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• Customer- and people-oriented, results-focussed with extensive Global Network and experience in Sales, Operational and Strategic Marketing, Business Development, Product Management, Export, Sales Force Effectiveness, Business/Customer Insights, Market/Competitive Intelligence, Market Research, Business/Market Analytics, Forecasting, Quality, Purchasing, Talent Acquisition and Executive Search at National and International levels in Life Sciences (Pharmaceuticals and Vaccines), Food (Sugar and Functional Nutriments) and Chemicals (Plastics, Fibres, Wood and Phytopharmaceuticals) sectors
• Creative innovator with strong analytical thinking and a problem solving mind
• Effective communicator with strong interpersonal, teamworking, leadership and organizational skills enriched with a large international professional network
• Computer literate
• Fluent in French, English and Dutch. Basic German

Mes compétences :
Market Research
Quality Assurance
Business Development
Problem solving
Organizational skills
General management
Talents Management
Public Health
Profit and Loss Analysis
General Administration
Food Processing
Business Intelligence
Business Analysis
Études qualitatives
Études quantitatives
Étude de marché
Market Analytics


  • Benson & Winch - Managing Director

    2016 - 2016 "Commitment leads to Excellence"

    With offices in Brussels, Paris and Istanbul, Benson & Winch operates internationally in the fields of Executive Search and Interim Management for middle to high level executives and specialists. Our areas of expertise include : Life Sciences, Chemicals processing & converting, Luxury & Fashion, and Financial & IT Services.

    Working with international Blue Chip companies and niche players, we have built a solid reputation for professionalism, resourcefulness and creativity. We are dedicated to provide the highest quality services while keeping a human touch and we continuously strive to bring our customers and candidates to a successful close collaboration.

    Whether you are looking for a new professional challenge on a permanent or temporary basis, we invite you to send us your CV at:

    Visit us at
  • Borderless Executive Search - International Consultant

    2010 - 2016 Senior Executive Search Consultant

    * Identify and source talented international executives for Process & Converting Industries (Chemicals,...), Life
    Sciences, Food Processing and Environmental Technologies sectors. Recognizing that traditional geographic
    borders have little relevance for transnational corporations, we have developed an extensive global network in
    these sectors, enabling us to identify and source talented international executives, no matter where they are
    located, for leadership roles in board, general management and functional leadership positions
    * Specialize in Personal Development, Professional Guidance, Talents Management and Coaching
  • Talensis - Founder & Owner

    2010 - maintenant * Provide consultancy services in Market Research, Business/Market Intelligence, Competitive Intelligence and
    Market Analytics projects, Department set-up or organizational changes
  • APB - Belgian Pharmaceutical Association - Business Intelligence Manager

    2010 - 2010 Responsible for streamlining and developing the Business Intelligence activities to support the Pharmacist

    * Defended the Pharmacist profession, through rigourous analyses, interpretation and strategic recommendations
    to the APB board, following up the treatments evolutions, analyzing the lifecycles of drugs, vaccines, devices,
    parapharmaceuticals and other products sold through the pharmacies
    * Developed BI services within the APB as well as outside to the Healthcare partners
  • Merck Serono - Head of Global Business Intelligence

    Lyon 2009 - 2009 Head of Global Business Intelligence, Endocrinology, Cardio & Fertility, Geneva (Switzerland)

    Responsible for organizing and developing the Global Business Intelligence activities to support the Endocrinology,
    Cardio Metabolic Care and Fertility franchises

    * Took over the Market Research, Competitive Intelligence and Business Analysis responsibilities for the
    assigned franchises, analyzed customers' needs and optimally split tasks according to team's workload

    * Started to regularly liaise with US Headquarters and peer colleagues from key markets to ensure optimal usage
    of resources and avoid duplication
    * Personally initiated, on top of supervising the GBI activities, several international Market Research projects in
    the Diabetes, Fertility and Hyperphenylalaninemia (Orphan drug) areas
    * Highlighted some malfunctionings within the Global Business Intelligence Department and made
    recommendations to Management
    * Established structured online reporting to better follow up projects status
  • GlaxoSmithKline - Head of Global Commercial Analysis & Market Research

    Marly-le-Roi 2005 - 2008 Responsible for recruiting, organizing and developing a dedicated Global Commercial Analysis & Market Research
    team, interacting with various functions and geographies in a complex matrix organization to provide - through
    Dashboards, Desk analyses, Field Research and Competitive Intelligence Research findings - Strategic Business
    decision support while organizing and developing trainings, tools and procedures to ensure overall compliance and

