Sandra SAGON


En résumé

With dual competencies as both a marketer and a biologist, I have experience of working across B2C and B2B functions in personal care, cosmetics and generics. I am an experienced project manager with a proven ability to formulate brand plans and manage their implementation across the marketing mix, drive innovation in NPD and work effectively in cross-functional teams.

Working in the UK has provided me with exposure to major high street retailers and pharmacy multiples such as Boots, Rowlands and Lloyds. I have demonstrated my ability to adapt my skills to new situations with a proven ability to plan and implement effective brand strategies in the French, Italian and Spanish markets.

Looking for a new opportunity in brand or product managment in France, UK and Australia. Available from September 2015.

Mes compétences :
Rigueur scientifique
Industrie pharmaceutique


  • Aromatherapy Associates - Brand and Product Development Assistant

    2015 - 2015 • Supported the Head of NPD in the planning and execution of product launches. Central to my role is ensuring that projects are delivered on time, within budget and satisfy the brief. Managing both internal and external stakeholders requires me to demonstrate my ability to communicate effectively.
    • On the relaunch of the Aroma Active brand I have proven my ability to contribute successfully in a cross-functional team. I have participated at agency meetings on brand positioning and have supported the Brand Manager with market research to inform pricing and portfolio decisions.
    • Responsible for the co-ordination of the internal artwork management process. I am required to follow a strict approval system and to work effectively between key stakeholders to ensure the timely sign-off of packaging.
  • Passion For Life Healthcare (PFLH) - International Product Manager

    2013 - 2015 - Managing distributor relationships in key international markets for Snoreeze/Doucenuit. Working collaboratively with distributors to develop market-specific strategies and managing their implementation across the marketing mix. Regular forecasting with the view to the development of future sales strategies.
    - Responsible for the development of product training programmes and delivering them to international sales and marketing teams.
    - Delivery of new products from concept to launch, including product sourcing, consumer and market evaluation, regulatory assessment, business case development and implementation.
    - Ensure compliance with brand guidelines to maintain consistency across multiple markets and channels.
    - Analysis of campaign and sales data to assess market trends, improve customer insight, aid campaign development and optimise retail sales. Conduct annual competitor review and biannual pricing evaluation.
    - Investigating new market opportunities and preparation of market entry plans. Development of consumer communications across ATL and BTL channels. Exposure to working with design agency to deliver market-specific campaigns.
    - Support the writing of regulatory reports and technical files for submission to regulatory authorities and the implementation of the Quality Management System (ISO 9001).
  • Passion For Life Healthcare (PFLH) - Marketing Assistant

    2013 - 2013 - Evaluate UK and international markets, (including the implementation of qualitative or quantitative consumer studies).
    - Collate and evaluate clinical evidence of efficacy for products & ingredients.
    - Research information and help to develop business case to support the implementation of new products.
    - Support the marketing team with the day-to-day implementation of A&P activity across both print and digital.
    - Scientific monitoring and data mining to provide information for decision making. (Regulatory requirements, Market and competitor dynamics, Consumer attitudes)
    - Planning and implementation of annual brand plans. Measurement of campaign performance against predetermined objectives and KPIs.
    - Copywriting for consumer literature and healthcare professional communications. Work closely with design agencies to ensure successful delivery of packaging, artwork and other print materials.

    Year project : SPECIFICITIES OF HEALTH MARKET IN 2 ENGLISH SPEAKING COUNTRY: THE UNITED KINGDOM AND THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. How National Regulations of each country contributes to the specificity of each market? How marketing strategies are adapted?

  • LNE Laboratoire National de Métrologie et d'Essais - Marketing & Sales Assistant

    Paris 2011 - 2012 Developed the portfolio of customer in certification (CE, ISO etc.) by finding the best solutions for customers, creating new offers in response to their demands, promoting technical workshops and conferences.

    Customer care (trained teams in strategies to improve customer care)

    Communication and advertising by created advertising and externals comms for medical offers, organized congresses (Medica, Medtec), created newsletter.

