Tamara CHANY

Sèvres Cedex

En résumé

An excellent communicator, with a focused, determined and targeted approach to negotiating and gaining trust with a wide variety of client profiles.
I relish opportunities to engage with people, am a high-achiever with a sensitive and flexible approach to problem-solving, and the ability to motivate others around me, keeping overall objectives uppermost in mind.

My outside interests includ the founding and running of a canine shelter in Russia for abused dogs. I also enjoy international travel and sport.

Mes compétences :
Gestion de projet
technical support
technical assistance
client satisfaction Team management
Statistics monitoring of internal quality and anal
Profit centre management
Negotiation of sales conditions and referencing
Market analysis
Loyalty Schemes
Development of customer / client portfolios
Business Development
Air Conditioning


  • AUSY - Business Unit Manager / Oil & Gas

    Sèvres Cedex 2013 - 2015 Business Unit Manager – AUSY, consulting company in engineering, 320 M€ Turnover Energy Department Oil & Gas industry (Permanent contract), Paris, France
    Business Development
    - Profit centre management : development of turnover and margin
    - Development and monitoring of key accounts, client portfolios and prospecting for new accounts - Proposal and implementation of technical assistance or package offers
    - Client meetings
    - Tariff negotiations with decision-makers
    - Development of client loyalty programmes and client satisfaction
    Team management
    - Recruitment and management of a team of 35 consultants: career management, training team, loyalty, salary negotiation
  • Prime IT - Business Manager / Télécommunication

    Boulogne Billancourt 2011 - 2013 Business Manager – Prime IT Consulting, Consulting firm in Engineering, Paris, France
    Management of client relationships
    Analysis of the needs of clients and replies to tenders
    Negotiation of sales conditions and referencing
    Candidate sourcing and recruitment
    Running of projects in technical support
    Running of projects charged at fixed rate involving the coordination of teams in France and Portugal
  • Genclimate, Supplier of equipments of air conditioning - Business Developer

    2010 - 2011 Development of customer / client portfolios and identification of new markets
    Creation of sales proposals
    Writing agreements with brand representatives
  • Regional Chamber of Trade and Industry of Lorraine, France Nancy - Executive – «AUTOESSOR» automobile programme

    2009 - 2010 Analysis of Russian industrial market by region
    Development of partner networks (France / Russia) and identification of common needs
    Support of small to medium-sized French companies in the Russian automotive market
  • Société Générale Group - Operational Marketing Executive

    PARIS 2008 - 2009 Operational Marketing Executive - Société Générale Group, (Internship),
    Street marketing visuals / conception and implementation of promotional campaigns
    Management of relations with suppliers / service providers and internal / external partners
    Participation in the launch of new products
    Statistics monitoring of internal quality and analysis of results, regional breakdown, annual reports
  • RusFinance Bank - Société Générale Group - Executive – Consumer loans

    2007 - 2008 Car Loan market study and analysis of its dysfunctions - corrective action proposals
    Prospecting for new partners / clients
    Treatment and writing up / editing of contracts for complex cases
  • Real - Executive

    2006 - 2007 Executive - Real-Estate loans, Société Générale Group,
    Market analysis of real-estate loans
    Work and review of strategic cases of loan product launches and follow-up of these offers


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