    * Personally managed, on top of coordinating the CA, MR and CI activities, several international Market
    Research projects for Vaccines and Devices in different disease areas e.g. HPV (Cervarix), Flu, Dengue Fever,
    * Established fruitful collaboration with and regularly liaised with US Headquarters and peer colleagues from
    key markets to ensure best practices and optimal usage of both local and international resources
    * Developed in close collaboration with the Finance department a functional approval system that ensured a
    more efficient and easier budget control of the MR/CI activities
    * Developed with the Procurement department through a good working relationship a set of tools that allowed
    better price comparisons of MR/CI agencies offers and reduced overall cost
    * Created with the Legal department a pragmatic procedure for approval of MR material as well as new legal
    contracts that ensured alignment of agencies with GSK code of practice and business ethics
    * Succeeded in getting the Market Research Manager function upgraded allowing an increased visibility and an
    improved consideration
    * As an elected Board member of the EphMRA (European Pharmaceutical Marketing Research Association),
    ensured that GSK Biologicals interests were always put forward
  • PFIZER - Head of Business Intelligence

    Paris 2000 - 2005 Responsible for building and leading a highly regarded Business Intelligence Department, coaching and developing
    its members to deliver overall market understanding through appropriate Desk, Field and Competitive Intelligence
    Research and to provide the Therapeutic Units, Business Development and Senior Management (BeLux and
    International) with relevant market information, Strategic Business analyses and recommendations, trainings,
    dashboards, tools and systems to enable fact-based business decision-making and support the planning process

    * Developed in close collaboration with IT a fully integrated and automated intranet-based 10-year evented
    forecast tool allowing more professional forecasting both at product and corporate levels and considerably
    simplifying the overall consolidation exercise needed for the planning exercise
    * Developed with IMS a unique state-of-the-art graphical reporting system (Business Intelligence SMArt
    Reporting Tool : BI-SMART) giving Sales, Medical and Promotional data in one single online tool
    * Created a BI Foundation course and a BI Resource Book as support for internal training ;
    * Created a visually attractive and user-friendly BI intranet site to offer Pfizer BeLux employees a unique
    platform where they could retrieve relevant up-to-date information, Market Research reports, ad-hoc analyses,
    multiclients studies, Competitive Intelligence reviews etc... in support to their business needs
    * Succeeded in obtaining a revision of the Market Research Analyst function positioning allowing improved
    career path development and function's overall attractiveness
    * By being a Board member of the CIB (Centre of Interpharmaceutical services in Belgium), a member of the
    CIB Marketing Research task force and a member of the EphMRA (European Pharmaceutical Marketing
    Research Association), ensured Pfizer interests were always defended and put forward
    * Regularly liaised with New York Headquarters and peer colleagues from other countries to ensure best
    practices were put in place and optimal usage of both local and international resources was made
  • PFIZER - Planning & Marketing Research Manager

    Paris 1997 - 2000 Responsible for increasing the overall CEER Market Research awareness, training colleagues, providing CEER
    Senior Management with relevant Business / Competitive Intelligence, realizing Sales Force Effectiveness audits
    and building an internal Marketing Information System (Knowledge Management) by exploiting the intranet while
    managing pre-launch and post-launch Market Research projects in CEER

    * Developed an original Market Research Awareness Training package and trained local CEER staff (100+)
    incl. Country Managers and various Managers from Marketing, Sales, Medical Affairs,...
    * Realized numerous ad-hoc analyses as well as initiated and managed local and international Market Research
    projects in various therapeutic area e.g. pre-launch epidemiological and awareness studies on Erectile
    Dysfunction, pre-launch quantitative studies on Celebrex (pain), Exubera (inhaled insulin),...
    * Continuously evaluated new MR tools and sources (e.g. internet,...) to provide best Business, Competitive
    Intelligence and Benchmarking information to support Operating and Marketing plans
    * Realized Sales Force Effectiveness audits in several CEER countries ;
    * Created an intranet-based Marketing Information System to offer Pfizer CEER employees and Management a
    centralized platform with CEER-specific up-to-date information, Market Research reports, ad-hoc analyses,
    training materials, Market Intelligence reviews,... in support to their business decisions needs
    * Regularly liaised with EphMRA and suppliers (e.g. IMS, EIU,...) to defend Pfizer interests ;
    * Developed an evolutive Pfizer CEER web site to improve CEER visibility and most efficiently inform, target,
    listen and communicate with its customers and Healthcare partners
  • RAFFINERIE TIRLEMONTOISE (Orafti) - Deputy Director Non-European Export Sales

    1995 - 1997 Responsible for developing sugar sales and the Food Ingredients & Specialities business (Orafti) while trading,
    daily, white crystal sugar on New York, Paris and London stock exchanges, collaborating and helping lobby on
    issues with WTO, Common Agricultural Policy, logistics, administration, etc...

