En résumé

Biomedical engineer, I am passionate about innovative technologies especially in the fields of health

My short term goal is to contribute through my skills to new challenges in health technology by functions of R&D, Regulatory Affairs and Project Management.

In the medium term I would develop my skills in project management for a career as head office or director of study projects, and eventually at the long-term co-founding a company in the innovative health technologies.

Mes compétences :
ISO 10993
ISO 13485
Project management
Crisis Management
4D system
Risk Analysis
Atmel Studio
ISO 14971
Microsoft Project
CEI 62304
C & C++ programming
Altium Designer
Mentor graphics
Medical devices


  • ONEFIT MEDICAL - Knee & Shoulder Project Manager

    2015 - maintenant - Manage the development of PSI (Patient Specific Instruments) for TKA (Total knee Arthroplasty)
    - Manage the development of preoperative planning software for TKA based on CT, IRM and EOS images
    - CE submissions for orthopedic devices
    - Involved as product manager : B2B and B2C training,
  • Laboratoire BIIGC - R&D project management

    2012 - 2014 R & D
    - Anteriority analysis
    - Definition of technical specifications
    - Electronic design in Altium Designer and Atmel Studio
    - Mechanical design

    Regulatory Affairs:
    - Participation in testing biocompatibility according to ISO 10993
    - Software design according to IEC 62304
    - Risk analysis according to ISO 14971
    -supervision and monitoring of a design change.

    Project management
    - Planning and organization of design review
    - Sourcing and subcontractor
    - Reporting
  • SOPHYSA -  R&D internship

    2012 - 2012 Development of electronics and signal processing of a sensor for measuring the human brain vital parameters

    - Analysis specifications
    - Risk analysis
    - Calculation of parameters for each function of the pressure sensor
    - Electronic design of the various modules of the sensor
    - Implementation of the electronic card
    - Mounting a test bench to reproduce the variation of the brain vital parameters
    - Test the sensor modules
    - Design Review: team of 4 people
    - Identifying and solving problems
    - Electronic Validation
    - Drafting of technical specifications of the electronic card
    - Writing the manual for the electronic card
    - Development in Labview interface measurement
    - Participation in the design of the mold sensor
  • CIC-IT & FEMTO-ST - R&D trainee

    2011 - 2012 - Improvement of a diagnostic tool for AOMI, signal processing, statistics.
    - Innovative combination of two signal processing concepts for diagnosing AOMI.
  • Biotika - R&D and validation engineer

    BESANCON 2011 - 2011 Development and validation of Agimilk device (device for homogenizing milk infant)

    - Participation in the oproject specifications
    - Risk analysis according to ISO 14971
    - Development of design drawings
    - Validation test protocols
    - Qualification Reports
    - Technical specification report
    - Internal Audit ISO 13485
  • Université des Montagnes - Biomedical technician

    2008 - 2009 - Design and production of medical devices: oximeter, oven, water bath, pH meter ...
    - Preventive and corrective maintenance of medical devices CUM (University Hospital of
    - Staff training for the medical devices
    - Participation in academic training: tutorials and practical electronic support
    - Head for electronic and biomedical laboratories


  • Institut Supérieur D'Ingénieur De Franche Comté ISIFC (Besancon)

    Besancon 2009 - 2012 The ISIFC offers training in biomedical engineering around:
    - Engineering science
    - Health & life sciences
    - Quality & Regulatory Affairs
    - Project management
    - Validation and clinical studies
    - Innovation management
  • Université Des Montagnes (Bangangté)

    Bangangté 2005 - 2008 License Biomedical Instrumentation and Maintenance

    Computer aided management of a park of medical equipment
    Preventive and corrective maintenance of medical devices


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