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As a student and part-time worker (apprenticeship) in Human Resources, I am looking for a challenging company, seeking for innovation in terms of structure, management, goals.

Balanced and responsible decision-making-processes, seeking a sustainable growth; those are arguments which are highly compatible with my personal features, always looking for projects and a sustainable, considerate strategy.

Perfectly aware that my career will follow an international path, I at an early age traveled as part of my studies in order to learn foreign languages and new work methods, perceiving the adaptation to a global world with multiple collaborators necessary.
This is why with my experiences in Finland in high school, in Canada in my second year after graduation, and in Spain in Bachelor (all of it in Business Administration), I claim a bilingual level in English and a professional one in Spanish. I also participated to several events among the UNESCO (PAMUN) and to a negotiation contest conducted in English (INC), which shows my ability to work inside multicultural teams.

Hoping to have given you a short vision of who I am,

Yours faithfully,

Mes compétences :
Gestion de projet
Gestion des ressources humaines
Travail en équipe
Microsoft Office


  • Agence Pluri'Elles - HR Coordinator

    Clichy 2016 - maintenant - Sourcing of candidates
    - Recruitment interviews
    - Work's contracts according to French law
    - Following and reporting of activity
    - Paperwork of recruitment
    - Aided contracts, including long term contracts.

    Dossier d'étude: élaboration d'une politique de sourcing pour les métiers de service et recherche d'un logiciel de gestion des CV.
  • Polo Ralph Lauren - Part-time Seller

    Paris 2015 - 2015 Direct sales, merchandising, client advice, cash handling.
  • BLB Tourisme - Tour operator assistant

    SAINTE GENEVIEVE DES BOIS 2015 - 2015 Organization of cruises tours on land, phoning, planning, negotiation with providers...
  • La Trocante - Part-time seller and Jeweler

    2012 - 2015 Cashing, Stock management, Direct selling, daily accounting.
    Work during week-ends, public holidays and holidays


  • IAE Gustave Eiffel - Marne La Vallée

    Marne La Vallee 2016 - maintenant Master 1

    Strategic Management, HRM in action, Management, Sociology, Globalisation & Management...
  • Universidad De Almería (Almería)

    Almería 2016 - 2016 Bachelor
  • IAE Gustave Eiffel - Marne La Vallée

    Marne La Vallee 2015 - 2016 Licence 3 (Bachelor) International Management

    International Management licence at the IAE Gustave Eiffel:
    -Management Control, Marketing research, Business English, Human Resources Management, Career Planning, Descriptive Statistics
  • Cégep Vanier College (Montréal)

    Montréal 2014 - 2015 hird semester in Cegep Vanier College, Montreal.
    * Human Resources
    * Negotiations
    * International Business
    * Introduction to Business
    * Leadership and team management
    * Sales Management
    * Entrepreneurship
  • IUT Vannes

    Vannes 2013 - 2015 DUT

    Marketing, Project management, commercial negotiation, Quality management, strategy, computer tools improvement (such as Excel, Photoshop, Gant, Openproj...), Webmarketing, Management, French commercial law, management mathematics, expression communication and culture, Psychology...

    Negotiation contest in English INC 2014 with the collaboration of the company SIDES, 3rd seat.
    3rd semester in the


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