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Mes compétences :
Marketing Management
Team Development
Community Development
Develop communication tools
Manage the public relations
Manage the information
Child Protection
Development management
Management of media and public partners
Develop tools management
Product Marketing
Public Relations
country communities development
HIV community management, Malaria Competences
Business Planning
Budgets & Budgeting > Budget Management
Develop the knowledge assets
Global Learning Teams Support
Income Activities Management
Management Accounting
monitoring of funds and collection
project development
life skills
Community Development Management
Equipment Maintenance
Project Development Management
Social Media
share management
Cable Installation
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Publisher
Microsoft Word


  • Every Nation Church - Community Development Team Coordinator

    2019 - maintenant * Coordinate the Team's activities
    - Coordinate the Team and Activities according to the organization's vision;

    * Team Development
    - Develop strategies for team members development;
    - Develop strategies for the implementation of projects;

    * Project Management
    - Represent the team at different leadership meetings.
  • Baptist Refugee Centre - C4D Representative

    2017 - 2019 * Communication Strategy Development
    - Manage internal and external communication;
    - Develop communication tools and training tools for refugee communities;

    * Community Development Management
    - Prepare and organize meetings, trainings, campaigns. (Thematic and approaches);
    - Manage the media database (Photos and Audio-Videos). Capture, selection and information and Media treatment;
    - Collect information from support teams, process data, report activities and participate in
    updating the website;
    - Develop communication tools and strategies;
    - Manage the public relations;
    - Manage the information, networking and represent the structure to the events.
  • Community Wise SA - Independent Consultant in Communication, Marketing and Community Development Management

    2015 - 2017 * Marketing Projects Management
    - Develop marketing and business development projects;
    - Design and implement the community life competence projects;

    * Community Development Management
    - Develop C4D projects;
    - English to French professional documents translation;

    * Translate Management
    - Facilitate the conferences and workshops.
  • Constellation Internationale - Consultant International

    2014 - 2014 * Global Learning Teams Support;
    - Improve the Global Learning Teams strategies

    * Global Learning Teams strategies building
    - Develop the knowledge assets;
    - Capture of the Global experiences and share management;

    * Global experiences share management
    - Social Media & Marketing Management
  • UNICEF - Community Development Consultant

    2012 - 2012 Project: « Whole Immunization Community Management ».
    Child Protection Project in DR.
    UNICEF, executed by RDCCOMPETENCE/Constellation International (DR. Congo)
    * Facilitate training of community
    facilitators Community approach - Facilitation of the local response to the development of strategies for community

    for the development of activities mobilization to full immunization in rural areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo;

    in the fight against diseases of - Support and facilitation of project management community full immunization;
    children in Katanga province. - Management support teams;
    * Organize local teams to life skills.
    - Monitoring of community activities related to the complete vaccination;
    * Facilitate the development of
    community action plans to fight - Influencing the success of campaigns on social change related to vaccination;

    against childhood diseases. - Training and support local development teams (community ownership of community
    * Supporting teams support development process with the community and participatory approach SALT);
    community action. - Facilitate capacity building of officials of the central offices of the Health Zones;
    * Facilitate local response to - Support the involvement of local political and administrative authorities in the
    community development appropriation process;
    strategies for vaccination.

    - Facilitation of community mobilization;
    * Facilitate community
    mobilization for social change in - Monitoring and support the implementation of Small feasible actions within

    access to the vaccine. communities;

    * Development Community - Reporting of training, learning and appropriation stages;
    strategies for immunization - Monitoring and evaluation.
  • Congo Support - Refugee HIV Program Officer

    2012 - 2013 * Organize the HIV activities within Refugees Community.
    - Administrative and participatory members of the HIV and AIDS program;
    - Management of the training group and the development of the policy against HIV and AIDS in the middle of refugees;

    * Develop and manage the capacity building projects of refugees to face STIs and HIV & AIDS.
    - Management of communication between the program of HIV and other structures;
    - Managing Partner;

    * Facilitate and organize the change campaign.
    - Management of support staff;

    * Make advocacy PLWHA and AIDS patients;
    - Organization of advocacy meetings for people (refugees) living with HIV and AIDS
    * HIV positive people clinical care.
    - Business Planning;
    * Structure marketing management.
    - Organizing campaigns for behavior change among the refugees;

