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I am a business developer for 7 years and a deal maker (B2B, B2C) with more than 10 years of experience from startup to corporate.

➡️ Strong experience in sales (inbound, outbound) in short & long term cycle.
➡️ Commercial expertise with major focus on retail | franchise development and operation,
➡️ Team leader and Sales trainer able to empower and motivate others to achieve targets,
➡️ Delivering outstanding results in high-pace development and turn-around situations,

What I love doing is 1) having an impact on customer's lives via wonderful products and
customer's experience, 2) managing and empowering my teams | colleagues, 3) turning the company’s vision into action and authentic success and 4) being a learning animal who consistently excels ...

Mes compétences :
Négociation commerciale
Word Excel Powerpoint
Étude de marché
Grands comptes
Animation de réseau
Restauration rapide
Business plan
Directeur Commercial
grande distribution


  • Apple -  Senior Technical Advisor ||

    PARIS 2017 - maintenant Mission : as Apple Care senior advisor, identify customer needs and delivers effective coaching and solutions to problems (iPhone, Mac). Committed in a pressure environment to provide hight-quality care to create a positive experience.

    C.E.O : Tim Cook
    "Tim has one quality that boost you up when you meet him : kindness ..."

    Results :

    ➡️ Management of 30 calls per day
    ➡️ Customer satisfaction: 94.1 %
    ➡️ Top performer
    ➡️ Promoted after 7 months

    What I learned | improved :

    ✅ Stress management skills (self control, conflict resolution ...)
    ✅ Time management skills (prioritisation, guidance ...)
    ✅ Communication skills (clear communication, listening ...)
    ✅ Humility and patience : be able to start again from scratch
    ✅ Learn apple leadership values : stay curious, demand difference, focus and simplify, see around the corner, fight for excellence, customer experience focus, Integrity, Love people ...
  • Utilitywise - Account Manager | Consultant ||

    2017 - 2017 Mission : as sales consultant for Utilitywise, via 70 daily cold calling, I helped businesses to reduce their energy consumption and costs by 5 to 30%.

    C.E.O : Brendan Flattery
    "Due to prior experiences, Brendan, has a great vision and a disruptive strategy to change the market via new services and methodologies. Brendan is also a fantastic motivational speaker and an authentic leader who knows how to move hearts"

    Results :

    ➡️ Delivered 130 % of my target
    ➡️ 10 deals per month on average
    ➡️ Top 5 performer within 50 sales executive
    ➡️ Managed 70 calls per day

    What I learned | improved

    ✅ Growth mindset
    ✅ Leads generation techniques
    ✅ Communication (active listening, qualification questioning ...)
    ✅ Closing and objection techniques ...
  • Best of startup | Mon communique de Presse ... - Evangelist | Co-founder || |

    2013 - 2017 Creation of different websites and communities for entrepreneurs.

    ✅ | "Let's buzz in one click" | closed mid 2017

    Mission : online platform dedicated to public relation & communication for brands and entrepreneurs.

    ➡️ Share your communication in all social media in one click
    ➡️ Get in touch with more than 2 000 journalists | 10 000 views per month

    ✅ | "Connecting Startup" | created in 2015

    Mission : online community for entrepreneurs, startups, investors, incubators.

    ➡️ 1 000 startups indexed
    ➡️ Good Morning Startup : 100 interviews

    ✅ | "Connecting Franchisors | Candidates" | closed mid 2017

    Mission : online platform for entrepreneurs and franchisors

    ➡️ 2 500 Franchisors indexed
    ➡️ Good Morning Franchise : 15 interviews

    What I learned | improved

    ✅ SEO techniques | referencing
    ✅ On line marketing : social media, blogging, web mastering, email marketing ...
    ✅ I failed to find traction and to have a good market fit
  • Gold Swiss Service - Head of Expansion and Operations | Sales Manager ||

    2011 - 2012 Mission : Responsible in all facets of franchise sales, real estate development and operations in coordination with finance and marketing. Started from scratch by creating and leading development, training and operation. Standardised, updated the concept and created new services .

    Results :

    ➡️ Opened 30 stores (France, Switzerland, Germany ...)
    ➡️ Yearly turnover : 40 M€
    ➡️ Franchise fees : 600 000 €
    ➡️ Number 1 in Switzerland | Number 2 in France
    ➡️ Member of executive committee

    *** details of mission ***

    ✅ Head of development | develop the concept in France, Switzerland and Germany.
    ✅ Head of Operation | Meet or exceed company sales and profit expectations while maintaining standards in all areas of Franchise and Corporate.

    What I learned | improved :

    ✅ Growth mindset
    ✅ Leadership (coaching for performance)
    ✅ Time and stress management
    ✅ Mental agility (critical thinks and problem solvers)
    ✅ Strategic thinking | Analytical skills
    ✅ Capable of inspiring and leading entrepreneurs
    ✅ Attracts high-performing entrepreneurs
  • Domino's Pizza France - National Expansion Manager || |

    Issy-les-Moulineaux 2008 - 2011 Mission : as national expansion manager I was responsible in all facets of franchise sales in coordination with finance, marketing and operation.

    CEO Australia : Don Meij | CEO France : Andrew Rennie
    "Andrew was a great motivator for all of us with is two french key words : "vite et beaucoup", we can summarise by high volume mentality. Accessible, enjoyable and with a great vision he's a definitely a doer ..."
    "Don Meij is one of the best CEO of Australia ... In few years he made Domino's Pizza Entreprise number 1 in many countries, now he is moving DPE to a technology company focusing on customers' experience and constant innovation"

    Results :

    ➡️ Opened more than 25 restaurants
    ➡️ Inauguration with Thierry Mariani previous French Minister of Transport
    ➡️ Yearly turnover : 18 M€
    ➡️ Royalties : 12 M€ | Franchise fees : 625 K€
    ➡️ Leader in France

    *** details of mission ***

    ✅ Develop and execute strategies to identify potential franchise candidates and partnership opportunities through research, direct contact, attendance at conventions and trade shows, and other marketing activities.
    ✅ Create, maintain and strengthen relationships with prospective franchise candidates by providing complete and accurate information, market analysis, financial modelling, and business plan development.
    ✅ Ensure that all prospective franchisee and partnership arrangements meet all qualifications and align with domino's pizza mission.
    ✅ Coordinate the sales process by working collaboratively with all support functions and appropriate departments (Finance, Operation, Construction, Marketing, IT ...).
    ✅ Properly disclose, negotiate deal points and collect all required documents, application/initial fees, and signed franchise licensing agreements.
    ✅ Travel as required to ensure strong relationships with current franchisee and meet franchise leads.
    ✅ Do networking and lobbying with mayors, chamber of commerce, and key influencers
  • Distribution Casino France - Responsable Expansion

    Saint-Étienne 2005 - 2007 Entre juin 2005 et septembre 2007, pour le groupe CASINO je développe les enseignes VIVAL, Spar, Petit Casino, sur 3 départements (Dordogne, Lot et Garonne, Gironde). Création de plus de 10 magasins.

    - Prospection, identification des réseaux
    - Détermination des villes à potentiel, veille concurrentielle, identification et appréciation des sites
    - Etudes de marché et d’implantation
    - Contrôle de gestion : réalisation des Business Plan
    - Budget des travaux, respect des normes de sécurité, obtention des autorisations administratives
    - Négociation des conditions commerciales
    - Plannification et respect des délais


  • Université Aix - Marseille III (Aix En Provence)

    Aix En Provence 1997 - 1998 PARCOURS / CV :
  • Université Lyon 2 Lumiere

    Lyon 1992 - 1997 SCIENCES ECONOMIQUES
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