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In charge to Mat2s-consulting, like president with my associate, we propose our services in security to include close protection and other special operations. We work with some companies or individuals identity in the protecting services around the world.

Our company is based in the Switzerland however our staff is predominately French. Our teams consist of a mixed background of Special Forces from countries like France, Sweden, Russia, and the United States of America.

We can answer for all the proposition around the world in the security services and specifics ask.

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Gestion du risque
Gestion de crise
Protection rapprochée


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    2008 - maintenant Special operations, Close protecting, PSD, Convoy, Instruction, CQB training, K9, Surveillance, Demining, Maritime security, Crisis Management, Counter, kidnapping. , Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, Venezuela, Brazil, Panama, Costa rica, Colombie, syria, turquie.......


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