    * Developed sales in USA, Canada, Québec, Iceland, Norway as well as in Middle East (UAE - kosher sugar)
    and Far East (Japan)
    * Reviewed existing reporting and created meaningful Profit & Loss analysis of RT export activities while
    developing joint reports with the EU Sales Director to allow better global sales management
  • FURON - Marketing Manager Europe

    1994 - 1995 Responsible, as a member of the Management Team, for developing a new European marketing culture and helping
    reorganize the European sales structure in order to successfully launch the new market oriented business approach
    of Furon HQ (USA) taking into account European specificities to increase Furon high performance engineered
    polymer components sales (Clean Room Technology, Medical Devices,...) and overall visibility

    * Proposed and implemented a new European sales force redeployment based on a new segmentation ;
    * Recruited a salesman for Belgium/Luxemburg while carefully handling sensitive personnel issues ;
    * Developed marketing services in order to improve the overall visibility of the company and increase the sales
    e.g. trade fairs, technical literature, publicity in directories, Market Research, etc...
    * Prepared the first ever pan-European sales budget by industry sector/country/customer/product

    1993 - 1994 Responsible for marketing and selling Polyester and Nylon high tenacity yarns for industrial applications in
    Western Europe as well as developing a European marketing strategy for low shrink polyester (ILS) in order to
    ensure a sold-out position for the ILS yarn produced in the new French plant

    * Rationalized the European customers base while identifying new end-users of AlliedSignal yarns ;
    * Coordinated marketing efforts with other departments i.e. Customer Technical, Shipping, Production,
    Packaging and Quality Assurance to make the sales and ensure overall Customer Satisfaction
    * Worked at the new French plant during its start-up phase interfacing with the American and French teams
  • ICI - Research Manager

    CHAMBRAY LES TOURS 1990 - 1993 International Marketing Research Manager (ICI Polyurethanes,
    Responsible for setting-up and running an Industrial Market Research service across industry sectors and regions
    while creating awareness and building local expertise

    * Developed an international Marketing Intelligence network as well as a new On-Line Searching service to
    supply information on competition and opportunities for new business
    * Selected and directed external agencies and managed the Market Research budget to achieve cost effective
    Market Research to support corporate and regional Marketing Plans and Strategies
    * Developed an Industrial Market Research Awareness package and trained people (70+) across the regions
    (Europe, North America and Asia/Pacific ) to build local expertise
  • ICI - Quality Manager

    CHAMBRAY LES TOURS 1989 - 1990 Responsible for implementing the Total Quality Management and Quality Assurance (ISO 9000) concepts within
    ICI Belgium while providing expertise and support to all ICI subsidiaries at the National level

    * Contributed, as member of the ICI Belgium Management Team, to its reorganization by securing commitment
    from the Senior Managers
    * Organized the training of the staff, put a Quality structure in place across the departments as well as a
    Corrective Action System with emphasis on Customer Satisfaction and Service
    * Promoted the initiative and kept the momentum through the design and launch of a Quality competition and a
    Communication campaign
  • ICI - Product Manager

    CHAMBRAY LES TOURS 1987 - 1988 Responsible for marketing and selling the Public Health and Rodenticides portfolio in BeLux

    * Strengthened the customer base and increased sales by 47 percent over two years through distributors and
    direct sales while reducing costs by rationalizing the product range
    * Developed and launched a promotional campaign working closely with Advertising agencies
  • ICI - Purchasing and Marketing Officer

    CHAMBRAY LES TOURS 1985 - 1987 Responsible for reorganizing Purchasing and General Administration as well as developing dashboards, marketing
    tools and computer applications for the Phytopharmaceuticals business

    * Coordinated the implementation of the MRP II (Material Resource Planning) system and a Sales Operating &
    Planning system, introduced procedures and trained employees to run it
    * Computerized the National Phytopharmaceuticals Statistics and put in place national farmers panels in close
    collaboration with the industry association (Phytophar) and a Market Research agency
    * Improved packaging, label production and sales reporting systems
  • Belgian Army - Service militaire

    1984 - 1985

    1982 - 1984 Responsible for analyzing the impact of a raw material shortage on the economy of three sectors : Titanium
    Dioxide, Phosphates and Forestry (Chipboard and Pulp & Paper industries)

    * Analyzed and described the Belgian Wood industry especially the Pulp & Paper and Chipboard sectors and
    developed original technico-economic models for three Pulp & Paper producers : La Cellulose des Ardennes,
    les Papeteries de Belgique and Denaeyer


  • Competitive Intelligence Management School (Stockholm)

    Stockholm 2008 - 2008 Post-Graduate Diploma

    Competitive Intelligence, Deallus Group, Biopharmaceutical
  • ICHEC, Brussels (Bruxelles)

    Bruxelles 1997 - 1997 Post-Graduat en gestion de PMEs
  • ICHEC, Brussels (Bruxelles)

    Bruxelles 1991 - 1991 Post-Graduat en Marketing et Market Research
  • Solvay Business School (Brussels)

    Brussels 1989 - 1989 Post-Graduat en Business Administartion
  • Facultés Universitaires Des Sciences Agronomiques (Gembloux)

    Gembloux 1982 - 1982 Chartered Engineer

    * Chartered Engineer (C. Eng.) in Life Sciences (Bioengineer), de l'Etat, Gembloux, Belgium, 1982. Degree obtained with Magna cum laude (Grande Distinction)
    Thesis on Human/Veterinary Parasitology - Entomology (Trematodes - Sciomyzids)
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