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  • EPOKMEDIA - Project Manager

    Le Raincy 2015 - 2016 I had for mission to create and manage an offshore team in Maghreb.
    We defined all the processes to communicate efficiently with the team and be able to deliver high quality web site and apps for iOS and android.

    I also managed client relationship:
    - Analysis of needs analysis,
    - Functionnal specification writing and validation
    - Progress reporting
    - Project closing
    - Maintenance
  • Visiware - Project Manager

    2013 - 2015 I managed team to develop international projects:
    - 2012-2013 UI for STB for digiturk in partnership with Sagemcom
    - 2013 companion screen app for nfl network
    - 2013-2014 : companion screen app for equidia
    - 2014-2015 : management of play along department second screen game synchronized with a broadcasted show (millionaire, money Drop). product delivered all over the world.
    - 2014-2015 : Writing of Functional Specifications S2TV, a productized second screen experience to enriched TV show.
    Writing of Functional Specifications S2Ad, a productized second screen experience to enriched TV ad.
  • Visiware - Développeur

    2010 - 2013
  • Kaolink - Technical game designer

    2008 - 2009 Lead Game Designer
    "La Carte Au trésor" (Adventure/Mini Game) on Nintendo DS, adaptation of the TV show.
    Writing of the detailed Game Design Document
    Researched for cultural and historical background
    Full level design of the game
    Organized and monitored play test sessions with young children

    « Army Defender » (arcade-shooter) on DSiWare.
    Writing of the detailed Game Design Document
    Game balancing and fine tunning of units and attack system
    Technical advisor

    Game designer
    U Sing on Nintendo Wii, (karaoke game)
    Recettes de Cuisine de Cyril Lignac on Nintendo DS (final polish of the game)
  • Kaolink - Programmeur

    2005 - 2008 DS
    Worked on several Nintendo DS games (C++, Nitro SDK, Nitro System):
    Crazy Pig (Mini Games/Tamagotchi)
    Les incollables (educational)
    Adi l'entraineur objectif anglais (educational) Lead Programmer
    C'est pas sorcier (educational puzzle) + Level Designer

    Lead Programmer on Eragon (beat'em up)

    Ported several games on different mobile phones in J2me (java/perl):
    - SWAT
    - Crash Nitro Kart
    - Spyro
    - Black Citadel 2
    - Bird
    - Funny Pig
  • White Birds - Testeur

    2005 - 2005
  • Acerthia - Web designer

    Roissy Charles de gaulle 2003 - 2005



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