En résumé

Having BS in Fluid Engineering, I joined TOPIC as of October 28th 2014, as Operations Manager. Mohamed has started his career in 1998 with SITEP, where he occupied several positions such as senior production engineer and Senior Process Engineer. In 2009, he moved to ECUMED Company where he occupied the position of Senior Operations Engineer. In 2010, he joined OMV Company where he started working as Senior Petroleum Engineer. In 2011, OMV got the PIONNER’s shares in Tunisia, became an oil field operator, and started its strong growth in the country. Mr Mohamed had the mission to implement inside the company organization the production department with all staffing, works and procedures requirements. As production manager, he was leading the team responsible for all production optimization projects and coordinating with multidisciplinary team in delivering the Mid Term Production Plan and associated growth objectives for OMV Tunisia.

Mes compétences :
Well Intervention
regulation training
production training
laboratory analysis
communication skills
cathodic protection design and
Supervisory Skills
Supervise maintenance
Responsible for production programming
OMV internal Management Training
Microsoft Word
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Office
Microsoft Excel
Manage the performance
Governance Training
Gathering Systems
GAP Training
Continuous Improvement
Artificial Lift
Advanced Gas Lift Training


  • TOPIC Company - Senior Operation Manager

    2014 - maintenant * Development and Implementation of the operational plans and budgets ;
    * Management of budget for the projects at hand ;
    * Exploring new opportunities, including participation in negotiations with Host Governments to secure agreements and create financially robust projects
    * Planning, organizing, managing & controlling various projects
    * Project Manager of the HELM Project: development of a green offshore field using a MODPU (Mobile offshore Drilling and Production Unit), Installing a flexible sea line and Buoy, and exporting via FSO
    * Monitoring and controlling the process of projects against budgets, costs, quality, timelines, contractor standards
    * Preparing, reviewing & recommending variation orders ;
    * Providing input for continuous improvement alongside international best practices
    * Compliance with all relevant health & safety, security, quality & environmental management procedures and controls
    * Ensuring all risks are properly assessed and security plans are in place. ;
  • Ecumed Petroleum Company - Operation/Production Manager

    2014 - 2014 * Ensure safe and environmentally responsible plant operations
    * Continually improve plant equipment reliability and safety
    * Manage safe and efficient handover of projects and minor modifications from Projects to Operations
    * Ensure maintenance, safety, and asset integrity records are reported according to Standards, and internationally accepted practice.
    * Drive the development of competence in the Production Operations Teams
    * Leads the production, wells and plant operations teams in operations that meet the company's HSE goals.
    * Accountable for safe, reliable and environmentally responsible delivery of agreed production volumes.
    * Proactive in optimizing production through maintenance operations. Ensures spares and supplies are available in the correct quantities at the right time.
    * Provides leadership as part of the Technical Leadership Team in the area of Production Operations and Asset Integrity.
    * Leads the Production and Operations skill pool towards delivery of company goals. Develops toward a world class Production and Operations Team and continuous improvement in team and individual capability.
    * Develops and leads a Production & Operations Excellence Team, to provide leadership, guidance, and promote learnings throughout the Group.
    * Accountable for driving a culture of continuous improvement in production, and plant operations, recognizing the importance of effective safety, integrity and maintenance programs.
    * Provides visible and demonstrable HSE leadership and fulfills responsibilities as stated in the Company's HSE policies and related documentation / communications. ;
  • OMV- Gmbh - Production Manager

    2013 - 2014 * Ensure HSSE, Technical integrity and process safety in their department and share responsibility for the same in OMV Tunisia.
    * Advocate and uphold the OMV Business Principles ;
    * Participate in delivering the MTP and associated growth objectives for OMV Tunisia and specifically for their department.
    * Share responsibility for managing risk to and reputation of OMV Tunisia.
    * Shared responsibility for implementing the E&P management system
    * Participate / lead audits and reviews ;
    * Responsible for production programming and production system optimization including delivering production targets, (rate and quality), injection targets in order to optimize production and short-term cash flow.
    * Responsible for deriving (from the Production Forecast) and agreeing the annual and monthly Production Plan for operated assets with the Petroleum Engineering Manager and the Asset manager reflecting the Activities in the IAP.
    * Responsible for creating and maintaining the interface with Sub Surface, Development Projects and the Assets in order to provide the short-term production plan and drive production system optimization.
    * Responsible and owner for the Production Information Management System (PIMMS).
    * Establish and implement a metering philosophy that enables the allocation and reconciliation of all production streams (oil, gas, BS&W) from point of sale back to the well.
    * Responsible for providing expertise to the producing assets to ensure field metering and custody transfer meters (fiscal meters) are calibrated
    * Responsible for all activities required to schedule and execute rig-less well interventions in accordance with the program provided by Production Engineering.
    * Responsible for effective and auditable planning, execution and closeout of all rig-less operations with the over-riding objective of ensuring process safety and technical integrity.
    * Responsible for identifying the well optimization opportunities incl. new technologies, long-lead requirements, provisional economics and a high level project plan that would deliver maximum value to the project.
    * Responsible for selecting the conceptual well completion design that delivers maximum value; provide functional requirements for the well incorporating the life-cycle functional specification as determined by Production Engineering.
    * Responsible for the implementation and application of HSSE principles and practices in all rig-less well operations in compliance with corporate and regulatory standards.
    * Contract holder for all phases of Production Engineering contracts in his area of responsibility.
    * Provide input of TCM/OCM documents and presentations as requested.
    * Responsible for recording, reconciliation and allocation of production volumes to well and reservoirs and report production/injection/disposal of hydrocarbons and associated fluids, waste streams, gaseous emissions and own use consumption.
    * Responsible for recording and making available production-related data required for Production System Optimization and Well and Reservoir Management and periodic production reporting.
    * Responsible for implementing and managing the Production System Optimization process
    * Manage the performance of the organization. ;
    * Overseeing the performance and welfare of their staff on a day to day basis ;
    * Developing the competence of staff ;
    * Participating in / lead competence assessments for own staff and staff from other teams as requested
    * Assisting staff with preparing realistic Personal Development Plans and subsequently enable the plans to be carried out
    * Providing the Sub-Surface / Skill Pool Manager / Discipline Head with their overall view of individual employees
    * Participating in recruiting events relating to their area of expertise ;
  • OMV- Gmbh - Lead Operations / Production Engineer

