, France.

    Design of stars visors.
    Design of objectives.
    Design of miniaturized neutron generator.
    Design of optical switch of laser beams.

    Design of mechanical structures of stars visors.
    Design of objectives for space exploration (Spot 5) or astronomic research (VLT).
    Integration of optical equipments in mechanical structure for an optical switch of laser beams (Mégajoules program).
    Design of equipments assembled by solder sodium bath.
    Design of a miniaturized neutron generator for oil prospection.
  • MCA Ingénierie - CAD Designer

    Levallois-Perret 1998 - 1999 03/1998 - 07/1999

    On behalf of SAGEM - Eragny, France.

    Design of accelerometers.
    Design of an optical fibre gyroscope.
    Design of a water brake for an UAV Sperwer launching.

    Design a range of new accelerometers for military aircrafts.
    Design of production and assembly tools for these accelerometers.
    Design of an optical fibre gyroscope to replace the current range of mirrors gyroscopes.
    Design of the complete circuit of the water brake for the UAV Sperwer launcher.
  • SEAL Industrie - CAD Designer

    1996 - 1998 01/1996 - 02/1998

    Design of mechanical structure for boxes of video signal processing for a weather satellite (Spot5).
    Design of the mechanical structure of an electrical flight control box for the military helicopter NH90.
    Design of a radiology table and its control panel.
    Design of a range of payment terminals.
    Design of a control tool for mobile phones.
    Design of a set of boxes transmitter/receiver for encrypted data transmission.
    Design of a rack mount box for digital TV.

    3 month mission on behalf at Samm (Bièvres, France) & Liebherr Aerospace (Lindenberg, Allemagne)
    12 month mission on behalf at Sextant Avionique (Valence, France)
    Analysis of the heat dissipation principle in space environment.
    Product analysis, requirements and standard for electromagnetic sealing.
    Design of sheet metal housings.
    Design of structures made of aluminium smelter.
    Design of a double shell box for the cooling system.
    Design of components assembled by solder sodium bath.
    Design plastic parts.
    Integration of electronics components and design of electrical harness.
    Relation with suppliers for studies optimization and establishment of production way.


  • LTR Durzy

    Montargis 1991 - 1993 Design Engineering diploma (BTS CPI)

    Mechanical Engineering - Design Engineering diploma (French equivalent of two years Technological University diploma in Mechanical Engineering).
  • LTR Durzy

    Montargis 1989 - 1991 Mechanical graduate (Baccalauréat F1)

    Mechanical Engineering - Mechanical graduate (French equivalent of A Level diploma in Mechanical Engineering).