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 Technical Skills:
LTE/UMTS/HSPA expert, System engineering, Radio design & Link budget, Integration & validation of radio products, Investigation & Optimization of network performance, multi-vendor skills, project management.

 Tools:
- Drive tests & post-processing: XCAL/XCAP, TEMS, NEMO, JDSU, ACTIX.
- Alcatel-Lucent: SAM/WMS (Alarms), NPO (KPI monitoring), WiPS (Network configuration), Gladiator/eDAT (Drive tests analysis), RNC/eNB Log tool, Atoll 9955.
- Nokia: NetAct (CM Editor, Monitor, Performance Manager …), Emil, Megaplexer, BTS Site Manager, Plan Editor, SON EdenNet, VoLTE.
- Huawei: U2000, DBS3900, BSC6910, SRAN.
- Other tools: Wireshark, Agileto, MapInfo, Google Earth.
- Programming: Linux, VBA, Python.

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Mes compétences :
Gestion de projet
Investigation et optimisation des performances
Intégration et validation des équipements radio
Design radio et bilan de liaison
Ingénierie système
Multi-vendor skills


  • Free Mobile - Wireless System Engineering Expert

    Paris 2017 - maintenant  Technical project manager RAN Sharing: 3G/4G deployment in a multi-operator environment
    - Multi-party technical meetings for RAN Sharing solution design & specification.
    - Engineering studies and RAN Sharing parameters validation (MORAN).
    - Lab Platform integration, and validation of functional tests.
    - Definition of sites integration & commissioning process.
    - Automation of sites integration and configuration process.
    - RNC integration, configuration and commissioning.
    Tools: Huawei U2000, co-MPT DBS3900, BSC6910, VBA Programming.
  • Nokia - Radio Network Performance & Optimization Expert

    Nozay 2016 - 2017  LTE performance leader: Orange Slovakia swap project – Alcatel-Lucent to Nokia
    - Leading network performance activities during the swap (FL16).
    - Validation of Orange non-regression tests (A2S9).
    - KPI mapping, performance monitoring, investigation et optimization.
    Tools: Nokia NetAct, Emil, BTS Site Manager, Alcatel NPO/OMC, Google Earth.

     Technical project manager: SON Eden-Net project (Self Optimization Network) for Telia Sweden 4G network (Laptop based)
    - Eden-Net SON integration under Linux system.
    - Integration of LTE optimization modules (ANR, Parameter Consistency, Cross Antenna Detection …)
    - SON modules configuration, results analysis and customer workshop.
    Tools: Linux, Eden-Net
  • Alcatel-Lucent France - Senior 3G/LTE RNO – Radio Network Performance and Optimization

    Paris 2012 - 2016 • August 2015 – February 2016: ICE.NET, Norway
     LTE cluster acceptance leader: ICE.NET swap project – CDMA to LTE, and introduction of 450MHz band
    - Leading the swap of 4 clusters (~100 sites) – from site integration to cluster acceptance.
    - Managing drive tests, RF analysis and RF optimization.
    - Leading network performance activities, KPI optimization, alarms monitoring & stability for cluster delivery.
    - Customer meetings for cluster acceptance (go/no-go).
    Tools: SAM (Alarms OMC), NPO (KPI monitoring), Gladiator (Drive tests analysis tool), Google Earth.

    • May – July 2015: VINI, French Polynesia
     Feature Prime: Activation of Dual Cell feature and RF acceptance of 900MHz band
    - Leading network performance activities: Configuration, activation and tuning of Dual Cell feature & 900MHz acceptance.
    - Managing drive tests, KPIs and RF optimization.
    - Definition of a new mobility strategy for inter-frequency load balancing.
    Tools: Agileto, Nemo Analyze, Scanner, NPO, OMC (Alarms), WiPS (Network configuration), Wireshark.

