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Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency that came out as decentralized. Makes 7 transactions per second. On the stock exchange and therefore volotilno.There is no stable price. All illegal money of the shadow economy is transferred through Bitcoin or Ethereum. Agree that from 3,500 cryptocurrencies that are on the stock exchange they are afraid of ordinary people of any use. And Dagcoin originally came out as folk money and therefore it will not be put on the exchange until the people buy out all 9 billion coins. Made by the latest Dugchain technology. Bitcoin made by Blogchain technology 1. Ethereum and others made with Blockchain technology 2. Both technologies are still mined and generate coins. And 3 Dugchain technology produces ready-made coins for use. Dagcoin's rate is always growing up. Now the rate is 0.41 euro cent. Over the year, rose 900%. In 1 second makes 1 million transactions. The 0.0005 commission is the smallest to date. 70 pragramists work on an ongoing basis and expands the possibilities of coins continuously. 196 countries around the world buy coins and use everywhere. Own ATMs and cards, Own Dagtelecom, Online store Dagmarket and its own payment system Dagpey, Own exchanger. Dagcoin is the only cryptocurrency that has 3 European standard licenses and state protection. Dagcoin is sold through network marketing and there are several packages to buy. the minimum package is 25 euros and the maximum package is 25,000 euros.


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