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My name is Richard Malenga Logistician at AND Transport in Lubumbashi- DRC, I am actually willing to up skilled myself in an International Standard Company.

With the South-African education background and work experience I have, enable me to fit in different fields, fast learning and collaborate at work, especially with the desire for accumulating new knowledge and sharing my experience around me, I believe my new colleagues will appreciate having me in the team.

Thanks for considering my curriculum vitae.

Mes compétences :
Stock Control
Able to learn fast other proffesions
HSE Delegate


  • AND Transport - Logistician

    2014 - maintenant • The encoding of our trucks trips, weights of products transporting and fuel stock control
    • Make invoices and statements, send soft-copy via mail and hard-copy with an agent
    • Keep contacts with logistics departments of our clients in order to be aware of our performance
    • always make a final report of engines maintenance once approved by the mechanic supervisor
    • Computing and Networking
  • PERIOTTI Transport - Site Supervisor/HSE

    2011 - 2013 We had a contract KILWA Village around 360kms from Lubumbashi
    we had a 60kms rehabilitation road contract, from DIKULUSHI Mining to KILWA port.

    1. I had to equipped the staff with uniforms and other materials according to their departments for safety
    2. Drive to different sites with the Site Manager in order to reach their needs and give instructions all along the road
    3.I had to translate Swahili, Lingala, French to English for the Site Manager
    4.Once released by the Site Manager I had to spend certain time site to site supervising teams, make sure the site remains non alcoholic and out of drugs, investigating theist fuel and other materials
    5.Push up the work ensure drivers load more (latérite) not less than usual
    Send Water bows every half an hour to wet the road in order to have a clean view while driving
    6.Give daily written and verbal report to the Site Manager
  • GRAND KARAVIA HOTEL - Maintenance

    2010 - 2011 1. Our team had the duty to maintain the air conditioner system
    Control gaze pipes, water pipes make sure safety equipment is in place
    Checking fire extinguishers CO2 ,Water pomp H2O, fire blankets , lifts control system, Fire Buttons, emergency alarm and keep the emergency exit clean
    2.Train the co-workers about emergency policies

  • DISTRICT SIX MUSEUM n.g.o - Humanitarian volunteer

    2007 - 2008
    Humanitarian volunteer/ Part-time During the xenophobia trouble period I engaged myself to assist victims of the event at District Six Museum in humanitarian department
    I was in charge of 80 refugees from different countries like Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, Somalia, Congo Brazzaville and D.R Congo translating and taking the their declarations then introduce its to the head office for social assistance
    P.E educator : Go the refugees camps to teach them about sexual transmission diseases (S .T.D)

    2006 - 2011 1.We were equipping companies with safety equipments and signs
    2.Training staff how to use the safety items and equipments, reading notifications plagues and signals on the site, the training was on theory and practice. Psychologically we prepared them on the attitude to have once found in an incident, and how to assist victims while waiting for rescuers

  • QUEENSPARK Security - Security

    2005 - 2006 I was place for a long time in a textile company.

    1. Searching workers before entering and leaving the site
    Make rounds to the check points in order to keep on the alarm
    2. Register every visitor, time in, time out car's plague number check car's boot
    3.Write every hour the site report in the O.B, give reports to the head office via a radio and detailed report the my colleagues while shifting

    Reason for leaving: New job after studding


  • SISCO Academy (Lubumbashi)

    Lubumbashi 2011 - 2011 Module 1Discovery Networking CCNA1

    Subjects: Networking and Maintenance
    On line cours practice on appointement
  • JOBSTARTS Training Centre (Cape Town)

    Cape Town 2005 - 2006 Certicificate

    6 Months in Enterprises Management

    Subjects: Management, Marketing, Safety, Correspondence (Call Centre) and Computing
  • TSHILOMBA Institut (Mwene Ditu)

    Mwene Ditu 2003 - 2004 Grade 12 , Pedagogy General



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