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Hard-worker engineer with profound technical background and deep insight and vision for Business management : Telecom, Internet of Things, Big Data analytic and Quality insurance.

Driven researcher and experience in mobile RAN & CORE network Planning, Optimization and Performance engineering with long track-record of successfully delivering engineering service and various technologies : GSM, UMTS, LTE, VoLTE, VoWIFI.

Passionate about innovation and mobile technology I'm developing a framework for network management including Customers Experience Management and Customers Experience Assurance capability to provide the relevant insight about operators mobile services.

• Business process oriented
• Very energetic, I love challenges and concrete actions that give results: Understand and analyses complex issues, both current and potential, in order to identify the most appropriate solutions is my favorite.
• Strong willed and excellent strategic vision to define priorities, plan time and resources realistically

• Working with people
• Diplomatic, patient and task-oriented, getting the right balance

• SFR performance and optimization analysis tools : Archipel, MyCOM, OCEAN, OMC,
• Qlik Sense and Qlikview for CEM and CEA
• Actix Analyzer classic & Troubleshooter
• ATOLL : Network RF planning, coverage, Optimization, etc.
• NOKIA OMC and NECTACT solution
• Nemo outdoor
• MapInfo
• Excel & Macros

• NOKIA (Multiradio base, Flexi, etc.)
• HUAWEI (From sRAN 7 and upper)
• ERICSSON (KPI, RF performance and optimization parameters/procedures)
• ASTELLIA Probes solution : CAA and NOVA
• ORACLE Probes solution : Performance Intelligent Center
• ANRITSU, TEKTRONIX : High ability to drive projects

Mes compétences :
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  • Orange - CONSULTANT | Technologies Expertise for probes solution deployment

    Paris 2015 - maintenant Probes Administration, Configuration and Data mining for ORANGE GROUP Operational Skill Center
    ORACLE and ASTELLIA Probes configuration, Administration and data mining for affiliates worldwide : Network performance, Big Data provision, core network analysis
    Core Network Technologies deployment probes-based : IMS, VOLTE and VoWIFI, EPC, and legacy voice core for 2G/3G connectivity.
    Protocol analysis, decoding and enrichment : SIP, SIPI, DIAMETER, and overall 3GPP/ETSI, etc.
    3GPP technologies specification enrichment and expertise
  • Huawei - Consultant |RNO Support Engineer

    Boulogne Billancourt 2014 - maintenant Globally support 2G/3G/4G tuning and optimization project for client (SFR)

    * Performance support and QoS alterting for projects 2G/3G site swap, 4G Integration, cells integration and optimization
    * Cells Optimization for various project: Frequency refarming and U900 rollout, 3G cells integration, IPPM rollout on mBSC, site swap, 4G integration
    * LYON LOT 2 4G Cell integration and Optimization : L800 Interference, G900-U900-U2100/LTE Neighboring configuration, CS Fallback verification, SON-ANR, etc.
    * Making daily and monthly meeting with customer and subcontractors

    2013 - maintenant SFR southern network tuning : RAN projects delivery supervisor and Site quality manager for TOULOUSE and ST ETIENNE area (412 sites and more than 5000 cells).

    *** Provided vendor support (HUAWEI) by receiving project execution, analyzing project delivery, network performance, clusters and site quality, ensure the key objectives achievement of OSS KPI as per the contracted KPIs (Accessibility, Retainability, and Mobility & Service Integrity)

    *** Responsible of cities Quality & Performance during the implementation of projects : project planning, Swap phase and acceptance, Refarming and backlog, UMTS 900 roll-out, 2G, 3G and 4G optimization phase and acceptance (Site troubleshoot, radio and transmission)

    *** Technical reference during Refarming and U900 roll-out : Detailed project tracking and operational implementation. Ensured continuity by providing all prerequisites effectiveness after provider and project manager action (site equipment, site profile and configuration)

    *** Achieve & maintain the regular Radio Network quality, Analyse statistics and provide recommendations, Suggest for updates and changes to high level/nominal plans, based on Network behaviour

    *** Provide technical customer service (TCS) support by client's complaints reception, diagnosed client problems and perform site troubleshoot, drive correction and ensure TCS satisfaction.

