En résumé

Close protection officer, protecting people and driver.


Given the increasing level of violence manifested at a time
our life according to our business, more
personal safety becomes mandatory.

If discretion, reliability and maximum security really important to you,
I offer you the solution you need to escort you during
your movement, your stays and business trips.

I am a private bodyguard, loyal, discreet, mature and competent
(training and experience), specialist and professional escort missions for all VIP close protection, business leaders,
tourists, or people carrying values.

I am available for child care and close protection
(for you, your family or children / adolescents).

This personal protection will be ensured with the highest degree of
professionalism and the utmost discretion, thus promoting a life
private and professional unfettered fully protected at all times.

My experience in the field of security, allows me to anticipate any context that could be dangerous.

Confrontational methods will be adapted to avoid

You will enjoy a close protection service quality at a reasonable price that will allow you to carry out your business with confidence.

Your peace will be assured of a discreet way regardless of the cultural, political or religious in which I should operate.

I adapt to any situation and I also have a deterrent physical (1.90 m to 130 kg).

As a guard of the independent body and not forming part of a large
private security company, you deal directly with me in all

A tailored service will be well suited to your needs and expectations.
This personalized service, you will receive assistance
rigorous and reliable support.

I can also make available additional body guards and security teams, to protect customers and
their families in various places such as family residences, corporate offices or hotel rooms while traveling.

- Bilingual: English and French.

- Discretion and confidentiality assured


- Close protection for businessmen and tourists in Cannes.

- Bodyguard Missions on the French Riviera, Cannes, Nice, Monaco.

- Dishes and bodyguard athletes and VIPs at major events.

- Protecting a Saudi prince in Monaco during his daily commute.

- Security Manager for teams
 prestigious evenings and discos.

Business card: CAR-006-2021-01-12-20160395464

SIA card being validated.

Mes compétences :
Centre d'appel
Gestion de la relation client
Service client
Microsoft Word
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Excel
Protection des biens et des personnes
Surveillance Video
Surveillance des bien et des personnes


  • Twiga (Monte-carlo) - Portier

    2015 - maintenant Accueil et filtrage de la clientèle
    Vérification d'identité et/ou invitation
    Négociation en tout genre
    Encadrement des VIP
    Évacuation des personnes hostiles
  • Canal + - Conseiller de clientèle

    Issy-les-Moulineaux 2008 - maintenant * Fidéliser le parc client afin de réduire le taux de « churn » ;
    * Rédaction, édition et suppression de messages ;
    * Modération des propos, reporting quantitatif et qualitatif ;
    * Assistance technique et commerciale 2.0 ;
    * Analyser et qualifier les besoins des clients en étant pro actif ;
    * Proposition, négociation et réponses aux objections ;
    * Contribution aux remontées terrain sur les offres, processus et satisfaction client. ;
    * Aide à la montée en compétences au niveau du discours et de la conduite d'appel.

    Canal + Distribution 93200 Saint Denis. CDI.
  • Orange - Conseiller client

    Paris 2007 - 2008 Conseiller client : Conseiller, fidéliser, assister, développer de la valeur en utilisant divers canaux de communications (appels entrants et sortants…). Vente de produits et services de la marque. Promotion d’offres commerciales par des contacts pro actif. Polyvalence Front/Recouvrement.
  • Bouygues Télécom - Vendeur

    Meudon 2006 - 2007 Promotion de la marque Bouygues Télécom en réseau concurrentiel (Carrefour etc.) ;
    - Conseil et vente via utilisation du portail distributeur. ;
    - Analyse de l'activité commerciale, remontée d'information terrain journalier.

    B&W Marketing 92600 Asnières. CDD
  • Espace Madeleine / VIP ROOM / Duplex - Hôte d’accueil/ Physionomiste

    2001 - 2006 Accueil des invités pour soirées dansantes, réceptions, rallyes, filtrage de la clientèle et vérifications des invitations. Encadrement des VIP.
    Protection rapprochée.