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I am a young engineer of 24 years old , graduated from the ENIT, mechanical engineering speciality, as major the 2009 promotion.
Serious and dynamic, challenges do not frighten me. My work ethic and communication skills allow me to easily integrate any group. I'm always looking for new challenges and ways to improve my skills.


  • EPPM - Ingénieur mécanique

    Tunis 2009 - maintenant There were several projects I worked on within the EPPM beginning with the design of fire firefighting system for two docks (Arzew and Bethioua) in Algeria. The project was initialized after the disaster caused by the fire which consumed a tanker then spread all over the dock in Algeria. We began the project by studying the topographical data, calculate the surface to cover then choose the position and types of anti fire cannon, pumps and other firefighting devices in accordance with the standards.
    For the second project, the TIFERT project in Tunisia, i worked with TECHNIP. It consisted in the study and build of a chemistry factory. My duty was to simulate the behavior of pipelines in the operation conditions using CAESAR II and choose the positions and types of supports to ensure that there would be no problem while operating. The last task was to write the reports and send them to TECHNIP for verification.
    The final project i am working on ( the ARZEW project) consists in the design of fire fighting systems for about 70 oil terminal sites. My task is to calculate, determine the type and position of support then coordinate the work with other engineering specialities.
    Currently i'm working on the ECUMED Petroleum offshore painting project as a project management. I already made researches on the documentations related to painting and coating and made a visit on the three offshores that will be considered in the project.
    Through these projects, i learned how to use new software and interpret their results but also new and more efficient ways of thinking to approach problems.
  • Lundi tunisia bv - Mechanical engineer trainee

    2009 - 2009 This project is the final one before obtaining the mechanical engineering diploma. It consisted in the study and monitoring of the production process Pipes erosion on the FPSO IKDAM.
    The FPSO had to perform diagnosing and monitoring thickness loss within it's pipelines which can be considered as a huge hazard since a leak of pipelines can lead to a disaster at sea.
    So, the project started with the diagnosis of the condition of pipelines and prediction of their resistance which has been made on the basis of manual controls made on 85 check points and 360 measurement points through the last 6 years.
    Based on the result, we could easily identify and categorize the pipelines on the criteria of their condition and even do forecasting to determine if they could withstand another project.
    The second part was to design and program of a software for tracking, control and management of pipelines which would , by simply adding the data for each pipe along with it's the size and schedule, display a report containing a detailed diagnosis of the process pipelines with alerts, forecasting module and report emailing feature.
    With this software, managing pipelines thickness loss would be an easy task for thousand of sites.
    Although the software is complete and fully functional, i am working on a new version which should be faster and containing more features. Finally, the last part of my project was the establishment of a new technique of thickness measurement based on the differential pressure measurement.
    This way, by adding an interface between the software and the transmitters, all the process of monitoring the thickness loss in pipelines would become automated.
    During my stay on the FPSO IKDAM, i followed an 8 days training which gave me the chance to get familiar with the standards used in the oil field, to understand P&IDs and to understand how the production process works (fluids, mechanics, electrics, firefighting system...) along with a full safety training.
  • VALEO transmission - Engineer trainee

    2008 - 2008 This summer internship's project consisted in the study and optimization of a production unit and setting up ways to change reference. The main problem encountered by VALEO transmission is the loss of time due to the change of machine parts when beginning a new project or resuming an old one. This time loss was due to the organization of the production unit (machine parts, workers, lack of manuals and check lists....etc..). The work done was based on the lean manufacturing method developed by TOYOTA.
    By organizing the production unit (creating storage for the machine parts and a checklist along with another one for the tools that have to be used during the change....),we gained about 40.000 to 100.000 Tunisian dinars a year depending on the human factor. The company has about 4 production unit, so the gain could be multiplied by 4. By this example, we can see how a slight organization can be time saving and beneficial any company.
    Moreover, while checking the machines, i found some problems related to energy loss for which i gave some suggestions to the company.
    With this project, i learned how much organization is important and how slight changes can affect the production time and cost. There's always a way to optimize production.
  • VALEO transmission - Second year project

    2008 - 2008 This project was done in pairs, it consisted in the study and conception of a flywheel milling table adaptable to any flywheel type.
    The work has been done within several steps beginning with the study of the currents existing machine, the study of the different types of flywheels produced by the company (so we can identify its parameters).
    Then we had, before beginning to work on a new conception, to identify and solve the problems related to the existing one.
    After studying the different possible solutions, we found out that it would be more interesting, fast and economic to modify an existing machine. Based on this idea, we presented different solutions for the current machine's problems and the options related to their modification.
    Once approved, we designed the new machine (based on the old one) on CATIA V5, simulated the behavior of some parts using ANSYS 10, studied the fabrication steps and means then contacted suppliers and subcontractor to get the machine ready as soon as possible with cheaper price and best quality.
    This project was helpful to build up our communication skills since we had to take full responsibilities in choosing and contacting suppliers, subcontractors and look for the needed information within the company. On the technical side, it was a great experience that helped us understand even more the work of CNC and the the process of producing flywheels.
  • ACT (Automotive Components Tunisia) - Worker internship

    2007 - 2007 the purpose of the work i have done at the ACT was to give me a general idea about the work in the industrial field and how i can manage to find applications for the knowledge i gained during my studies.
    For the purpose of achieving this goal, i worked with the maintenance department with technicians and workers for maintaining the machines' park (changing bearings and other defectives pieces...).
    Moreover, i worked with the quality department and had to do some statistics on the quantity of good and bad produced pieces after each operation in order to identify defective machines which would need to be maintained.
  • VALEO DCP - Worker internship

    2007 - 2007 During my internship within VALEO DCP, i had various minor responsibilities like assisting technicians while they were maintaining machines (ultra-wave welding machine,crimping machine, plastic injection) as well as assembling a sub-component board for testing automotive wiring.
    I also had the chance to learn more about factories structure, production processes and organization.
    For preventive maintenance tasks,i wrote a manual for each machine so that every new person can understand the way the maintenance is done.
    Finally, as my first contact with the professional environment, i developed my communication skill along with my technical ones and had no problems working in groups and building relationship with colleagues.
    As a first experience, it was a great one and gave me the desire to work hard.


  • ENIT(Ecole Nationale D'Ingénieurs De Tunis) (Tunis)

    Tunis 2006 - 2009 Graduated as major of my promotion
  • Faculté Des Sciences De Tunis cycle préparatoire à la FST (Tunis Manar)

    Tunis Manar 2004 - 2006 mathémathics - physics
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