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Practice makes perfect, Or experience is the best teacher.I have 12 years experience in oil gaz, currently I am working at national company(entp-sonntrach) as tool pusher. I’d like to join an international company in order to discover several rigs around the world(onshore, offshore). Depending on my experience I can practice any operation, even in offshore ,within just a few months of training.that’s why I’d like to receive a short training first; after that I’ll join the international company,where I receive the training, forever.+213(0)777139422. or +213(0)668720693 .


Mes compétences :
directional drilling


  • ENTP Groupe SONATRACH [Entreprise Nationale des Travaux aux Puits] - Night tool pusher

    Hassi Messoaud 2016 - maintenant
  • ENTP Groupe SONATRACH [Entreprise Nationale des Travaux aux Puits] - Driller

    Hassi Messoaud 2012 - maintenant • Duties and responsibilities(driller):
    o Take care and responsible of the well while drilling or tripping
    o Responsible for the safty of the drilling crew
    o Ensure the maintenance of the rig
    o Supervise the drilling crew for daily drilling operations rig up, rig down, rig move.
    o Establish daily report
    o Supervise all the work activities and the critical drilling operations(tubing, casing, cementation)
    o Manage drilling operations
    o Prepare tools and equipments to ensure all activities are carried out in accordance to the program
    o Look after the respect of the norms of security on site
    o Help to maintain a good working relationship between rig and operator
    o Plan and coordinate daily drilling operations in collaboration with the client.
  • ENTP Groupe SONATRACH [Entreprise Nationale des Travaux aux Puits] - Assistant driller

    Hassi Messoaud 2009 - 2011 .• Duties and responsibilities(assistant drilling):
    o Assist the driller
    o Participate in the preparation of BHA
    o Repair drilling equipments
    o Preparation of materials before any operation on the floor(BHA,DP,DC…)
    o Repairing and detecting any anomaly in the mud’s pump(changing piston,seat,liner…)
    o Coordinate with the drilling crew.
  • ENTP Groupe SONATRACH [Entreprise Nationale des Travaux aux Puits] - Derrickman

    Hassi Messoaud 2006 - 2009 • Duties & responsibilities (derrickman):
    o Working on the bridge(monkey board).
    o Measuring the density and the viscosity of mud.
    o Surveying the circulation of mud during drilling in order to detect any leak or anomaly regarding drilling.
    o Working together with my team during DTM(rig up and rig down) or any job requires help…


  • NAFTOGAZ Hassi Messaoud (Hassi-Messaoud)

    Hassi-Messaoud 2012 - 2012 IWCF(driller certificate)
  • Ecole ECOMODE (Tizi Ouzou)

    Tizi Ouzou 2011 - 2011 level 7 certificate

    but I continued to study by myself every day, during three years, using several methods(effortless english,tell me more, english in 90 lessons, assimil) so I can say that I improved my level a lot after I'd gotten this certificate.
  • NAFTOGAZ Hassi Messaoud (Hassi-Messaoud)

    Hassi-Messaoud 2010 - 2010 IWCF (driller certificate)
  • NAFTOGAZ Hassi Messaoud (Hassi-Messaoud)

    Hassi-Messaoud 2008 - 2008 IWCF(driller certificate)
  • Optime (Annaba)

    Annaba 2007 - 2007 certificate
  • NAFTOGAZ Hassi Messaoud (Hassi-Messaoud)

    Hassi-Messaoud 2005 - 2005 first aid certificate
  • Formation Centre Entp (Hassi-Messaoud)

    Hassi-Messaoud 2005 - 2006 trainee's certificate
  • M Hamed Bougara University BOUMERDES (Boumerders)

    Boumerders 1999 - 2003 DEUA ( bac+3)
  • Secondary School , Ali Melah(Draa El Mizan) (Tizi Ouzou)

    Tizi Ouzou 1996 - 1999 bachelor's degree
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