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Spécialisations :
Denim fabric product development ,
Denim fabric production,
Collection preparation ,
Denim Fabric finishing

Role & Responsibilities:
• Responsible for product development operations
• Prepare collection for the new season
• Improve quality to achieve customer satisfaction
Major Accomplishments:

• Achieved customer satisfaction with the new denim products
• Achieved successes in the main customer claims
• Developed new finishing routes
• Built a strong relation between sales and production units.

Mes compétences :
Gestion Financière
Gestion administrative
Gestion des Projets
Gestion des Ressources Humaine


  • World Weaving Factory - Cadre Superieur

    2010 - maintenant Started up the factory with spinning , weaving, dyeing , finishing and inspection units
    -Working as Processing Manager and responsible for Denim Dyeing and Processing.
    -Responsible for producing quality product with minimum production losses
    -Establish a Quality Control Lab in Dyeing Department and introduce various essential lab instruments like Spectrophotometer, Metrohm Ion Analysis Titrino and pH meters. Trained local staff on these instrument to monitor and control the basic dyeing parameters and record all the relevant data
    -Actively involve in developing a new fabric range with different Yarn specification, in varieties of Cotton qualities and Dyeing Recipes
    -Reducing the fabric cost by adjusting the quantity of the chemicals without deviation in the desired shade.
  • Mafaco - Ingenieur

    2006 - 2010
    Role & Responsibilities:
    • Responsible for the starting up the Denim Range
    • Responsible for the production
    • Responsible for the Denim product development function of the company
    • Provide technical support for the agreed redesign, development, implementation and continuous improvement of the company’s processes as required to ensure customer
    • Insuring accurate documentation of production and quality control data and records.
    • Develop and recommend improvements of facilities, equipment, or procedures to improve safety, quality, and efficiency
    • Lead the activities of the team members in the production of quality prescription eyewear in accordance with work instructions and company policy to ensure a quality product delivered on time.
    • Set up systems to achieve employee satisfaction.
    • Plan and implement procedures and systems to maximize operating efficiency
    • Monitor staff performance including performance reviews

    Major Accomplishments:

    • Developed 20 finishing recipes and 200 Indigo dyeing recipes
    • Established all procedures and systems
    • Managed and produced 700.000 mt fabric per month
    • Directed Indigo production and product development managers
    • Installed a garment washing Process
    • Trained more than 20 new employees over a five year period resulting in increased customer satisfaction
  • Willheim Beines - Resp Laboratoir Teinture

    2000 - 2001


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