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One element greatly overlooked when taught geotechnical engineering especially in Algeria ; is that engineers are fed erroneous ideas and beliefs that they consider unshakable principles which can be used under any circumstances . Therefore, these engineers grow up just like robots using specific algorithms with no sense of autonomous and spontaneous reasoning , ultimately striping them from the very definition of engineering judgement . I believe that i am the exception in this case, thriving ever so lightly to better grasp my domain of expertise .

My primary goal is to obtain a PhD degree in geotechnical engineering , because i feel that i can be highly productive in scientific research areas.

I am a civil engineer with a major geotechnical engineering , currently working for the LCTP in Algeria .
My primary skills are :
1-Advanced sense of scientific reasoning .
2-True grasp of soil mechanics and respect for Terzaghi's as well as other scientists principles.
3-Always inspiring for new achievements.
4-Honest and hard working individual .
5- Fluent skills in English which provided me with a great grace when it comes to my domain .

Ingénieur civil option géotechnique de l’université de Saad Dahleb - Blida (Algerie)
Actuellement ingénieur géotechnique au LCTP Hussein dey depuis 09/2013

Je participe aux études géotechniques ainsi que les controles et suivie.

Mes compétences :
Construction site
Technical assistance
Analytical skills
mécanique des roches
Dynamique des sols


  • the LCTP - Civil engineer

    2013 - maintenant Responsible for the monitoring and progress of works in the port of Algiers, Providing the client with

    technical recommendations and the control of the quality of materials and procedures of the

    construction site. Also working as an engineer conducting studies on different problems in the field of

    geotechnical engineering.

    Duties :

    * Ensuring the respect of the contract directives and the quality of works.

    * Providing technical assistance and recommendations to the client.

    * Ensuring the constructions are well in schedules.

    * Estimating the quantitative and cost of materials or additional works in site.

    * Conducting geotechnical studies in all sorts of problems, including testing soils strength and

    characteristics, providing adequate behavior laws and computing solutions.


  • Universite Saad Dahleb De Blida (Blida)

    Blida 2007 - 2013 geotechnique


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