    Implemented new strategies to create increased market shares (European partnership), developed niche market including home hospitalization.

    Carried out market study for medical devices in India and China. to help customers to export in Asia.

    NRTL market study (3 years ROI) to propose a new certification to our customers looking to export on the North American Market. Presented to CEO and recommendation were adopted.

    Year project on consequences and the impacts of regulatory changes on the in vitro diagnostics (IVD) market. Focus on the 98/79/EC IVD directive recast and the French HPST law concerning laboratory.

  • Les Laboratoires Népenthès - Marketing Assistant

    2011 - 2011 Internship: Strategic Marketing and Market Access: worked on labels in pharmacies (own brand)

    Marketing: Promotion of NEP products by coordinated congresses and trade fairs. Worked on the launch of news products (own label distributed only in pharmacy) by carrying out market studies (IMS, targeting, competitors, marketing mix etc.) for aromatherapy, probiotics, generics drugs. Marketing of pharmacy signs “Proxipharma and Népenthès” (goodies, offer, magazine etc.).

    Regulation: Coordinated the file to the regulatory instance (DGCCRF, ANSM), pharmacovigilance, regulatory monitoring procedures.

    Commercial: Initial experience as a pharmaceutical representative, technical sales, preparing customer appointments, discount, promotion of NEP product and Nepenthes services.
  • L’UMR 15 CIRAD/INRA 97170 Petit Bourg - Stagiaire

    2009 - 2009 Stage de Fin d’études Licence 3 Biologie et Sciences de la Santé

    (fév 2010)
    Lieu : l’UMR 15 CIRAD/INRA 97170 Petit Bourg
    Service « contrôle des maladies exotiques et émergentes »
    Sujet : « Typage Génétique des Souches D’Ehrlichia Ruminantium d’Ouganda et du Nigeria par la technique MLVA. (Multi Locus VNTR Analysis) »
    techniques: PCR semi-nichée, gel d'électrophorèse, extraction ADN ...
  • Clinique CHOISY KALIBIO - Stagiaire

    2009 - 2009 1 mois de Stage en Laboratoire d’analyses médicales à la clinique de CHOISY KALIBIO (Montauban Gosier) service de Microbiologie et diagnostique.
    Mise en pratique des différentes techniques de microbiologie, Isolement, Culture, Dénombrement, Galerie API, divers tests…
  • Ecoles de soutien (Interclasses , Acadomia, La maison de l'étude , Cogito....) - Tutrice , Professeur de "Sciences de la Santé"

    2009 - 2011 Tutrice de Biochimie, Biologie, Chimie organique, microbiologie… au sein d’écoles de soutien et/ou indépendante.
    Animation de stages de pré-rentrées L1 santé (PCEM1) durant l’été 2010.
    Préparation concours orthoptiste, BTS diététique, Bac S et ES d’SVT...
    Soutien scolaire lycée en SVT et Physique.


  • INSEEC Masters & MBA (London)

    London 2012 - 2013 MBA in Marketing, Communication and Business Strategies

    High honours, 1st of the class

    Interview :
  • Université Paris 6 Pierre Et Marie Curie

    Paris 2011 - 2012 Health Marketing

    Speciality: Marketing & Negotiation

    Marketing plans, marketing mixes, product launching, public relations, targeting, marketing campaigns, consumer habits, country regulations. “Post-launching: ROI, market share, year to date, ratio, performance, growth, location versus competitors, market studies, specific market cosmetics, veterinary, OTC, sales techniques, sales distribution, business law,..
  • Universitté Pierre Et Marie Curie (Paris)

    Paris 2010 - 2011 MCB

    Master’s degree in « Molecular and Cellular biology » -

    Immunology, microbiology, stem cells, cancerology, cell signaling etc.
  • Université Antilles Guyane UAG (Pointe À Pitre)

    Pointe À Pitre 2007 - 2010 Biochimie Biologie

    Biologie et Sciences de la Santé