En résumé

C sami 37 ans diplomé depuis 2002,ingénieur en géosciences.J'ai une expérience dans le domaine pétrolier et voici les puits ou j'ai travailler:

RWE Dea North Africa :Kufra(libya)
En Tunisie
Thyna Petroleum Services :Guebiba #9, Guebiba #8, SWDW#2, El Hajeb#7,Guebiba# 5A
OMV :Warda#1, Nawara#1
SOCO :Elyssa#7
SODEPS :El Arich, Makrouga
British Gas :Ensco 105 Abiod North
Eni Tunisia :Nadhir#1, Abir#1, Elkarma, Adam#6,Azzel,Sayeh Ettouil, HMD#9, HMD#8, HMD Nord#3,Oued Zar #4
Pionner :Badr#1,Badr#2, Farah#1


  • NAPSA Group - Business Development Manager

    2012 - maintenant - Oil and gas services
    - Well services
    - Chemical products supplier
    - Pipe line sales installation, inspection and cleaning
    - Warehousing ans logistics solutions
  • AMAL Services Risk Management and Wastes Treatment - Wastes management coordinator

    2005 - 2007 • Supervise several operations of wastes mud and water treatment in the base or in the rig site.
    • writing reports
    • Contact clients
  • International Logging Overseas Ltd - Mudlogger

    2004 - 2005 -Perform geological analysis of drill cuttings drawing up a lithological log using ILO’s Geoplot software.
    -Compile and manage a Microsoft Access database relating drilling parameters to geological results.
    -Perform lithological interpretation on the basis of hydrocarbon, drilling and sample results.
    -Maintain and calibrate all mudlogging sensors.
    -Active participation in ILO end of well reports compiling the Geological summary for each formation drilled, providing detailed daily breakdowns of drilling activities and recording gas and Oil show data
    -Hydrocarbon analysis using Fluoroscope to determine oil shows.
    -Compile detailed manifests for all samples collected and inventories of sampling materials.


  • Faculté Des Sciences De Tunis FST (Tunis)

    Tunis 2000 - 2002 Pétrol


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