    2012 - 2013 SITE QUALITY IMPLEMENTATION CLIENT COMPLAINT-BASED : Root cause analysis of all performance affecting critical/recurring faults and implement actions on the sites.

    *** Protect customer, Analyze complaint and drive network quality improvements upon customer’s complaint resolution. Ensure right quality deliveries to customer after sites change and update. Also responsible for driving and implementation of corrective or preventive actions. Interaction with contractors and field technician department.
    Complaint management : Tickets Creation, follow-up, Processing and Handling

    *** Initiation, driving and ensuring the global objectives of Network Quality and performance from client experience view

    *** Regular performance monitoring and site optimization : Traffic analysis, Coverage, Capacity tuning, transmission links supervision, etc.

     NOKIA and HUAWEI materials
     Weekly and Monthly reporting
  • ASTELLIA - 4G network Engineer


    *** Initiated and achieved 4G signaling procedure quality assessment and KPI integration with MNO business decision tools : 4G Interface probing, frame Analysis and Decoding, messages flow investigation, UE activities procedures categorization, data flow aggregation through network performance platform, and finally Performance evaluation templates created

    *** 4G e-UTRAN and EPC KPI Created, Implemented and Delivered for probing software solution based on 3GPP LTE network performance recommendation and ASTELLIA strategies

    *** Expertise with 3G and 4G 3GPP signaling/procedure protocols, interface (S1, X2, S5/S8, S11, S3, SGs for CS Fallback, etc.) and Technical Specification (TS 23.401 GPRS for E-UTRAN, TS 36.331 The e-UTRA RRC, TS 23.060, TS 25.133, TS 24.301 for NAS procedure, TS 36.413, TS 29.274 The new GTP, TS 23.272 for CS-Fallback, etc.)

    *** LTE trial network project performance preparation and technical guide implemented for MNO in FRANCE based on initiated KPI

    *** LTE commercial network quality and performance assessment method operated for MNO in USA based on initiated KPI

    *** 4G Technical course developed and Instructor for ASTELLIA training program department
  • RF TELECOM - Wireless Engineer (RNPO)

    2010 - 2010  Drive Test, Measurements and sites audit (Before and after swap)
     Network quality and performance ensuring after swap (HUAWEI and NOKIA materials)
     Radio Frequency Planning and Optimization : Frequency and neighboring plan
     Audit results database Creation started-up for one of our TELECOM VENDOR sites in Ivory Coast
  • GREEN NETWORK Côte d'Ivoire - Quality and Performance Engineer

    2010 - 2011  Network performance QoS and optimization ensuring through HUAWEI vendors KPI and independent BSS counters : KPI created HUAWEI OMC-based with SQL Server, C# language and HUAWEI PRS
     KPI creation and integration for Performance data infrastructure improvement : Backup and reporting tools developed
     Network troubleshooting and optimization : Drive Test, Measurement analysis, RF designing and tuning
     Network Performance Reporting
  • MTN Group - RNPO Engineer (Trainee)

    Roodepoort 2009 - 2010  Handover neighboring cell optimization : Tool developed for neighboring checking and asymmetry correction, Neighboring planning and Handover flow analysis (NOKIA OMC counters, ATOLL, NOKIA SPOT RADIO, SQL Server and C# language used)
     Ensuring high performance traffic and coverage service based on real time neighbor allocation planned by the deployed tool
     Quality and Performance database management
     Drive Test and file measurement (TEMS, ACTIX)
     QoS Improvement and KPI optimization for global network performance
     QoS analysis and reporting


  • Telecom Bretagne ENSTB (Rennes)

    Rennes 2011 - 2012 Département RSM
  • Institut National Polytechnique Felix Houphoueut Boigny (Yamoussoukro)

    Yamoussoukro 2002 - 2009 Ingénieur telecom et Réseaux

    La satisfaction de rétablir la familiarité et la grandeur amicale qui nous unissaient dans ce temple où nous apprîmes nos plus grandes connaissance de la vie!

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  • Collège Catholique Don Bosco (Korhogo (Côte D'Ivoire))

    Korhogo (Côte D'Ivoire) 1999 - 2002 Bac scientifique C (Mention Bien)

    et Encadreur bénévol avec les prêtes salésiens

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