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  • Huawei - Telecom Engineer

    Boulogne Billancourt 2014 - maintenant
  • Huawei Morocco - LTE RF OPTIMIZATION Engineer

    2014 - maintenant NPM project

    * Performing RF Optimization activities to achieve and maintain KPI targets (SLA Targets)
    * Worst cells identification and troubleshooting the affected KPIs
    * LTE Network soft parameters auditing and tuning ;
    * Troubleshooting Neighbor relations (intra, inter and IRAT) and PCI Overshooting analysis
    * Call Drop Analysis, Blocking, HO analysis, RRC analysis, ERAB analysis, PCI and Interference analysis
    * Radio capacity and RRC license analysis ;
    * Monitor & analyze the LTE Radio Network Statistics on daily basis ;
    * Event's handling: Monitoring the network KPIs in event's times (Eid event, Holidays, weekends ) ;
    * Handling Customer Complaints ;
    * LTE Baseline Parameter check & Optimization ;
    * Network analysis to identify major problems resulting in overall network KPIs degradation
    * LTE sites initial tuning and pre-launch optimization for performance improvement
    * KPI & Parameter Comparisons ;
    * Daily, weekly and monthly reports preparation for the overall network performance
    * Planning and follow-up Cluster Optimization activities
    * LTE Radio network cluster (OSS and DT) optimization and troubleshooting
    * Validate Drive test actions with customer

    Rollout project

    * Network analysis to identify major problems resulting in overall network KPIs degradation
    * Achieve and maintain the radio network performance as per the contracted KPIs (SLA Targets)
    * Monitoring major 3G KPIs on hourly basis after each operation(put on air new sites, upgrade of 3rd carrier and
    rehoming )

    * KPI improvement (Accessibility, Retainability, and Mobility & Service Integrity etc) ;
    * Performance KPI and capacity monitoring ;
    * 3G Baseline Parameter & Optimization after we put on air news sites, upgrade of 3rd carrier and rehoming
    * Daily Worst Cell analysis & recommendation for improvement
    * Parameter & Neighbor Audits ;
    * KPI & Parameter Comparisons after upgrade of 3rd carrier and rehoming ;
    * Put on air new 3G and 4G sites ;
    * Responsible for checking the radio performance for the newly integrated 3G and 4G sites
    * Benchmarking reports to compare network status before and after 3rd carrier upgrade and also after rehoming
    * Create KPI report and formulas
    * Follow up daily problematic sites , alarms

    Refarming project

    * Preparing daily VIP care reports for 2G/3G (CS and PS) ;
    * Providing support for VIP and Customer complaints , And tracking using Nastar and M2000 ;
    * Monitoring Daily KPI
    * Preparing top 10 worst cells using PRS
    * Preparing KPI Matrix calculation
    * Post DT procedures and report templates ;
    * Preparing drive test comparison before-after refarming reports ;
    * Follow up daily problematic sites, alarms ;
    * Responsible to deliver update of the tracking action ;
    * Managing the drive test team
  • 3Gcom - RF OPTIMIZATION Engineer

    Rabat 2014 - 2014 * Benchmark Reports preparation for Ericsson and Meditel
    * 2G/3G Drive Test Reports preparation (before and after swap) using TEMS Investigation , TEMS Discovery professional
    and MapInfo professional
    * Neighbors script preparation and analyzing the reject
  • Ericsson - Bid Manager

    MASSY 2012 - 2014 * Bid Management for INWI and Vertical customers in Morocco
    * Technical support for operators and vertical customers in TETRA, WIFI,PDH/SDH transmission
    * Technical Coordinator for WIFI trial deployment ;
    * Site survey for ONDA, DGSN and INWI ;
    * Participating in tender response preparation: Statement of Compliance, feature mapping
    * Supply support activities including inventory management
    * 2G/3G Drive Test Reports preparation (before and after swap) using TEMS Investigation


  • University Of Rennes 1 (Rabat)

    Rabat 2010 - 2011 Master

    Professional Master in Micro technology Network Architecture and communications
  • Ecole Marocaine Des Sciences (Rabat)

    Rabat 2009 - 2011 Network and Telecommunication Engineer diploma

    Network and Telecommunication Engineering, Ecole Marocaine des Sciences de l'Ingénieur, (EMSI) in Rabat
  • ENSET Mohammedia (Mohamadia)

    Mohamadia 2007 - 2008 Cisco Certified Network Associate
  • Lycée Th (Lycée Technique- Mohammedia)

    Lycée Technique- Mohammedia 2004 - 2006 degree, option ELECTRONICS, Lycée Technique- Mohammedia


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