    2012 - 2013 * Field production monitoring and identifying opportunities for production enhancement
    * Lead well operation team and prepare well intervention operations
    * Apply OMV HSSE standards, guidelines and policies to the engineering scope in my responsibility.
    * Collaborate with Reservoir Engineering to ensure prudent field surveillance and production data integrity
    * Provide a proper OPEX forecasting and budget control ;
    * Conduct and initiate work closely with field to optimize gathering system
    * Design and implement gas lift projects and other artificial lift methods
    * Coordinate economic analysis for capital work-over operations
    * Carry out and resolves complex issues, plans & recommend actions related to production and artificial lift system performance.
    * Identify and lead action plans for production enhancement, production reporting, remedial work and other profit enhancement opportunities.
    * Review and monitor operating cost data and lead production team in order to improve operating efficiencies. Develop and implement detailed procedures/cost estimates for proposed projects.
    * Lead the team responsible for artificial lift design and coordinate with multidisciplinary team and all other appropriate staff in planning, design, and implementation of all production optimization projects.
    * Ensure proper management of operation services contractors and continuous services quality contracts. ;
  • OMV- Gmbh - Senior Production Technologist

    2010 - 2012 * Monitor production rates, and plan rework processes in order to improve production.
    * Key person for Production Information Management and Monitoring System (PIMMS) project in OMV-TUNESIEN Branch.
    * Provide comprehensive Production Technology expertise to the subsurface study teams in a Petroleum Engineering organization
    * Latest well , reservoir and surface network modeling using PROSPER/GAP/MBAL software's
    * Asses reservoir and well performance, make recommendations for production
    * Planning and execution of well interventions. ;
    * Support the execution of new wells and start-up procedures
    * Direct and monitor the completion and evaluation of wells, well testing, and well surveys.
    * Specify and supervise well modification and stimulation programs, in order to maximize oil and gas recovery.
    * Supervising well-site operations personnel and managing staff at all levels.
    * Coordinate the installation, maintenance, and operation of oil field equipment.
    * Liaising with separate departments to ensure correct progress with projects
    * ensuring that health and safety guidelines are followed
    * Draw up daily, weekly and monthly production reports ;
    * TCM representative on OMV-ENI-STORM joint venture ;
  • Ecumed Petroleum Company - Senior Operation/ Production Engineer

    2009 - 2010 * Ensure all Ecumed Wells are maintained in optimal producing mode
    * Prepared completion procedures and supervised execution of the water shut off program performed on EBB 4 Well @ EL-BIBANE field / tubing repair intervention @ EBB-3
    * Draw up TCM Document / attend the TCM ;
    * Carry out well intervention activities on producing/injection wells at EBB/Robbana wells
    * Review the study of bottleneck in the EBB production/injection pipelines and facilities
    * Plan and co-ordinate all wire lines working in the EBB/Robbana fields
    * Work with the operation production team to resolve the troubleshooting problem associated to wells
    * Travel offshore/onshore to provide supervision of key well work when required
    * Draw up daily, weekly and monthly production reports ;
  • italo - Senior Process Engineer

    2000 - 2009 * Define separation process parameters : pressure, stages, liquid interfaces
    * Decide the oil treatment to reduce B.S.W and emulsion ;
    * Prepare oil product dispatching schedule ;
    * Developing blow-down; discharge and drainage of equipment and piping into closed and open drain system.
    * Responsible of the monitoring of the oil separation, gas-lift compression and water injection stations
    * Developing forecast of planned activities and material requirements.
    * Work with various departments to optimize the field's production.
    * Prepare tenders, bid documents for services necessary for service work
    * Ensure that all well testing, production monitoring and data acquisition is carried out effectively and efficiently.
    * Monitor the activities of 120 skilled employees in stations ;
  • italo - Senior production engineer

    1998 - 2000 * Prepare work over programs for all well interventions (WPH, CTU & WL)
    * Recommend and prepare programs for well test surveys/production logs.
    * Coordinating, supervising work over, and remedial programs.
    * Post work evaluation of all well interventions. ;
    * Supervise well stimulation jobs ;
    * Monitoring and optimize well testing schedule. ;
    * Order for well equipments and materials ;
    * Supervise the work-over activities ;
    * Prepare justifications, AFE's, and cost estimates for work over programs.
    * Review and input data used to generate Operational KPI's and efficiency
    * As a member of the production staff, I supervise and carry out all production works and decisions. ;
  • RAS-LANOUF Company - Maintenance planning engineer

    1995 - 1998 * Draw up scoop of work for all maintenance activities related to different units: boiler, refinery, polyethylene, seawater intake and storage tank
    * Issue work-orders to all concerned maintenance division
    * Provide all handling equipment to achieve works ;
    * Supervise maintenance and shut-down of electrical power station ;
    * Draw up scoop of works ;
    * Monitor activities of 150 qualified employees in the station
    * Responsible of all manpower servicing project in Libya
    * Draw up work progress reports ;
    * Attend the daily maintenance department meeting ;


  • Institut Algérien Du Pétrole IAP (Boumerdes)

    Boumerdes 1987 - 1995 Ingenieur