    * Organize exchange meetings and Supervising communities HIV and AIDS activities;
    - Training of refugees in matters relating to HIV and self-management (IGA, ...);
    * Facilitate dialogue of People living with HIV (experiences share symposium).
    - Awareness and orientation of refugees to VCT;
    - Orientation of the People Living with Virus to the care medical structures;
    * Facilitate the integration of people living with HIV in society.
    - Facilitating the integration of PLWHA in society;
    - Facilitating the access of refugee women pregnant at the EIC process;
    - Promoting good practices in the fight against HIV and AIDS;
    - Support the development of budget control activities against STIs and HIV and AIDS;
    - Establishing and maintaining partnerships with other organizations working in the same field of intervention.
  • GlobalCampus - Ambassador

    2010 - 2010 Global Scholarships Promotion
  • RDCCOMPETENCE ngo - Community Life-Competence Coach & National Communication Representative

    2008 - 2011 * Facilitate the process of
    community development through - Facilitation of local response for sustainable development and, Community Life-
    SALT and the CLCP; Competence Process in the DRC;
    * Administrate the department of - Support and facilitation of HIV and AIDS & Malaria, Child protection projects;
    communication. (Budget, Synchronized Immunization; Community Development Integral Management IGA with:
    * Organize campaigns for
    - Communication for Development management; community & social change;
    * Develop, Manage and Moderate - Monitoring of the intern & extern communication activities for the development of the

    the RDCCompétence website and structure;

    facilitate the exchange platform - Development and administration of the budget of communication's activities;

    on Yahoo Group and Social - Management of media and public partners;
    Media; - Management and team facilitation improvement across the DRC;
    * Network the NGOs across the

    - Organizing campaigns for social change (influencing behavior change);
    country and the great lakes area
    and facilitate communication - Training and support provincial development teams (community ownership of the

    within them; process of community development, with community outreach and participatory

    * Stimulate online and via phone approach SALT), monitoring and evaluation of projects;

    the share of stories and good - Management of public relations;
    practices from facilitators - Monitoring and maintaining partnerships with donors and other organizations
    communities; (represent the RDCC to the conferences and workshops);
    * Make globally know the structure - Development of communication tools. to know and to understand the product
    (Product Marketing); RDCCompétence through medias and Social Media Networks;
    * Develop tools management

    activities, monitoring and Production of the monthly newsletter;

    evaluation, and share/report the - Production of experiences booklet;
    activities; - Make the RDCC more visible;
    * Documentation Management. - Production of themes and messages for the activities;

    - Production of posters, flyers, banners, brochures, ...

    - Moderating website, blogs, weblogs...

    - Reporting of Projects Activities and, Share with all Partners.
  • CTB/BTC - HIV & AIDS Locale Response & Communication Consultant

    2006 - 2007 * HIV & AIDS training facilitation and Workshops.
    - Community based and participatory approaches facilitators training;
    - Community ownership and priority action plans on HIV program.

    * Implementation of Community HIV Program across the Republic Democratic of Congo.
    - HIV and Aids campaign development;
    - Monitoring and evaluating the activities;
    - Educational message materials production;

    * Pre-test and promote the participatory and community approach.
    - Manage Social Media platform activities, do the animation of blogs and share good practices via based on HIV activities progress.
    - Information and community experiences on HIV and AIDS share (Monthly Newsletter

    * Countrywide workshops organization.
    - Accompanying the HIV+ communities to get acted positive;
    - Facilitating the HIV and AIDS activities within Military and Police Communities.
  • KIN FRAMI TRADING - Administration & Financial Assistant

    2005 - 2005 * Support the finance plan - Administrative Guidance
    management. - Personal Management
    * Support the accounting - Organization of the major activities (conferences, trainings, other ...)
    Management. - Receipt, disbursement, monitoring of funds and collection of documents
    * Develop cash procedures and - Management accounting databases of business and financial customers
    monitoring funds. - Production and updating of administrative and financial procedures ...
    * Support the Human Resources - Contract Management
    - Support for the management of human resources
    * Organize administrative reports.
    - Weekly Reporting administrative and financial activities
    * Prepare and monitor contracts
    for employees. - Support for employee training


  • University Of Cape Town (Cape Town)

    Cape Town 2017 - 2017 Safer Certificate

    SAFER Training (Advocacy Management for Autonomous Refugees)
  • Université Protestante Au Congo (Kinshasa)

    Kinshasa 2000 - 2006 Bachelors Degree

    Business Management


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