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Chairman of Dischromatics which was established in 1989, Dischromatics supplies CD, DVD & Blu-ray Replication and delivers FREE throughout the UK. With its own Duplication and Printing Suite they supply CD & DVD Duplication for smaller quantities and fast turn round.

With the additional and unique benefit of having their own Digital Printing facility, they also produce CD & DVD Packaging in low volumes for such products as CD & DVD Digipaks.

There is a Graphic Design department to help customers design their artwork and an Authoring Suite to create the master CD, DVD or Blu-ray disc.

They provide Variable Data Printing using Creo Darwin Software for direct mail marketing strategies on products such as leaflets, booklets, brochures postcards etc. It is therefore possible to personalise every individual item with names, addresses, bar codes and even the graphics itself. This is done 'on the fly' so no plate changes required and no machine down time benefiting the customer in cost advantage over litho printing by doing smaller runs and sampling.

Dischromatics is accredited to Quality standard ISO 9001 and Environmental ISO 14001 certification

Mes compétences :
Logo Design
Authoring DVD


  • Dischromatics - President

    Newport 2006 - maintenant
  • Dischromatics - PDG

    Newport 1989 - 2005
  • Parrot Corporation - Formation

    1987 - 1989
  • LKB Biochrom - Formation

    1984 - 1987
  • Philips - Formation

    Suresnes 1974 - 1984


  • Grantside (Monmouth)

    Monmouth 1962 - 1966 Mathematics, Electronic Engineering, Management