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  • Alcatel-Lucent - Technical Support BSS Telecom

    Paris 2006 - 2011 Technical Support BSS on Alcatel-Lucent Tunisia in charge of the different activities in local BSS team for the account of Tunisia Telecom & Orascom Telecom Tunisia.
    Technical Project Manager
    By interim for the OTT project.

    - Responsible of project TCIF Implementation
    - Responsible of project GBoIP for Legacy and MX MFS
    - Responsible of features HR connectivity and HSL
    - Responsible of deployment for all product BSS
    - Responsible of Project Merge two BTS GSM and DCS on one rack
    - Responsible of plan for replacement faulty Trx
    - Follow the ticket opened by costumer

    Technical Support BSS on Alcatel-Lucent Algeria in charge of the different activities in local BSS team for the account of Orascom Telecom Algeria.
  • MOBILIS - Ingénieur Transmission

    Roubaix 2005 - 2006 • Responsible for the design and general follow-up of the
    transmission network.
    • Connection of the whole radio operator sites of the zone, the BTS sites, BSCs, respectively with BSC and MSC respecting the defined quality standards.
    • Choice of the sites BTS of concentration of traffic, existing or to create, for the managed area or validation of the subcontractor choices.
    • Update of the documents and transmission data bases.
    • Technical management of the "line of site" for the zone
    • Definitions of the connection budget on the data-processing tool. (informatique), of the choice of FH equipment and the transmission frequencies (possibly in relation to "methods and tools").
    • Commands or reservation of the necessary equipment after return of the "lines of site".
    • Systematic follow-up of the deployment of the points of concentration transmission BSC.
    Possible commands of rented links transmission will intra or interzones with the single counter.


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