    • March – April 2015: Orange Caribbean
     Technical project manager: Introduction of a new « Enhanced Call Test » solution for the validation of Orange 4G sites
    Context: The solution aims at reducing the cost of sites revisit by an early detection of cross sectors and backhaul issues during site integration, and an immediate correction by field force team.
    - Leading the deployment and the success of the solution for Orange project (LTE 1800 coverage).
    - Configuration of MTAP server, template reports and preparation of mobile test sequences.
    - Supporting field force and integration teams for a well understanding of the global process.
    Tools: JDSU True Adviser, eDAT (internal drive tests analysis tool), Server MTAP, TeamViewer Quick Support.

    • August 2013 – September 2014: Vodafone Qatar
     3G cluster performance leader: Doha – Managed Services
    - Cluster performance & optimization: Alarms monitoring, drive tests analysis, worst cells analysis, cluster stability.
    - KPI and RF optimization, features and parameters tuning.
    - Supporting transmission, IP and core teams during network upgrades.
    - Special Event Support (National day/Football game), and customer complaints handling.
    Tools: NPO, OMC, WiPS, eDAT, RNC Log Tool, Call trace CTB/CTN, Actix, TEMS, MapInfo, Scanner.

    • June – July 2013: SETAR Aruba
     Feature Prime: Activation of Smartphone feature package
    - Leading network performance activities: configuration, activation and tuning of « Direct Transition URA_PCH to Cell DCH » feature and « Fast Dormancy for smartphone battery saving » feature.
    Tools: WiPS, WMS (Alarms), NPO, Call Trace CTB, eDAT.

    • January – March 2013: SETAR Aruba
     3G RNO: Mobility strategy optimization of SETAR’s network
    - Definition of a new mobility strategy for inter-frequency load balancing.
    - Configuration, activation and tuning of « iMCRA » feature for the management of RRC redirections and traffic sharing.
    - Optimization and troubleshooting of KPIs (accessibility, retainability, throughput …)
    Tools: WiPS, WMS, NPO.

    • October – December 2012: TNZ New Zealand
     Feature Prime: Activation of Dual Carrier feature package
    - Leading network performance activities: configuration, activation and tuning of « iMCRA » feature for the management of RRC redirections, and « Dual Cell » feature for DL throughput enhancement.
    - Optimization and troubleshooting of KPIs (accessibility, retainability, throughput …)
    Tools: WiPS, WMS, NPO.

    • July 2012: Orange Ivory Coast
     RF Design: Optimization & extension of Abidjan 3G network
    - Optimization of current RF design (tilts, azimuth, coverage and pollution).
    - New RF design proposal for the extension and densification of 3G sites.
    Tool: Atoll.
  • Alcatel Lucent - WCDMA System Test Engineer – Radio 3G

    Paris 2010 - 2012  Test, validation & integration of 3G+ radio features:
    - Test, validation & integration of VAM feature (Virtual Antenna Mapping). The radio modules that were tested: RRH/TRDU.
    - Automation of functional and non-regression tests.
    - Logs collection, analysis et troubleshooting, and tests validation.
    Tools: Opera (Qualcomm logs), Call Trace (RNC logs), CDMOnline/CTDec (CEM/modem logs), Agilent (Protocol Analyzer), Easy-Test (Internal programming platform).
  • Alcatel Lucent - Network Design Engineer

    Paris 2010 - 2010  Validation of a 3G dimensioning tool, UMTS/HSPA+ Network:
    - Validation of an internal tool, called “Watermill”, used by Pre-sales team for 3G RAN dimensioning.
    - Validation of functional & non-regression tests.
    - Automation of non-regression tests.
    - Agile Scrum process was used for project management.


  • Telecom SudParis

    Evry 2009 - 2010 Telecom Engineer

    Mobiles Networks and Services
  • Institut National Des Postes Et Télécommunications (INPT) (Rabat)

    Rabat 2007 - 2010 Telecom Engineer

    Mobile and Fixed Networks


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