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Having completed an Engineering degree and worked as a quality control manager for six years, I have acquired considerable expertise in the quality control field. My work in multinational corporations such as GAMESA and AIRBUS DEFENCE AND SPACE has permitted me to develop my sense of responsibility and leadership skills, it has also brought me into contact with different work practices and cultures in different countries. I enjoy working in a team, taking initiatives and being responsive to the challenges presented both in the daily office environment and out in the field. I am good at organizing myself and am able to work efficiently in stressful and new situations. I have good people skills which I enjoy putting to use in my relationships with colleagues and clients.


  • Airbus Group - Quality Assurance Engineer systems

    Blagnac 2014 - maintenant To check the validity of the Quality Plan and contribute to the control of technical activities; to follow and manage the non-conformities, validate all documentation produced.
    To verify that technical processes are applied correctly, analyze differences and evaluate associated risks. Ensure the monitoring of risk and implement appropriate action for risk reduction. To follow and ensure the quality of data-base systems during each step of production and development (Program ARIANE5).
  • Gamesa - O&M UK-IE-Quality Coordinator and Inspector for UK & IE

    St Priest cedex 2013 - 2014 To develop and manage the Quality department for UK and Ireland. Collaborate and ensure compliance with quality standards, environment and risk prevention as set out in the Integrated Management System. Check that the components inspected and contracted services (maintenance) meet company specifications. Analyze non-conformities as defined in ISO 9001. Perform the following inspections on onshore wind turbines: visual inspection of tower and nacelle, detailed inspection of machinery, vibration measurements, blade inspection, and end of warranty. Prepare quality reports for audits of calibration, major and minor correctives in wind turbines, preventive maintenance of wind turbines. Investigate on site for specific technical problems. Check technician competence for fault diagnosis.
  • Gamesa - O&M Quality inspector

    St Priest cedex 2010 - 2013 To analyze non-conformities as defined in ISO 9001.
    Perform inspections on onshore wind turbines.
    Prepare quality reports after inspection. Liaise with other subcontractor’s inspectors. Develop the RD / INC components and their defects according to their importance and imputation. Undertake re-inspection in the case of critical defects. Collaborate and ensure compliance with quality standards, environment and risk prevention as set out in the Integrated Management System.
  • Studio Rivelli Consulting S.r.l - Consulting and safety on the job

    2010 - 2010 To advise on safety procedures required to manage daD.Lgs. 81/08. Develop management plans and emergency prevention plans by specific assessment of fire risk, according to relevant legislation, and in particular according to the dictates laid down by the DM 10/03/1998.To determine risk assessment of exposure to noise.
    To measure and verify lighting levels, to oversee simulation exodus tests and implement employee safety training.
    Basic knowledge of ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards and supporting tools.


  • Universidad Carlos III De Madrid (Calle Madrid,)

    Calle Madrid, 2007 - 2008 Aeronautical Engineer

    Development of final dissertation for the achievement of the Master’s degree in
    Aeronautical Engineering
    - Title: Study and characterization of a low swirl flame with Stereo PIV.
  • La Sapienza (Roma)

    Roma 2000 - 2010 Aeronautical Engineering


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