Mathieu VALAT

En résumé

Mes compétences :
Electron Microscopy
Nuclear engineering
Materials science
Project Management
Scientific research


  • Mine de Talents - Freelance consultant

    2016 - maintenant Consultant to experimentalists and R&D departments, both in public and private sector, providing scientific support in the fields of Material Science, Metallurgy, Experimental Physics, Characterization, Welding Technologies, Vacuum Technology and Electron Microscopy.

    Provides anticipative analyses of new research projects which help clients develop a strategy and an understanding of their characterization needs in order to maximize a successful measurement campaign.
  • SGAI Cévennes - Research and Development Supervisor

    2012 - 2016 Research and Development at UniVam is targeting novel and efficient technologies for cleaner oil and gas extraction, transport, processing and release. We provide client solutions that constrain costs for limited environmental impacts and production objectives.
  • Eugene Mallove Laboratory for new energy research - Graduate Research Assistant

    2009 - 2011 Detection and characterization of anomalous energy effect after electrolysis of heavy water on palladium metal. Study of features on electrodes and measurement of excess energy given by Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR) experiments. Study of palladium isotopic variation before and after electrolysis. Comparative SIMS and EDS spectrometry, AFM imaging, high resolution FESEM imaging.

    This project is in the line with my interest in the global energy problem. It allowed me to develop my scientific skills and have a practical understanding of the LENR phenomenon.
  • IRSN - CEA - Engineer - Project Supervisor

    2005 - 2008 Seismic strengthening and improvements of an experimental neutron measurement device called an "hodoscope", used in a nuclear safety research facility called CABRI. It detects and measures neutrons from a nuclear fuel test-pin during a scaled-down accident-type experiment (Chernobyl type).

    As an engineer in support of the researchers, I conducted the project from the first technical analysis and draft design to the final delivery. Taking into consideration the specifications, technical and economic feasibility studies, I performed finite element analysis with seismic information and performed the necessary quality assurance requirements for the application of specific norms such as RCC-M.


  • Portland State University (Portland, Or)

    Portland, Or 2009 - 2011 Research Assistant
  • ITII Aix-En-Provence

    Aix En Provence 2005 - 2008 Mechanical Engineering Maintenance