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Packaging Expert Consultants est ravi de vous accompagner dans vos nouveaux projets, nouveau lancement ou re-lancement de produit FMCG sur le marché Algérien.
Packaging Expert Consultants est un groupe de professionnels de l'emballage offrant leur expertise pour la recherche et développement de nouvelles solutions d'emballage un package complet de services incluant le design, le choix de matière, le moule (si c'est le cas de flacons, bouchons etc..), le choix du fournisseur matière, l'essai industriel, les essais labo, la mise en route ou la maintenance des lignes de conditionnement, l'optimisation du coût des transports, la réduction du coût matière en apportant des solutions techniques innovantes et approuvées techniquement.
Packaging Expert Consultants organise également des sessions de formation, des séminaires ou conférences sur le thème de de l'emballage.

Mes compétences :
Team Management
Product Development
Regular technical training
Internal Audit
Injection Mouldin
ISO 9000, 14001 & OHSAS 18001
Blow Moulding
Bill of Materials
Suppliers Audit
Adobe Photoshop


  • Packaging Expert Consultants - Fondateur

    2015 - maintenant Packaging Expert Consultants are experienced and professional from packaging development, design, supply chain and quality control.
    Packaging Expert Consultants offer a broad experience in a full complement of packaging disciplines.
    Packaging Expert Consultants provides you with all recommendations for packaging equipment, systems, materials and services.
  • GHS Dar Essalem Tanzania - Global Technical Director

    2014 - 2014 AMEA Company Industry with 135 million USD turnovers on 2014.
    * Responsible for managing multiple groups and multiple locations
    Tanzania, Indonesia & Malaysia comprised of engineering and
    technical professionals responsible for the execution of multiple
    new product development projects.

    Essential Responsibilities and Duties:

    * Drives and oversees projects and product development processes
    within Africa and Asia region.
    * Manages Engineering, Project Management and Design functions
    across multiple locations.
    * Establishes strategic vision for product development. ;
    * Lead in the planning process of new products, defining innovation
    needs and/or improvements to existing products, focusing on
    project concerns such as cost, completion dates, resource
    allocation, quality/reliability, etc.
    * Determines the direction of new product development and the
    actions needed to achieve results.
    * Creates clear policies and professional and engineering/design
    principles to address differing and variable situations and teaches
    these to others. Ensures these become standards for department.
    * Trains and empowers others. ;
    * Provide technical leadership to various engineering projects and
    coordinate across all disciplines internally.
    * Give work direction and inputs to business functional groups on all
    technical matters.
    * Understands and anticipates needs of customers; drives product
    opportunities as an expert in the industry and has extensive
    knowledge of industry technology trends and how they apply to
    * Understand, influence, and negotiate with external customers.
    * Has accountability for department budget.
  • Henkel - Regional R&D Packaging Manager

    Düsseldorf 2003 - 2013 * Manage, develop and train 60 direct reports (local packaging &
    QC managers) for a worldwide well known FMCG (HENKEL)
    company with 4.3 Billion euro NES on 2012.
    * Act as first point of contact for all technical service programs and
    specification issues.
    * Manage technical service project teams and specification
    processes to aid in delivering company packaging innovation
    strategy in regards to rigid (bottle, cap, trigger, tube, aerosol,
    etc...) flexible (refill bag and pouches) and board (carry carton,
    folding box and corrugated) based packaging.
    * Implement the flexible harmonisation highly appreciated for a well
    organized packaging sourcing in MEA.
    * Technical leader in the laundry sustainable project which leads to
    a new dimensional packaging portfolio for carry carton, folding
    boxes and refill bag to reduce material consumption and provide a
    gain of 1 million EUR .
    * Identify and qualified new regional supplier for rigid packaging
    (PET bottle, preform and push pull cap) with significant financial
    impact of 5 Million EUR which deserves a regional award (MEA best
    R&D packaging team).
    * Cross-Functional team Leadership related to any NPD.
    Specification process & system knowledge of operation and use
    (production efficiencies, machine output, logistic etc...).
    * Technical team leader for circle bottle launch (heavy duty liquid
    detergent) rewarded as a team member for the best growing
    region and contribute to reach 1.4 points NES growth.
    * Lead development and optimization of packaging specifications
    (injection and blowing mould, extruded flexible and board/paper
    * Lead technical support team for field issue resolution (prepares
    and implements suitable procedures for a best in class packaging
    * Link with packaging Engineering leaders to develop specification
    needs for future projects.
    * Develop continuous improvement plan and processes related to
    technical services and specifications.
    * FCL procedure implementation for better consumer/customer
    * Regional gain coordinator with 12.11 million EUR saving on 2012 and

    16.57 million EUR on 2013.

  • GenericLAB - Packaging manager

    1998 - 2003 Private Companies Pharmaceutical Industry with 23 million USD
    turnovers on 2002.
    * Oversee and manage key engineering and business processes
    and Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs) to ensure
    optimal fulfilment of demand.
    * Oversee liquid products and launch studies under full GMP
    * Significant contribution for the successful launch for zero batch
    (liquid and solid forms).
    * In charge of material outsourcing (e.g. Primary packaging).
    * Maintain communications with CMOs to understand and resolve
    day-to-day issues.
    * Serve as primary technical resource for Outsourcing group.

    * Interface with Global Packaging Technology and Development
    (GPTD) group, other technical resources and CMOs to insure
    critical packaging requirements are identified.

    * Maintain material specifications as required.

    * Responsible for order management activities such as placement,
    tracking and issue resolution for outsourcing orders to ensure
    on-time, in full delivery of materials.

    * Work in Track wise to complete deviation/root cause analysis
    investigations, corrective/preventive actions and change controls.

    * Completion of routine account maintenance activities for
    outsourcing operations (i.e. SAP transactions).

    * Proactively identify ways to improve day-to-day activities and
  • Marin cheese - Packaging technologist

    1992 - 1998 Diary Milk Products, Yoghurt, Cheese, Dessert etc...
    8 million USD turn over on 1997.
    Provide weekly update reports on all Packaging projects.
     Provide guidance for packaging design and technology for and
    logistical issues
     Providing packaging technical support for all quality issues. It has
    to include supplier audits, external company audit preparation and
    adherence to specification.
     Work with Logistics and Supply Chain to optimise the
    implementation process for primary, secondary and tertiary
     Assist in the achievement of annual target savings to the business
    without compromising pack performance, quality or integrity of the
     Delivering technical support for specific project teams through the
    AIM development requirements.
     Creating specifications for all packaging materials.
     Creating Finished Packaging Approval data to enable accurate Bill
    of Materials structures to be created.
     Managing suppliers to deliver new packaging to meet business
     Identifying new technologies that can improve packaging.
     Develop and supervise all packaging development and


  • BEMI Algérie (Alger)

    Alger 2012 - 2012 Auditeur interne

    Auditeur interne de système de management intégré ISO 9001, 14001 & OHSAS 18001.
  • K.H.S (Hamburg)

    Hamburg 2010 - 2010 Techniques de soufflage et étirage préformes PET.

    Techniques de soufflage et étirage préformes PET.
  • Convincing & Influencing (Le Caire)

    Le Caire 2010 - 2010 formation continue

    Comment influencer et convaincre votre équipe pour une meilleure efficacité professionnelle.
  • Henkel Academy (Düsseldorf)

    Düsseldorf 2005 - 2009 Packaging expertise

    Techniques de fabrication emballage.


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