Papa Alioune Badara PAYE


En résumé

Ingénieur Géologue de formation, j’ai occupé la fonction d’Ingénieur Minier à la mine de Sabodala pendant quatre ans avant de me retrouver Chef de la subdivision géomatique aux Industries Chimiques du Sénégal.
Au cours mes expériences professionnelles au sein des sociétés Randgold Resources et Sabodala Gold Operations, j’ai développé de grandes capacités techniques par la connaissance du milieu de l’exploration et de l’exploitation minière.

Mes compétences :
Production Schedules
Responsible for Medium Term Mine Planning
Responsible for Production Forecasts
Microsoft Office
Datamine Studio 3
Manage physical archives
Drilling supervision
Management opérationnel


  • Grande Cote Operations - Senior Medium Term Mine Planning Engineer

    2013 - maintenant Duties:
    1. Produce a detailed 1 Year Mine Plan (based on the 5 Year Plan). Schedule and plan medium
    term (4 months to 1 year) production activities (vegetation clearing, topsoil stripping, dredge
    path planning, drilling, contouring, topsoil spreading, tailings placement and mine services).
    Provide detailed mine plans, sections and schedules of these activities.
    2. Provide detailed mine plans to include roads, water lines, power and concentrate stockpile
    3. Liaise with mining and planning personnel to co-ordinate these medium term mining activities
    4. Develop detailed tailings plans for Month 4 - 1 year ahead of the current operation. Materials
    balancing and associated tailings infrastructure planning.
    5. Provide Production and Cost forecasts and reporting as required. Assist with Budget
    preparation. Management reporting to meet GCO reporting requirements.
    6. Carry out End of Month HM grade reconciliations (as-mined versus grade model).
    7. Co-ordinate medium term mine planning. Organize planning meetings to discuss planning
    requirements and their effect on operations.
  • Industries Chimiques du Senegal - Chief Database Manager & GIS Geologist

    2012 - 2013 Duties:
    1. Ensure that Safety, Health and Environmental (SHE) standards are maintained by all employees;
    ICS CSHT committee member.
    2. Manage physical archives for hard copy records and the onsite databases.
    3. Supervise a team of Geologists in the completion of computerized resource block models that
    meet corporate modeling standards.

    4. Support personnel in multi-faceted disciplines by ensuring unhindered access to information.
    5. Maintain report outputs, and develop additional reporting instruments, using onsite data
    6. Extract, and interpret useful mining specific information from performance database.
    7. Manage the onsite GIS datasets (GDM, CORALIS, and Surfer).
    8. Compilation of geographical, geophysical, geochemical, and all drilling data.
    9. Creation of various geological diagrams, plans, maps and sections for reporting and publication.
    10. Collaboration with onsite geologists for interpretation.
    11. Undertaking formulation of short-range plans and budget preparation for geological exploration
    and evaluation at assigned site.
    12. Consultancy duties at Archean Group for Lam Lam and Tanma sites feasibility.
  • Sabodala Gold Operations - Mine Planning Engineer

    2010 - 2012 Duties:
    1. Ensure that Safety, Health and Environmental (SHE) standards are maintained by all mining
    department and related staffs.
    2. Pit, Waste Dump and Haul Road Designs.
    3. Responsible for Short Term Planning: Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Mine Plan.
    4. Responsible for Medium Term Planning: Three & Six Months plans and 12 months forecast with
    5. Responsible for End of Month Mining Department Cost Report and Production Statistics. Compile
    all production related reports to prepare Month to Date Cost and Month to Date Production
    6. Responsible for drill and blast designs with the aim to balance the competing needs between the
    i. Fragmentation
    ii. Powder Factor (ie cost)
    iii. Heave and movement of material (ie minimising ore dilution)
    7. Mining Department Monthly KPIs analysis.
    8. Involved in the modification of Pit Designs for Short and medium Term.
    9. Ensures that the Pits are mined according to the Pit Design.
    10. Management of Mining Department Production Database: Equipment Usage, Mined tonnage
    and grade, Crusher feed, Fuel Usage, etc.
    11. Responsible for preparing and reconciliation of Blasting Contractor and other contractors
    invoices for payment.
    12. Assist in preparing data for generation of budgets and LOM plan modification.
  • Sabodala Gold Operations - Mine Production engineer

    2008 - 2010 Mine Planning Duties:
    1. Observation of time and motion studies for various digs and hauls equipment.
    2. Collection of production information (material mined).
    3. Prepare Daily Mining report to the various managers' concerned with mining production and
    4. Daily data entry and reporting on: Rom Pad, Mining operations database, Drill and Blast
    database, Consumables database (Drilling tools, GET stocks & costs analysis and purchase
    5. Develop a Database based on the Microsoft Access Database (which captures all the Mining
    Department's Production and Equipment Utilization data and queries can be run to extract
    any data for any data for any desired period.
    6. Prepare the Mining Department's weekly and monthly reports.

    7. Responsible for Daily and Weekly Plan.
    8. Assist in monthly Mine plan and End of month Cost and Statistics report.
    9. Explosive Usage Returns and Production Returns to Mines Department.
    10. Inspect pit floors and walls to recommend blast designs for approval.
    Mine Production Duties:
    1. Give safety talks at Tool Box Talks for production section of the mining department.
    2. Co-ordinate and supervise all other activities in the section during shift. (Dispatching)
    3. Assisted the Shift Supervisor in supervising the day to day mining activities (Acting Shift
    4. Supervising Excavation in pits, Haulage to stockpiles, Pit floor control, Haulage access
    maintenance and Dust suppression.
    5. Supervise Haul road construction during road diversion to the pit.
    6. Ensuring workers go about their duties in compliance with the mining Regulation and
    company safety policies.
    7. Supervise Mining Fleet and track any breakdown or planned maintenance.
    8. Supervise Drill and Blast activities in the pit.
    9. Supervise Crusher feed of the Plant.
    10. Ensure equipment productivity and optimization (Availability and utilization) in the pit.
    11. Co-ordinate with other sections to compile monthly technical reports.
  • Randgold Resources - Engineer Trainee

    2008 - 2008 Geological Engineering (Engineer Trainee): Randgold Resources, 1. To assist senior geologists and consultant in geological, structural and geochronological
    mapping to establish stratigraphy and Geological map for Bakan Corridor (Randgold
    Kounemba Permit)
    2. Helped in the effective management of the exploration field camp
    3. Geochemical soil sampling
    4. Trenching (channel sampling and logging)
    5. Drilling supervision (RC, RAB)
    6. Complete geological mapping, geochemical sampling and microscopic studies on Bakan
    Corridor rocks and structural interpretation (Randgold Kounemba Permit).
    7. Part of the team in Massawa (Randgold main deposit in Senegal) extensions mapping and
    drilling supervision.

    * Projet d'Exploitation des Phosphates de Lam Lam Nord-Est (report for Archean Group) in January,


  • Institut National Des Sciences Appliquées

    Rennes 2002 - 2007 Ingenieur Geologue

    Géologie - Mines & Carrières
  • University Of Dakar (Dakar)

    Dakar 2002 - 2007 Geological Engineer Degree

    IST (Institut des Sciences de la Terre, Geological Engineering
  • Senior Secondary School (Dakar)

    Dakar 1995 - 2002 Certificate

    Certificate (Baccalaureat Sciences mention) Lycee Blaise
    Diagne Dakar


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