En résumé

I enjoy the rigor, the analytical and communication Skills required for trading position. I learned to deliver quality work within tight deadline. As my experience in NYC I feel ready to fit into a team with people from different culture, I learned also to adapt to changing situation and propose original and innovative Ideas. I also realized that beyond strong analytical and quantitative skills that are shared by all investment bankers, team spirit is essential to deliver excellent work to clients. Finally we have to accept the loss as the profit because there is some profit in the loss which is learning how to not loose again.

Mes compétences :
Credit Derivatives
Fixed Income
Management international
Microsoft SQL
Structured products


  • Banque centrale populaire - Director-Head Cross Asset Structuring

    2016 - maintenant
  • BCP Bank - Head of Derivatives & Commodities Desk at BCP Bank

    2015 - maintenant FX DERIVATIVES
    • Managing FX Derivatives Desk
    • Modeling strategies based on Vanilla Options to corporate
    • Providing efficient ,competitive pricing and innovative FX ideas to the sales Team

    • Pricing and hedging Commodities mainly Energy and Soft Commodities
    • Technical and fundamental Knowledge of trading G10 FX
    • Bloomberg/Eikon/Reuters Kondor+
    • Ability to use proprietary FX dealing systems (i.e. Velocity...)
  • BCP BANK - Derivatives & FX Trader

    2011 - maintenant Derivatives: EUR/MAD, USD/MAD & EUR/USD options and strategies for corporate.
    FX: Managing the FX position (pricing, Hedging and Proprietary trading).
  • BCP BANK - Trader FX

    2009 - maintenant Hedging deals in currencies Cross Moroccan Dirham
    Trading Spot and Forward
    Setting up a Pricer for the Real time quotation (Spot, Forward, Vanilla Option)
    Testing the impact of updated parameters (change in the Betas of the Moroccan Dirham Basket)
    Automation of daily tasks using VBA (Excel)
    Proposing the best price for the sales team in order to be competitive in the market and to catch the most important deals in daily basis
  • Societe Generale Americas Securities New York - Exotic Trader Assistant

    2008 - 2009 Dissertation:Replication Funds
    Analysis and Production of the Profit and loss on Daily Basis
    Adjustment of the tracking Error and Basis Reserve in term of hedge
    Calculation of the monthly settlement for financials products
    Testing the impact of updated parameters (Correlation Matrix, Volatility of Index, Fund Betas)
    Automation of daily tasks using VBA (Excel)


  • Ecole Mohammadia D'Ingénieurs (Rabat)

    Rabat maintenant
  • Chartered Institute Of Management Accountants (London)

    London 2016 - 2016 Certificate in Islamic Capital Market and Instruments
  • Ecole Supérieure De Commerce CERAM European School of Business

    Sophia Antipolis 2007 - 2008 Postgraduate Program In Capital Markets
  • Ecole Mohammedia D'Ingénieurs (EMI) (Rabat)

    Rabat 2004 - 2007
  • Classes Préparatoires Aux Grandes Écoles D'Ingénieurs (Casablanca)

    Casablanca 2002 - 2004 Maths Sup/Maths Spé
  • Lycée Moulay Abdellah (Casablanca)

    Casablanca 1999 - 2002


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