Mohamed FLAHI


En résumé

I am an engineer in industrial chemistry fluent in English, French, Arabic and have basic knowledge of German. I held my master's thesis on the dielectric and thermal properties of encapsulation polymers for photovoltaic modules in the Fraunhofer institute center of silicon photovoltaics, in Halle (saale) Germany.

After several research internships, my first professional experience lasted for two years as a project engineer in the renewable energy sector and the photovoltaics industry with a focus on project management, logistics, procurement and manufacturing of solar modules. Currently I am a chemical engineer in the water treatment sector, since 2017, involved in bigger projects and tenders of water treatment and purification plants, with focus on process engineering and project management and quality management.

Mes compétences :
Quality Control
Dielectric thermal analysis
general analysis
electrochemical analysis
chromatography analysis
SAP Business One
Microsoft Office
Linguistic skills
Gas Chromatography
Bill of Materials
Assembly Plants
Assembly Lines


  • TUNIBER - Chemical engineer

    2017 - maintenant Design domestic or industrial water or wastewater treatment plants for government bids, including advanced facilities with sequencing batch reactors (SBR), membranes, lift stations, headworks, surge overflow basins, ultraviolet disinfection systems, aerobic digesters, sludge treatement
    - Analyze and recommend chemical, biological, or other wastewater treatment
    methods to prepare water for industrial or domestic use.
    - Review and critique proposals, plans, or designs related to water or wastewater treatment systems.
    - Prepare and process requisitions and purchase orders for supplies and equipment in accordance with bid requirements.
    - Implementing the Quality Management System according to ISO 9001 V.2015
  • Shams Technology - Project engineer

    2015 - 2017 - Projects :
    • Team member in the project of building and launching a new photovoltaic modules production facility: Controlling the different contractors (electricity, pneumatics, civil engineering ...) and coordinating between them, production line layout drawing and supervising the installation of the machines ...
    • Lead the project of production module configuration on SAP Business One : Production process operations definition, resources definition and allocation ...
    • Lead the project of innovation by technology transfer regarding new home solar systems in partnership with GIZ and research laboratories.
    - Key Responsibilities :
    • End to end purchase process: Planning and identifying purchase needs, setting up item data records, issuing purchase orders, receipt of goods and entry of invoices, maintain partnerships with international and local suppliers, price negotiation and delivery planning, negotiation with carriers and freight forwarders, calculation of net requirements ...
    • Product design: I determined the conception of the final product along with choosing its components and prepared the relative technical drawings.
    • Production: I was the production responsible during the launch of the factory, I set up the production process, prepared the Bill Of Materials (BOM), trained the technicians on different operations, planned and issued production orders, …
    • Internal audits: Planning and conducting internal audits for the production facility.
    • Photovoltaic installations: Study and design of photovoltaic systems (on grid, off grid, solar pumping).
  • Fraunhofer CSP - Research assistant

    2014 - 2014 Topic: ``Dielectric thermal analysis of encapsulation polymers for photovoltaic
    Dielectric study of commercial encapsulant
    Formulation of new enhanced encapsulation materials
    Study of the dielectric and thermal properties of the new materials
    Study of the curing reaction of the encapsulation polymer
    Correlation between the dielectric response and the physical state of the
  • International Center for Environmental technologies of Tunis - Intern

    2013 - 2013 Engineering intern in the inorganic chemistry laboratory
    Study of heavy metals pollution in see water (Sousse):
    ICP (Inductively Coupled Plasma) analysis
    Ion-chromatography analysis
    UV-Vis spectroscopic analysis
  • SO.CO.PAR (Kolsi), Tunisia - Engineering intern

    2012 - 2012 intern in the quality control laboratory
    Production and quality control of cosmetics:
    Physicochemical general analysis (density, viscosity, pH, refractive index)
    Control of the final products, and the raw materials
    Control and examination of he making process of cosmetic products
    Coloring and formulation
  • the geochemical laboratory - Intern

    2011 - 2011 Topic : "The contribution of chromatographic techniques in the determination of
    biomarkers in crude oils and their origins"
    Collecting crude oil and generating rocks samples from southern Tunisia
    Liquid chromatography, gas chromatography coupled with a FID and MS
    Study of the correlation between the oil samples, and between rock and oil samples
  • Tunisian Chemical Group - Intern

    2010 - 2010 Quality control and electrochemical analysis:
    Electrochemical quantification, deternmination of the concentration of produced
    phosphoric acid
    Process of sulfuric acid and phosphoric acid preparation
    Quality control of purchased raw materials


  • INSAT (Institut National Des Sciences Appliqués Et De Technologies)

    Tunis 2011 - 2014 Masters Degree in industrial chemistry engineering

    chemical engineering

    University of Carthage, National institute of applied sciences and technology (INSAT)
    Graduation project: "Dielectric thermal analysis of encapsulation polymers for
    photovoltaic modules" - Approved with high honors.
  • INSAT (Institut National Des Sciences Appliqués Et De Technologies)

    Tunis 2008 - 2011 Bachelors Degree in industrial chemistry

    University of Carthage, National institute of applied sciences and technology (INSAT)
    Graduation project: "The contribution of chromatographic techniques in the
    determination of biomarkers in crude oils and identifying their origins" - Approved with
    high honors.

    Tunis 2008 - 2014
  • Étudiant(E) De Cycle Supérieur À INSAT

    2008 - maintenant
  • High School (Tunis)

    Tunis 2007 - 2008 Baccalaureate Degree

    Baccalaureate's degree in experimental sciences, obtained with High honors.


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