Nicolas GALEA


En résumé

Je suis diplômé d'un Master Informatique, Fondements et Ingénieries obtenue en 2009 à l'université de Nice Sophia Antipolis.
Ce que j'apprécie le plus dans mon métier, c'est le fait d'être un acteur du développement des technologies et solutions qui seront utilisés demain.

Mes compétences :
Conception UML
Service Oriented Architecture
Scrum Methodology
Microsoft Windows 7
Microsoft Windows
Microsoft Visual Studio
Microsoft Team Foundation Server
Microsoft C-SHARP
C Programming Language
Apache Subversion
software development
iPhone software development
Web Services
Objective C
Microsoft Visual Studio.NET
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft .NET Technology
Jakarta TOMCAT Servlet Engine
Embedded software development
CMMi - Capability Maturity Model Integration
BlueTooth Technology
Apache Axis
Adobe AIR


  • Altran technologies for a car manufacturer - Software developer

    2015 - maintenant Embedded software development around green hills platform and the operating system integrity. The objective is to remodelling the infrastructure of the cars and define something more centralized to reduce the cost in wire, new features integration and connection.

    Technical skills :
    • C
    • Integrity
    • SCRUM
    • SOA (system oriented architecture)
  • Altran France - Software developer

    Vélizy-Villacoublay 2014 - 2015 Prototyping around the EPSON Moverio smart glass to demonstrate how the augmented reality can be relevant for the industry. An use case has been developed for that, the objective was to provide an help to someone in front of a complex situation that required an expertise.
    The following tasks have been done :

    • Android HMI conception according the graphical requirement provided
    • State of art of the video streaming solutions on Android
    • State of art of the augmented reality and virtual reality according the hardware actually available
    • State of art of the tracking solution available
    • Use case realization

    Technical skills :
    • Android
    • Metaio SDK
    • Unity 3D
    • Eclipse
    • Version One, Mantis
    • SCRUM
  • Altran France - Software developer

    Vélizy-Villacoublay 2014 - 2014 Prototyping around the Google Glass and the other connected glass to determine how this kind of hardware can be relevant for the industry.
    Some approach has been done based on web technologies like Apache Cordova (previously named PhoneGap), HTML5 and Google Angular, for providing some solutions according to the hardware specificity (limited interaction, CPU, autonomy and screen size)

    Technical skills :
    • Android GDK
    • Apache Cordova
    • HTML5
    • Google Angular
  • Altran Praxis for PSA - Software engineer

    2012 - 2014 Android application development to inform the users about their vehicle usage.
    The following tasks have been done :
    • Implementation of the messaging protocol between the vehicle and the Android phone (a similar work was done on iPhone).
    • Android HMI part according the design provided
    • A second part of the project was dedicated to the tests specification for the vehicle and on board.
    The application released (version 1.0 only) is actually available on the Android play store in an updated version maintained by PSA:

    Technical skills :
    • Android, iPhone (not HMI part)
    • Java, Eclipse
    • Objective C
    • Bluetooth
    • Mantis
  • Altran Praxis - Quality engineer

    Vélizy-Villacoublay 2012 - 2012 Procedure definition for the C# software quality improvement.
    • Finding some solution for improving our knowledge sharing process. A prototype was done to demonstrate the concept.
  • Altran Praxis for an agriculture machinery manufacturer - Software developer

    2011 - 2012 Framework development for an agriculture machinery according the manufacturer specification.
    • The first part of the project was dedicated to the UML design of the Framework components according the global architecture. The documents released contains some class diagrams, sequence diagrams and traceability diagrams with a low granularity (C# method). This work was the communication basis for all the internal and off shore development.
    • A second part of the project was dedicated to the software development and the off shore support of the designed components
    • A third part of the project was dedicated to the unit tests, module tests and verification tests
    implementation according the specifications. A solution for running them automatically has been

    Technical skills :
    • Windows 7
    • C#, .Net Framework 4.0
    • Visual studio 2010, Enterprise Architect, Castle Windsor, Open Cover, FxCop, StyleCop, Team
    Foundation Server (TFS)
    • UML
    • Normalisation : Altran-Praxis for software development (ISO9001/CMMi 3)
  • Altran Praxis - Software developer

    Vélizy-Villacoublay 2010 - 2011 Prototyping a vehicle dashboard based on GenIVI consortium recommendation.
    • A study of the required tools was done and the developer environment was defined.
    • A second part of the project was dedicated to the development. The prototype was introduced for the IAA 2011 at Francfort.
    A more advance version has been developed by a second team and is now integrated into the "open and connected car". This platform is now used like an integration platform and is regularly introduced during international events :

    Technical skills :
    • Linux, Meego
    • Qt, C++
    • QtCreator
    • SCRUM
  • Altran Praxis for Continental - Software developer

    2010 - 2010 The objective was to demonstrate what kind of technology can improve the user experience within the vehicle. A prototype was done for that, it take into consideration the user gesture on screen/on the fly and the speech recognition.
    This project has been realized according the use cases and the graphical specification defined by Continental. The vehicle data was retrieved via CAN BUS and the environment data was generated by the SILAB simulator.

    Technical skills :
    • Windows 7, Multi-Touch
    • Adobe AIR 2.0/Flex 4
    • SVN
  • MCTEL - Software developer

    Monaco 2010 - 2010 Some services was added into the MMS Center developed by the company to allow the MMS reception by customer. Some features like the SMS Bootstrap and some tools for enhancing the back office visualization of the exchanged messages (encoder/decoder SMIL and MIME).
    Technical skills :
    • Linux
    • C
    • SVN
  • Open Plug - Développeur

    2009 - 2009 Adobe Flex Framework integration on Windows Mobile platform.
    • The objective was to used the specific components for telephony (like sending SMS or organizer) and
    integrated them into the Open-Plug solution
    Technical skills :
    • C, C++, ActionScript.
    • Pocket Outlook, SQLITE
    • Windows Mobile, Windows.
    • Bugzilla, Xplanner
    • CVS
    • Visual studio C++, FlexBuilder
  • I3S - CNRS - Développeur

    2008 - 2008 Around the France Telecom software component technology named Fractal a solution was developed to virtualized
    and orchestrated some web services.
    The objective was to hide the distant web services located on an Apache Server inside the Fractal component and
    using them like a local content.
    The following part of the project was managed by the team :
    • Requirement management
    • Task repartition
    • Technical choice
    • Test campaign
    Technical skills :
    • Eclipse.
    • Java, Bpel, Wsdl.
    • Apache Tomcat, Axis
    • Windows.



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