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DIPLOME DE L'ESSEC de DOUALA en Etudes Supérieures des sciences économiques et commerciales en Audit et Controle de Gestion( Mention AB)

Mes compétences :
Administrateur des ventes
Contrôleur de gestion
develop Diageo Way
Portfolio Administration
Implementation of partner vision and GCSA
Profit and Loss Accounts
Sales Analysis
Risk Analysis
Management control
build skills
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  • Diageo Guinness Cameroon Sa - Area Sales Executive

    2016 - 2016 * Leading delivery of sales, NSV, Distribution targets of BEER, APNADS & SPIRITS in both Mainstream and Premium outlets.
    * Develop Win-Win-Win relationships with Key Distributors, Key retailers, RSDs, wholesalers to drive growth:( JUBP, business profitability, expansion opportunities, targeted investment, credit assessments.)
    * Lead and coach Sales Execs and KDs VSMs to consistently activate sales drivers (QDVPPP) as per Diageo standards.
    * Drive compliance on basic sales operating standards by Diageo and KDs people for efficiency and productivity. (SFE and 80% time in field by Managers)
    * Manages performance of KD's and Diageo for delivery of key market KPIs
    * Identify seasonal opportunities and engage Customer Marketing for activation.
    * Train, develop and build Capabilities of Diageo and KD's People (Diageo Way of Selling LTS/LTC and Everyday Minimum execution standards)
    * Responsible in driving compliance as per Diageo policies, processes and KDs business contract terms.
    * Leader of the development, performance, growth of Distributors of his area, by driving efficiently the Relationship with Diageo , as well as their effectiiveness and efficiently
    * Execute One Plan activities and Trade Equity programs, from planning stage to OTIF reconciliations and reporting.
    * Seize trade / events opportunities through submission and follow-up of SAPs.
    * Activities Briefing, Reconciliation Monitor delivery of goals of trade programs. Basically in charge of Promotions.
    * Supervise agencies staff activating in outlets within his area, and do necessary free drinks controls.
    * Structured monitoring of competition activities and provide reporting
  • Diageo Guinness Cameroon Sa - Retailer Sales Executive

    2012 - maintenant (March-August 2011 & -------
    * Sell, Grow volume and ensure products availability in all bars
    * Perform merchandising. Every day minimum outlet execution standards activated in all bars. (Fridges, shelves, posters, price)
    * Train and role model best practice outlet execution in key bars to inspire VSMs/TSMs to activate minimum standards in entire outlet universe.
    * Engage retailers behind market opportunities and generate pre-orders, sell in order to "fill out of stock gaps" where need be.
    * Manage VSM/VSL/TSM and VTS performance (spanning target setting, SFE, EMES, rebates / incentive payment to trade, etc.) from a Spirits and Beer perspective.
    * Build great relationships with all key bars within his territory through daily visits as per Market call standards.
    * Perform on time Weekly Sales & Execution Reporting
    * Own, develop Diageo Way of Selling capabilities and consistently apply to deliver 100% of Call objectives. (LTS)
  • Sanaga BOISSON Service - Sales Manager

    2012 - 2012 SBS (Sanaga BOISSON Service) Distributor Guinness Cameroon ( -------
    * Supervision and recruitment of the sales force
    * Setting credit envelopes and monitoring their recovery
    * Portfolio management (20/80) of the universe
    * Manager of sales and distribution strategies
    * Implementation of partner vision and GCSA
    * Audit of commercial strategies in the field
    * Management of Bank activities - Partner
    * P & L of Sellers
    Distribution Administrator at GSCA (7 Months)

    * Reporting and sales analysis
    * Distribution Analyst
    * Forecast of the distributor's order
    * Inventory management of promotional activities (Trade loader, NCP)
    * Monitoring the stock of goods at the Distributor
    * Establishment of the distributor's P & L
    * Financial Risk Analysis
    * Financial audit of accounts
    Regional Sales Administration Support GCSA (2 months)
    * Sales reporting from the Douala region
    * Reporting and monitoring of field activities (Trade loader, NCP, Sales Force)
    * Reporting of activities of the competition
    * Monitoring visibility equipment, vehicles, human resources
    * Store management in the region
    Market Team Supervisor, GCSA (10 months)
    * Development of 20 sales points of Bonaberi.
    * Implementation and negotiations of promotional activities
    * Activations of sales vectors
    * Follow-up of the clients' join up business plan
    * Administrations (sales reporting and Market Share)
    * Supervision of the sales force
    * Mystery shopping shopping
    * Animation in sales points.

    2011 - 2011

    2011 - maintenant
  • GUINNESS CAMEROUN(TEMPORAIRE) - Administrateur des Ventes

    2009 - maintenant

    2008 - 2009 Développement et suivi des points de ventes
    implémentation des activités marketing sur le terrain(marketing opérationnel)
    Recrutement et supervision des ressources
    Gestion du portefeuille des clients
    Animation dans les points de vente
    Reporting des activités sur les ventes journalierement, hebdomadairement, et mensuellement
  • Diageo Guinness Cameroon Sa - Merchandising

    2007 - 2008 & August - September 2008: Professional internship
  • Aes Sonel - Stagiaire

    Douala 2006 - 2006



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